Mrs. Xu didn't let her get into the carriage. Li Qinghe didn't know about it at first, Zhou Chengkang didn't know about this either. Both of them had surprised expressions on their faces.

Zhang Haiyao turned her head angrily to look at this side of the carriage, but after seeing their surprised expression, she once again turned angry at Mrs. Xu, "Then why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Mrs. Xu spoke in a gentle voice, "I also didn't know about it before. The coachman came today and told me that your father had specially instructed him to let you stay in the village and lead a good life. I was also surprised by this news. Originally, we agreed that I would inform you when the coachman arrived to pick me up, but I didn’t even ask anyone to inform you, before you pack your luggage and get ready to leave…The coachman was also embarrassed to tell you."

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