The Abandoned Daughter Chapters List

Chapter 1: Hanged on the Wall

"Hang her on the wall!"

A woman wearing plain clothes was hung on the wall of the imperial city gate by soldiers after they received the order. The woman's face was sallow and haggard, however it still couldn’t hide the woman's beauty.

Her phoenix eyes filled with deep hatred. Looking at the woman who had just given the order, she used all her strength to curse the woman: "Shen Jing Ci, I hope you die!"

"Heh!" The woman cursed by Xie Ru Zhuo is wearing silver armour and it makes her look heroic, however it doesn't change the fact that she looked slightly inferior to the woman hanging on the city wall.

Shen Jing Ci laughed when she was cursed by the woman, with mockery in her eyes, "Xie Ru Zhuo, aren’t you the one about to die? Don’t forget, your whole family has been beheaded. Right now, there is only you and Xie Huai Nan left in Xie Clan waiting to be reunited with the rest of your family in the underworld. Based on our sisterly love, how can this concubine let you be alone in this world?"

The woman tied to the wall is the only Di - daughter of the Xie family - Xie Ru Zhuo, the legal wife of the current emperor Xiao Jun Han from when he was still a prince.

The Xie Clan was a well-known practitioner of Confucianism for hundreds of years. Xie Ru Zhuo’s grandfather, Xie Sheng Li, held the position of the tutor of an emperor. Xie Clan also assisted the former Emperor Gao Zu to fight for the throne. Due to their contribution, Xie Clan was honoured and their status elevated to one of the elite families in the dynasty. When Xie Ru Zhuo and the Second Prince got married, their wedding was the biggest celebration ever held in the imperial city in that year. Who could have imagined that once the Second Prince ascended to the throne, the Xie Clan was charged for committing treason, and as a punishment for their crime all the members of Xie Clan were beheaded. Despite their marital relationship, Second Prince stripped Xie Ru Zhuo of her title as legal wife and demoted her to the status of a prisoner.

When Xie Ru Zhuo heard the words of a concubine whom she once sincerely regarded as her sister, the light in her eyes gradually dimmed and she saw red. It was Shen Jing Ci who caused the downfall of the Xie Clan. Now, her only brother Xie Huai Nan is the sole living heir of the Xie Clan, he must not die!

Xie Ru Zhuo thought about her brother. She bit her dry and peeling lips, the taste of blood in her mouth irritated her nerves. She stared at Shen Jing Ci who was looking at her sarcastically, "Shen Jing Ci, the one you hate is me. I don’t care if you want to kill or torture me! In the prison you have used multiple ways to torture me, let my brother brother go, i helped you before so why don't you fulfil my request!"

Shen Jing Ci smiled smugly when she heard Xie Ru Zhuo's words. Shen Jing Ci is a proud person, why would she let Xie Huai Nan leave, no way! What a joke, destroying the enemy but did not eliminate the roots of the cause, isn't this equivalent to asking for trouble?

Shen Jing Ci thought about it, then arrogantly said, "Xie Ru Zhuo, at this time you still want to pretend to be nice. You helped me before? What a joke! This is the biggest jokes Ben Gong ever listen! What did you do for me? You took my man, robbed me of my status as the legal wife, and made me his Side Concubine. Is this what you called helping me!"

"You..." Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes narrowed when she heard Shen Jing Ci's words.

Before Xie Ru Zhuo could finish her words, Shen Jing Ci snorted and said: "Why don’t you try to beg me! If you beg me, I might think about it!"

When Xie Ru Zhuo was in jail, Shen Jing Ci instructed people to torture her, however no matter how much she was tortured, this woman never beg for mercy. Shen Jing Ci didn’t believe that she couldn’t make Xie Ru Zhuo bow her head begging for mercy!

When Xie Ru Zhuo heard Shen Jing Ci's condition, her eyes cast down as she felt completely helpless. Her grandfather taught her before that as members of Xie's Clan, she must not submit to others' wishes. However, the person facing danger is her brother, her own biological brother!

Xie Ru Zhuo felt bitterness in her mouth:"Plese, I beg you!"

"Hahaha!" Shen Jing Ci raised her head and laughed out loud when she heard Xie Ru Zhuo begging her. Her face then immediately changed and she ordered: "Someone come, send a letter to Xie Huai Nan and tell him if he doesn't come, his sister will be hanged at the gate of the imperial city wall!"

"You!" Xie Ru Zhuo didn't expect Shen Jing Ci to break her own promise, her face flushed with anger, her eyes shooting daggers at Shen Jing Ci , she deeply resented the woman in front of her to the point she wanted to kill her.

In the late evening, the sound of horses coming from a distance can be heard from afar, and the general leading the group is none other than Xie Huai Nan..


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