"Who is it that wants to live with you!" Mrs. Zhou shouted whilst turning around, and went straight to her room. Even though she said those harsh words, her heart was warmed to a soft mood. In fact, she knew her children the best. If she had to rely on someone then it would be on Zhou Chengkang and Li Qinghe. They both were very hard-working and sensible enough. As for the most important aspect, they both knew to show filial piety. When Li Fu married Mrs. Qian, while he raised and supported Zhou Wanwan as his daughter, Li Qinghe didn't care. And now, there is no end to the gifts they receive from Li Fu whenever there is a festival.

Although she said that she wasn’t desperate to stay with these two kids, she didn't say she was going back either. Since there wasn't much work to do on the farm, it didn't matter where she stayed behind with them.

Moreover, it was helpful for them to have her here. Mrs. Zhou would take care of Xiyu while Li Qinghe went to the mountains to chop wood, or sometimes just to accompany Zhou Chengkang.

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