After buying the land, they now had to find a way to plant on this very barren land that they bought. Although Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang didn't have to pay for the taxes for the land under their names, everyone felt that it would be in vain to spend that much money on the land, that they assumed: would just be left as a wasteland.

But Li Qinghe had already thought about this matter. She knew that it would be very troublesome for them to clean the barren land for farming. There were also many large trees, and it was not easy to cut them down and dig out their roots. Farming on this land was not cost-effective at all.

"Have someone pull out the weeds over there…" She pointed to the area behind the Yang family, "There are weeds all over that area. After cutting them out, we will start preparing for the spring plowing after New Year. As for the forest with big trees behind us…"

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