Li Qinghe was woken up by a series of fierce barks. After waking up, she found out that even fifth sister Zhou was startled awake and asked her in confusion, "What's happening?"

Li Qinghe got up and put on an outer robe, and the fifth sister Zhou was also dressing appropriately, to see what was happening, "Fourth sister-in-law, what if a thief broke in?? You stay here, I’ll go check instead."

Li Qinghe was reluctant to stay alone, so the two of them went to open the door together. Under the moonlight, they found the entire courtyard empty while Little Rhubarb was howling from the outside of the courtyard gate. Li Qinghe vaguely saw someone’s silhouette near the pond, situated on the outside of her courtyard wall. This was the person Little Rhubarb was barking at. Afraid that this person would steal the fish from her pond , Li Qinghe picked up a metal pole from the side. Fifth sister Zhou quickly stopped her and gave her a firewood stick instead, "This is lighter."

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