The Abandoned Daughter Chapters List

Chapter 3: Gouge Her Eyes Out

"Hahaha!" Shen Jing Ci laughed menacingly when she saw how traumatised Xie Ru Zhuo after witnessing her only brother’s death.

She has been waiting patiently for this moment for a long time!

She has been planning for revenge for more than 10 years, hiding in the dark waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Shen Jing Ci remembered all the indignities she had to suffer in the early years, due to her lowly status, she could only endure all the humiliation. Because of Xie Ru Zhuo, she only has the status of a concubine. Now, who would have thought that Shen Jing Ci, a lowly concubine, is the one that got the last laugh!

Xie Ru Zhuo's mind was consumed with deep resentment toward Shen Jing Ci when she heard her evil laugh. She vengefully cursed at her :"Shen Jing Ci, I hope you die a horrible death! Sooner or later, you will die and I pray that you will never be reborn!"

She stopped laughing and looked at her sarcastically, “Xie Ru Zhuo, do you think I am someone who is afraid of death? Let me tell you something, you won’t live long, I promise you that! Do you really think I willingly married Jun Han as his side concubine? Humph! If it weren’t for his ambitions, why would I lower myself to be a side concubine? Jun Han promised me that as long as he ascends the throne, I will be the one crowned as a queen! And you..."

A sneer appeared at the corner of Shen Jing Ci mouth, "I won't spare you easily, I want you to suffer and be humiliated by everyone. You must watch how I cause the destruction of the Xie Clan. Only this way, I can get rid of my hatred towards you!"

Xie Ru Zhuo was shaking with fury. She glared bitterly at Shen Jing Ci. If looks could kill people, Shen Jing Ci would have died multiple times.

Shen Jing Ci was discontented when saw Xie Ru Zhuo's bitter gaze towards her: "Someone come, gouge her eyes out for me!"

Two soldiers immediately pull up Xie Ru Zhuo who was tied to the city wall, one of the soldiers holds her head down while the other holding a dagger slowly approaches Xie Ru Zhuo's with the intention to gauge her eyes out.

Just when the dagger was about to pierce Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes, a soldier suddenly called out: "Madam, look!"

Shen Jing Ci immediately turned around and she saw a group of Black Knight Troops swiftly approaching. Just from the first glance, it was obvious that these are elite troops. The carriage among the troops looks simple, but there is more to it than meets the eyes.

When Shen Jing Ci saw the arrival of the Black Knight Troops, she immediately shouted at the soldier next to Xie Ru Zhuo, "Wait, stop!"

"Yes!" The soldier immediately put the dagger in his dagger holster.

Xie Ru Zhuo weakly raised her head. When she saw the person, she stiffened. It couldn't be him!

"Your Royal Highness, General Xie is dead..." , with a heavy expression on his face the general immediately informed the man in the carriage when he saw Xie Huai Nan's dead body.

The man in the carriage sighed helplessly when he heard the news, he replied in a weak voice, "Who is on the wall?"

The army general took a good look: "It's Shen Jing Ci, and Consort Xie!"

When the man heard the general reply, he immediately said: "Quick!"

The carriage stopped ten feet away from the city wall, the driver of the carriage raised his hand and slowly opened the silk-coloured curtain.

There is only one person in the carriage excluding the driver.

Shen Jing Ci has seen him several times, but this time she was dazed when she saw him. The man was leaning on the couch, although his body was weak, it couldn't hide his glorious aura ——The man is Second Prince Xiao Jun Xi.

Shen Jing Ci hid her amazement, she said with a smile: "Third Prince, I haven't seen you for a long time. Your body is still weak, this journey must be tiring, you have to take care of your health, if not the emperor will be worried."

Xiao Jun Xi's handsome face was pale due to his sickness. Hearing Shen Jing Ci's words, he then held the white handkerchief to cover his mouth and coughed slightly. His clear black eyes were cold. The corner of his red lips curled up slightly, with a faint voice he said: "The purpose of me coming here is very simple, I want her!"


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