Mrs. Qian turned around and saw two people in the yard looking directly at her. She was startled at first, then recovered her countenance, and ordered, "Wanwan, help me cook some steamed buns for a while. The autumn harvest is coming and by then there will be no time to cook."

Zhao Wanwan didn't move, "You quietly gave the money to uncle?"

Mrs. Qian's expression changed, and she glanced at Li Qinghe vaguely and frowned, "Dead girl, learn to peek. How could it be said that it was secretly? The money is what your father asked me to give to your uncle. He has a hard time studying and should eat more meat and vegetables."

In the end, she looked worried. This is what she thinks.

Li Qinghe had no problem with Mrs. Qian taking money to subsidize her younger brother, but that money should belong to her father. If Li Fu had a bad life, she couldn’t just watch it, otherwise, the village spittle would drown her.

At once she said, "I'll go ask my father."

She said she was about to go out, and she didn't forget to carry a knife for cutting the lawn. Ignoring Mrs. Qian's call, she went to her wasteland after going out.

It's probably useless to say that. Mrs. Qian always had a way to coax Li Fu well. The reason why she said that was just to scare Mrs. Qian.

The land she bought was in the southwest of the village, near the foot of the mountain, and was separated from the village by a small river. The sun began to shine in the morning and the surrounding scenery was good. After she married into Xu's family in her previous life, she simply had no time to go out and around. Almost as soon as she walked in, she was pressured by all kinds of housework. She had to help and get to the farm to plant in the spring and harvest in the autumn. It hasn't been so leisurely and comfortable for a long time.

Going comfortably to the southwest, the road is quite wide. A woman in front of her came carrying a large load of grass. After seeing Li Qinghe, she stopped in her tracks and said, "Qinghe, where are you going?"

The woman in front of her was gray-haired, between the eyebrows and eyes were deep and shallow gullies pressed out by life, and with a forced smile on her face, faintly flattering.

This person... is Zhou Chengkang's mother.

Zhou Chengkang’s family had five children; he had three older siblings and there is a younger sister. His father fell ill, shortly after the birth of the youngest daughter and died after two years. The family was already poor, barely managing to get by, was dragged down by him for two years, but they still failed to save him. Mrs. Qian's claim that Zhou's family is poor is not a lie. Normal girls, no one is willing to marry Zhou's family at all.

Zhou Chengkang's eldest and second brothers were still bachelors. Zhou Chengkang had never said anything about his affection for her in her previous life. This should be considered the biggest reason.

Li Qinghe sighed in her heart and smiled lightly, "Aunt Zhou, so early."

Mother Zhou waved her hand, "It's not early, I'll go back first."

Li Qinghe was busy cleaning up when she arrived. If she had to do it by herself, she was afraid that even after New Year's Eve, it would not be finished. This kind of wasteland still had roots in it. If you open up wasteland, you have to dig out the roots and clean up the debris on the ground, even some places are simply big rocks. If you are farming, don't even think of a harvest for ten or eight years.

When measuring the land, there is a pond with about two points of the land inside, where there is living water there, the excess flows into the small river. There are some small fish, and there are still some bold people in the village who will come here to fish.

Li Qinghe originally thought to use this place to raise fish. There are few live fish in Luoyue Town. They are brought back from outside. The price is the same as pork, but the fish is different from pork. A pound of pork is a whole piece of meat, but fish...a pound of fish has water, internal organs, and fish bones. It is more than twice as expensive as pork. Even so, every time there is fish in the market, it will be grabbed by people.

Looking at the pond, Li Qinghe planned to find someone to fish out the dead branches and leaves inside, after the pond was repaired, and then buy and raise fish in it.

This fish idea also has to be inquired carefully... just as she was thinking about it, footsteps came over behind her, Li Qinghe turned around, and saw Zhou Chengkang hurriedly running, "Do you want help? You can find me if you have anything."

Li Qinghe looked at him and watched him lower his head uncomfortably before saying, "Speaking of which, I have not given you the money to pick up people and asked you for help a few times before, how much should I give you?"

"No need!" Zhou Chengkang refused hurriedly. He hesitated to speak and stopped, finally plucking up the courage, "I don't need money, I just want to help you, want to take care of you, I..."

"Qinghe, what are you doing here?" Li Fu's voice came from afar and also interrupted Zhou Chengkang's unfinished words.

He quickly arrived at the front, and his unkind gaze fell on Zhou Chengkang, "What are you doing here?"

Li Qinghe answered, "I asked him for a favor and I'm calculating the money for the work." Then asked, "Father, why are you here? "

Li Fu was not angry, "I went home for breakfast and heard your Aunt Qian said that you ran out on your own with a knife, so I was worried and came all the way here. Your Aunt Qian said earlier that you came out to find someone. I still don't believe it..."

Is this alluding to the fact that she ran out because of an appointment with Zhou Chengkang?

Since she didn't want her to live a good life, Li Qinghe was also not polite, "Father, today I saw Wanwan's uncle, and Aunt Qian even gave money to him."

Li Fu's complexion was instantly ugly but because of Zhou Chengkang's presence, didn't say much. His tone was not very good, "There is not much fish here, go home."

He thought they were here to fish. Li Qinghe thought about it and said, "Father, I bought this pond."

Li Fu had already turned around and intended to go home. However, when he heard those words he turned to her and frowned, "What did you say? What about this pond?"

"It's mine!" Li Qinghe replied with a straight face.

Li Fu froze for a moment, and realized that Li Qinghe wasn't joking with him, and was furious when she kept saying that she had spent the money, " Are you still thinking straight? What's the use of this pond?"


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