Xie Ru Zhuo put the tea cup in her hand on the table with a frown. She was just about to reply when she heard Madam Qiao's cold voice, "Third Miss, don’t talk nonsense. The Emperor is fair to everyone. How can you say that the Emperor prefers the Third Prince over his other children? The Emperor values Fourth Miss for being loyal to the country and as a result of her bravery she was rewarded. We should be grateful for receiving the rewards instead of interpreting the Emperor's action as a bias toward the Third Prince!"

She added angrily, "If your disrespectful words were known to the Emperor, don't you know that it would ruin the reputation of Xie Clan? Disrespectful!"

Xie Ru Lan's hand that was about to touch the jewels suddenly stopped. She was stunned after being scolded by Madam Qiao. She felt wronged. Looking at her mother, Madam Lu, "Mother, I didn't mean it that way." Everyone in the capital was saying the same thing, but why was she scolded after voicing it out loud!

Madam Lu's eyes were originally on the jewelry. Hearing her daughter pleading, "Sister-in-law what you are saying is wrong. The child spoke from her heart and it is the truth that the Fourth Miss saved the Third Prince. You are only saying that because you are not the one who gave birth to the Fourth Miss, and you are jealous so you wanted to take credit for her reward!"

As soon as Madam Lu finished speaking, Madam Qiao's face turned dark. Madam Lu has always liked to instigate fights on what is considered morally right and wrong. Over the years, the higher Xie Ru Zhuo's status was, the more Madam Lu liked to fight with her! She originally wanted to warn Xie Ru Lan on her mother's attitude, but turns out both mother and daughter are just the same!

Xie Ru Zhuo suddenly speaks out, "If Third Aunt doesn't know anything please stop talking. Third sister shouldn’t have talked about the royal family, there is a huge difference between us and the royal family. When the emperor gives rewards and we as a commoner should just accept it. But if we take credit for saving the prince and if the emperor found out he would be furious. If that happens Xie Clan will be punished."

Madam Lu's breath stopped; she didn't expect Xie Ru Zhuo to be against her. Shouldn't Xie Ru Zhuo scold Madam Qiao right now, how could she back her up instead?

"Fourth Miss, Third Aunt doesn't mean it that way, it's just that I can't stand seeing others bullying you, so I did it to defend you."

Madam Lu added, "It's all because your biological mother died early, your mother was a great woman…"

It was known that Madam Qiao and Madam Lu did not see eye to eye on many things. Madam Qiao coldly said, "Since the Third Sister-in-law knows that the Fourth Miss is quite pitiful, then you shouldn't have said all these when she is seriously injured. Please go back, you can come to visit another day!"

"Why don't you be the one who leaves, I want to accompany my Fourth Sister." Xie Ru Lan said with a flash of anger in her eyes.

Xie Ru Lan loathed Xie Ru Zhuo down to the marrow of her bones. Both of them were born from the womb of the legal wives in the Xie Clan. In terms of age, she was older than Xie Ru Zhuo. But just because Xie Ru Zhuo was born from the main branch of the Xie Clan, her status was higher than Xie Ru Lan! It's not fair! She even went to the Hunting Event that day, she might as well have a chance to save the Prince!

With her shallow personality, all she can think of is how she should be the one who saves the prince. She failed to consider the fact that in facing a life and death situation, with her greedy and horrible character, she would have left the prince to save her own life. Why would she save a prince who has no relation with her?

Knowing Xie Ru Lan's refusal to leave her alone was to get her hands on the rewards, Xie Ru Zhuo said lightly, "If sister wants to stay, then stay. Qian Bi, count all things and put them in the small warehouse. Remember to lock it, this is a reward from the Emperor, if you lose even one item, it is considered a big sin which can cost your life!"

She helplessly said to Madam Lu, "The emperor should have rewarded gold coins instead. Now, all these rewards are very precious, they have to be wiped clean and wrapped all the time. It's a big sin if any of these went missing or broken."

Madam Lu and Xie Ru Lan were dumbfounded. Xie Ru Lan confusedly asked, "This thing must keep well all the time?" Are there such rules when receiving rewards from the Emperor?


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