The Abandoned Daughter Chapters List

Chapter 20: Medicine

Qing Tao didn't know what she was thinking at the moment. Seeing her reaction, she thought that Xie Ru Zhuo agreed with her. She was overjoyed and continued, "Miss, in this servant's opinion, you have to think twice!"

Xie Ru Zhuo turned her head and coldly stared at her.

For some reason, the way Fourth Miss looked at her made her feel uncomfortable. In the past, there would still be a trace of kindness in her eyes when she was angry. However, Qing Tao has a feeling that the Fourth Miss in front of her is no longer the same person as before! The looks in Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes really scared her!

Before Xie Ru Zhuo could say anything, suddenly Bi Zhi's voice could be heard from the outside.

"This servant greets the Fourth Miss."

Ignoring the maid keeling on the ground, Bi Zhi said, "Madam is worried about you. I went straight to the storeroom and picked up some high-quality medicinal materials to send to Fourth Miss."

With the arrival of Bi Zhi, the chill in Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes diminished.

In her previous life, Bi Zhi was not only a loyal protector, but also someone who took great care of her.

Now that she has been reborn, everything will start again from the beginning.

Seeing Xie Ru Zhuo was still quiet, Bi Zhi worriedly asked her, "Fourth Miss, you don't look like you are in a good mood, did this servant interrupt your rest?"

Xie Ru Zhuo smiled and replied, "It's okay, Qian Bi, help me up."

Qian Bi walked over and carefully helped Xie Ru Zhuo out of the bed. Bi Zhi hurriedly said, "Miss, you are resting. This servant just came to deliver medicines. If you get up, Eldest Madam is going to scold me again."

"If I don't tell, how could mother find out," Xie Ru Zhuo said as she walked to the outer hall. Passing by Qing Tao, Xie Ru Zhuo said in an unfriendly way, "Why are you keeling, do you want to make people think I'm abusing you?"

Qing Tao quietly looked at Xie Ru Zhuo and saw that she was not angry. She stood and secretly smiled. There is nothing to worry about, how could Fourth Miss have no grievances towards the Eldest Madam! Why would people think that Xie Ru Zhuo abused her? After all, Fourth Miss still treats her as her own!

Qing Tao immediately followed her master to the outer hall. Xie Ru Zhuo was supported by Qian Bi. Qing Tao greedily looked at the medicinal materials piled up on the middle table.

In addition to the common medicinal materials for nourishing Qi and blood, there were also the century-old wild ginseng and thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum. These medicinal materials were packaged one by one and packed in a box.

Madam Qiao really took good care of Xie Ru Zhuo, she even sent the antler bird's nest and other medicine granted by the emperor.

Xie Ru Zhuo's eyes were slightly wet. Madam Qiao truly treated her like her own daughter.

Bi Zhi opened the boxes one by one and smiled, "Fourth Miss, please check it, Elder Madam said, if you need it just use it. If these medicinal materials are not enough, just say it, this servant will bring it to you."

"I accepted the medical items. But the Ganoderma and bird's nest, please take them back," Xie Ru Zhuo remembered that in her previous life, Madam Qiao had heart palpitations and lacked Qi. These two were the most important items to heal her sickness. After thinking for a while, she picked out two boxes and gave them to Bi Zhi.

Bi Zhi was taken aback. When the Eldest Madam wanted to send these two things to Xie Ru Zhuo, she was unhappy, as these two items are important for Eldest Madam's health. But then Xie Ru Zhuo specifically singled out these two important boxes to return back to Eldest Madam. She couldn't help but ask her, "Fourth Miss, what does this mean?"


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