The Green Lotus Peasant Girl Chapters List

Chapter 109: Firecracker

Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang didn't go to the wedding. So Mrs. Zhou went to help with the wedding in their stead, and took a wedding gift along.

Though it was Xu's family's wedding since their family still continued to communicate with the Yang, many people in the village subconsciously alienated them. Therefore, this time when a Xu family member got married, it was not as lively as compared to before.

Speaking of the Yang family's lack of morality, they took money from everyone in the village to make money for themselves. But the Xu family was not so innocent either. They took advantage of others' misery and bought such a big courtyard house just for the worth of 10 taels. Who in their right state of mind, would want to have any sort of relationship with them?

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