The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse Chapters List

Chapter 67: The Nation's Husband [1]

“Task 1 completion: Transform Gou Jian into a better person. Make him fully aware of his mistakes. Successfully received 1000 points.”

“Task 2 completion: Rescue Jiang Yueliang. Protect her so that she will be able to grow healthily. Successfully received 1500 points.

Coupled with the three sincere gratitude points gained in this world, Jiang Liu had a total of 6950 remaining points. As he had done a lot of things anonymously in this world, the accumulated gratitude points he received were minimal.

Looking at the accumulated gratitude points on the system panel, Jiang Liu guessed that two of the three sincere gratitude points came from his daughter Yueliang and the old lady Xu. And for the rest of it, he was not sure. However, he speculated that a gratitude point might have come from the police officer who had approached him previously.

This speculation made Jiang Liu somewhat surprised. He thought that the police shouldn’t like people like him.

“Does the Host need to take some time off before starting the next task?”

001 felt afraid when it recalled its host’s action from the last world. It was worried that the negative emotions accumulated in that world would affect the host’s mentality in dealing with the task of the next world.

“No, just start the next task.”

The current Jiang Liu and the one from the last world were completely different. He was smiling as if he had long forgotten the unhappiness of the previous world.

“I can’t even talk to anyone in this space of the Lord God. Staying here will only make me crazy faster.”

001: ……

“If the host doesn't mind, I can chat with you.”

Although it was a system without any emotion, 001 was very unhappy that Jiang Liu treated it as if it was not a living thing.

Wait, it really doesn't seem to be a living thing, though. 001 felt a bit dizzy.

“Ha ha--”

Jiang Liu concisely and clearly expressed his attitude concerning this matter.

Although 001 did not know what heartbreak was, it still felt that it had sustained a major injury.

Seeing that its host doesn’t seem to need its companionship at all, 001 also decisively opened the task of the next world.

It was just that this time, the task was obviously different from the previous ones.


“Am I wrong?”

Instead of accepting memory of the original body in accordance with the standard procedures, Jiang Liu was trapped inside a space of consciousness. A depressed and haggard man sat in front of him. He seemed to be the master of the body he was going to borrow this time.

“My dad had hundreds of billions. He could casually give me tens of millions as pocket money. Was I wrong?”

The other side also seemed to be aware of Jiang Liu’s existence. He raised his head and started to ask questions from Jiang Liu with a deep and melodramatic tone.

Jiang Liu was silent for a while before saying to 001, “Who is this kid? I really want to beat him.”

“Sure enough, you can’t understand me. As the son of the richest man, I am destined to be alone.”

Then suddenly a tall tower appeared out of thin air inside the space of consciousness. At that time, the man stood on top of the tower. He looked into the distance as the wind blew desolately and his clothes fluttered with the breeze, making his figure look lonesome.

“That’s it. I really want to flatten him now.”

Jiang Liu clenched his fist tightly thinking that the kid should have lived a really well-off life. And looking at the kid’s attitude of slackness, how did he live up to now? Could it be that his richest father had found him a regiment of bodyguards?

“Host, please calm down. You need to know that you’ll become him later.” 001 whispered.

“Yeah, I am going to be him later on and then I can’t beat myself up. Therefore, I’m going to take advantage and give him a few more punches while this 250 is still here.” (T/N: In chinese 250 means ‘idiot’)

As Jiang Liu declared this, he did not know if it was an illusion or not. He saw the man who had been posing on top of the tower seemed to tremble a bit, and the tower casted by his consciousness became unstable.

“How could you be so petty, ah? Before becoming a tasker, you must have hated all rich people?”

The 250 whispered and finally stopped being a Zhuang B (T/N: show-off) under the pressure of Jiang Liu’s intimidating words.

“In my whole life, I could summon rain and wind at ease. However, the only regret I have in my long and glorious life is the lack of a sincere confidant.”

He used a forty-five-degree angle to look at the sky. This 250 now started to feel that he seemed extraordinarily handsome and charming.

“Speak human language!”

Jiang Liu did not know how this idiot’s father raised his son. He only knew that sometimes fist works well for such people.


Looking at the tight fist of Jiang Liu, the 250 coughed before saying, “There are many women who like me, but I know, they only prefer my money. If I were to remove my aura as the richest man’s son, at the end, who will like me for what I am?”

The 250 suddenly felt very melancholic. He just wanted to have a simple and sincere relationship. Why was it so difficult?

“Don’t you have a little faith in yourself apart from having so much money? Or do you have nothing except money?”

Jiang Liu asked the person in front of him with doubt. After all, Jiang Liu was a low-educated migrant worker before his death. Even then, he was not as depressed as this idiot, ah. In his view, apart from him having to start from a lower point than the vast majority of people, his robust and sturdy body as well as his positive attitude towards life, etc. were all his external and internal merit.

Therefore, Jiang Liu always thought that it was a normal thing for the girls to like him.

After all, his innate characters are outstanding, ah!

“I’m so hurt, dude.”

That idiot man covered his chest. His grandeur suddenly became short by half.

“I don’t care. Anyway, you have to help me find a woman who doesn’t like me because of my money.”

Seems to feel that the blow was too much, the 250 quickly put forth his request for Jiang Liu before kicking him out of his space of consciousness. At the same time, Jiang Liu received the original’s memory and the world’s mission content.


As the original had just dictated, his father was the president of a major financial group. Additionally, the original father’s assets have never fallen out of the top three in The List of China’s Richest Man. Owing to this relationship, the original body naturally hit the label of the son of the richest man.

It was a pity though people were saying that like father like son, but this was not reflected in the son of the richest man.

When other second generation rich kids were busy learning about business management and were fighting to inherit the family business, the original body, on the other hand, was busy flaunting his wealth and picking up girls.

While other rich second generation kids were busy working on starting their businesses and proving themselves to their elders, the original body was busy flaunting his wealth and picking up girls.

While the other rich second generation kids were busy courting their partner, ready to forge a strong union between the families, the original body was still busy flaunting his wealth and picking up girls.

Perhaps the original’s parents also felt that they gave birth to an unaffordable A-Dou (weak and inept person). The original’s father simply went abroad to find a surrogate mother to redevelop an embryo with his sperm and his wife’s eggs to re-cultivate an excellent heir to their business empire when they were still able to do so.

Of course, even if the richest man cultivated another heir, the share of the estates assigned to the original was more than enough to squander for several lifetimes while being a lifelong waste. On the contrary, if his parents could produce him an excellent younger brother, then the business would be able to grow well. It would guarantee him a really comfortable life of just sitting and waiting for the dividends with the dry shares to arrive. Therefore, the original was completely overjoyed with this prospect.

Since no one forced him to inherit the family business, the days of the original body suddenly became a lot more comfortable. He was busy flaunting his wealth on the Internet and enjoying the title of the national husband given to him by netizens. But after a long time, the original inevitably felt that everything was meaningless.

Perhaps he enjoyed too many beauties’ company and flattery who advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave with their sweet-nothings. The original began to cling to the illusory true love. He longed for a person who would like him not because of his riches but for what he is. He desired that the other person could be pure and free from the influence of his rich outer shell.

For such a pursuit, he had persevered for a lifetime.

As a result, his younger brother who was more than 20 years younger than him, was about to become a grandfather. While he was still single, continuously testing the “true love” that appeared around him until his death.

One of the tasks of the world was the original’s earlier request. He hoped Jiang Liu could help him find a woman who does not like him for his money.

Also, because the original in this world had continued to exhibit dazzling rich behaviour, it had bred bad social habits and greed in some people who started to worship money. Even though the original did it in the pursuit of “true love”, there had never been a shortage of female partners which led some men and women to think that there is a shortcut to life and they could always gather resources quickly by pleasing the original. Therefore, in this world, Jiang Liu was also tasked to correct this concept created by the original, so that at least 1000 people would realize that there is no shortcut in life.

After absorbing the original memory, Jiang Liu quickly adapted to his current situation.


He smiled and exchanged greetings with the property staff on the first floor of the building. He then handed a water and electricity card with a tip of $20 each.

Now the original was in his property in Xiangjiang. Every time he came here, he would personally greet property personnels and give them some tip. This is the original’s habit.

“Capitalism is evil!”

After entering the elevator, Jiang Liu thought about $20 that he had just given out. Even though it felt a bit painful he still felt inexplicably a bit cool. He had just come to the original’s body, yet his good character was about to be corrupted by money.

The original property in this area had more than 300 bungalows. It could be said to be Xiangjiang's most luxurious mansion. Jiang Liu followed the original’s memory and entered the cloakroom. As soon as Jiang Liu opened the door, his eyes were blinded by the various luxury watches and the keys to the luxury cars.

And this residence was just a house where the original rarely came to live.

“Fu*k! system, quickly fetch me my 24K titanium alloy dog eyes."

Jiang Liu’s heart shamefully fluttered. Happiness came so fast that he could not bear it for a while.


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