When Li Qinghe went into the kitchen to put the buns, she saw that the kitchen was very clean. It was even cleaner than when they were all at home and took care of it before. Even the firewood for the stove was piled neatly in front of it.

The woman was standing still in her place and didn't move. Li Qinghe went around the house to the backyard. Li Fu was digging in the backyard. When he saw her, he put aside his shovel and said, "I want to see my grandchild!."

He bent over a bit to reach the same level of the baby’s height and began teasing him playfully. Li Qinghe often brought him along to visit her father, and since they frequently met and interacted with each other, they both became closer and familiar to each other. Seeing the familiar warm face, the little boy giggled, which made Li Fu overjoyed, "You recognize me! Do you want me to carry you?"

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