The Green Lotus Peasant Girl Chapters List

Chapter 93: Eldest Brother Zhou

She was fine with the two people living in the house to help with the work but at the same time, she does not like the presence of outsiders in her house. As for the chores like cooking, the two can still do it together and talk about it.

Zhou Chengkang, who was sitting beside her took the lead, "We don't like to have outsiders in our home."

The couple looked at each other, a little disappointed, and sighed, "We also have no choice but to ask for this favor. Our parents are biased and the land they gave us was in a very remote and deserted location. It is not as good as your family's field and is less than one acre. The two of us usually stay at home and we earn money by working for others for a short term. Not only this, our parents even want us to be filial… I thought that madam has a kind heart so maybe we can ask for work. But it seems we can't work."

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