The Abandoned Daughter Chapters List

Chapter 12: Nice Person

Shen Jing Ci! How could that poisonous woman have rescued her and Xiao Jun Xi, it is absolutely impossible!

She gritted her teeth with hatred shown on her face. Looking at Qian Bi:''Tell me! Why did she save me and the Third Prince?"

Qian Bi swallowed her saliva when she saw how mad her master was. This young lady's expression was really terrifying, she still didn't dare to violate her lady's order and told her the truth.

"Miss Shen is the one who discovered that you and the Third Prince were attacked by a black bear. Realizing that she was not capable enough, she went to search for the Imperial Forest Guards to request help. Due to her effort, she received rewards from the Emperor."

Xie Ru Zhuo's body tensed and her hands were tightly clenched into fists. How could Shen Jing Ci be a kind woman? Even if someone killed her she would not believe Shen Jing Ci is a kind person!

In the past life, Shen Jing Ci didn't save Xiao Jun Xi because she was loyal to Xiao Jun Han, but now how could she save her and Xiao Jun Xi?

Could it be that Xiao Jun Xi's assassination was planned by Xiao Jun Han, and Shen Jing Ci's sudden appearance to rescue them was also one of the plans?

Xie Ru Zhuo couldn't help but be suspicious of Shen Jing Ci's actions. However, she knew that no one would believe what she said, she didn't have any evidence!

"Miss, your wound is bleeding!" Qian Bi nervously said when she saw the faint blood on the white cloth wrapped around Xie Ru Zhuo's chest.

Xie Ru Zhuo’s body was so tense causing the wound to start bleeding again. She was in pain and cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

What Xie Ru Zhuo was afraid of the most was pain.

Qianbi looked at Xie Ru Zhuo's expression and she was frightened. She knew her master was afraid of pain and would cry if she was in agony. However, Xie Ru Zhuo did not make any voice at all.

Xie Ru Zhuo endured the pain, impatiently said, "Hurry up and call the imperial physician!"

"Oh, yes!" Qian Bi immediately reacted, and ran out quickly.

After Xie Ru Zhuo's medicine chest wrap was changed by the imperial physician, she was told to take a good rest. He instructed the palace maid beside him to boil soothing medicine for Xie Ru Zhuo to ease her pain.

Xie Ru Zhuo fell asleep after taking the soothing medicine. Nevertheless, she couldn't sleep peacefully. In her sleep, she dreamed that Xie Clan were beheaded outside the capital gates and her brother Xie Huai Nan was shot to death. The reason for everything was she trusted the wrong man and even used the power of her family to help this man ascend to the throne, but what did she get in return?

"Ah!" Xie Ru Zhuo woke up in horror, her pale face covered with sweat and gasping for breath.

"Miss, do you have a nightmare?" Qian Bi quickly walked to Xie Ru Zhuo's side.

Xie Ru Zhuo looked at Qian Bi's worried face. She calmed herself down and said, "I'm fine, I just had a nightmare."

Qian Bi then asked people to fetch water and changed Xie Ru Zhuo's soaked clothes: "Miss, hearing that you are awake, the third prince came to see you, but after learning that you were asleep, he left."

Xie Ru Zhuo frowned: "Qian Bi, next time the Third Prince comes over, if I'm asleep, you must wake me up!"


Qian Bi wanted to say that what she needs now is peace. Seeing Xie Ru Zhuo's stern gaze, she couldn't say it, she could only nod, "This servant understands."

The next day, Xiao Jun Xi came to visit again. This time, Xie Ru Zhuo was not asleep. She asked Qian Bi to change her clothes so she can meet Xiao Jun Xi.

When Xiao Jun Xi saw Xie Ru Zhuo coming out, his face suddenly changed, "Why did you come out?"


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