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Chapter 11: Zhuì Xù (son-in-law living at wife's parent's house)

An unmarried man and a married woman walked together. The relationship between the two did not look like that of an employer and employee, Zhou Chengwen still talked to the lady with a smile on his face, no matter how strange it looked.

"Sister, the Zhou family's eldest brother..." Zhao Wanwan frowned, "Will your marriage be affected?"

Li Qinghe smiled and scraped her nose, " At such a young age, you are thinking quite a lot."

Even in the countryside, there were rules. To get married, Zhou Chengkang has to take turns with his brother before him. Besides, that person hasn't expressed his mind until now. Why is she anxious?

Li Qinghe was not in a hurry. Although Mrs. Qian wants to marry her out, it was useless. No one could force her to do things she doesn't want to do. "You should think about how to convince your mother to let you come out to work."At that, Zhao Wanwan's face became bitter.

The two went around the town, Li Qinghe even bought a wooden hairpin for Zhao Wanwan. When Li Fu and Mrs.Qian came over, their faces were not looking too good.

Mrs. Qian seemed to be talking in a low voice. Li Fu was indifferent. When they got closer, she didn't say anything. She looked at the wooden hairpin on Zhao Wanwan's head and frowned. "You're spending your silver again, what's the use of buying this for inappropriate spending?"

Zhao Wanwan lowered her head, Li Qinghe impatiently said, "I bought it."

Mrs. Qian choked.

"Go home, what are you making a ruckus for?" Li Fu was also very impatient and took the lead to walk home.

Judging from his appearance, the silver must not have been recovered. There was silence on the way back. Zhao Wanwan had something in her heart, and she secretly glanced at Mrs.Qian's face several times. When he could already see the big tree at the entrance of the village, Li Fu suddenly remembered what he had said earlier and turned around and apologized, "Wanwan, sorry. I didn’t take you for a stroll on the market street today. I will take you the next time I get an opportunity. All right?"

Zhao Wanwan hurriedly refused, "No need father, sister took me around. " Looking at Li Fu's apologetic eyes, she suddenly said, "When sister and I walked to the bun shop today, the aunt recognized sister and asked us for help to make a banquet for the Sun family. She said they would pay forty coppers for the work. Father, can I go?" 

"Go." Li Fu replied casually and instructed Li Qinghe, " You keep an eye on your sister."

Mrs. Qian who was sitting beside him wanted to say something, but no one paid her any attention. Their sight fell at the scene under the big tree at the entrance of the village. Today’s entrance seemed to be a little different. The autumn harvest was about to be harvested. The weather was very hot. Many people came to the village entrance every afternoon to take a break. They all chatted there to relieve boredom, but today's crowd was gathered together in a group.

A woman's sharp voice rose from the midst of the crowd, "The whole family has bad intentions. Let everyone here judge. Since I gave birth to Qingmiao and hurt my body in childbirth, I have said to outsiders more than once that my Qingmiao will be recruiting in the future. Recently, Qingmiao and Zhou Lao Er* are close, I also did not say anything. There were many brothers in the Zhou family. Everyone knows that. I thought Sister Zhou knew what she’s doing. I didn't expect that after the children got along well, your side wouldn't agree. Is this a game?"

(TN: Zhou Lao Er = Zhou’s second child)

The one who spoke was Li Qinghe's aunt from the next house, who was quite close to her, and there were most of the Li family in the village, so many people whispered to her to keep her voice down and discuss slowly, but she became more agitated and waved her hand and said, "If you don't agree to join the family, the marriage can't be done!”

Zhou’s mother was full of sadness, she seemed to be getting older at this time, she shook her head and murmured, “No marriage, his father would not agree.”

Zhou Chengwu supported her and frowned upon hearing the words. “Mother, do you want all of us brothers to become old bachelors?" After speaking, he looked at Li Qingmiao’s mother, "Aunt, Qingmiao told me this a long time ago, and I promised her to go and live with her family. In the future, her parents will be the same as my parents."

Mother Zhou was anxious and stretched out her hand to stop her son, "Lao Er, you can't..."

Zhou Chengwu looked at Qingmiao’s mother, "Auntie, then it’s a deal."

Everyone whispered amongst themselves after hearing this.

Li Fu stood on the outermost side and looked at Li Qinghe upon hearing this, and scolded, "Go home."

Li Qinghe didn't refute him this time and turned to go home. She had asked Zhou Chengkang to send her home twice before, and there were already people watching them. If she stayed here at this moment, the villagers would gossip about her.

Zhao Wanwan followed her home, her face full of excitement, "Sister, father agreed. You can take me with you."

Li Qinghe responded casually. When she walked to the door, she saw that there was already a person standing there. It was Qian Laimen. Zhao Wanwan smiled and stepped forward to greet him, "Cousin is here?"

She called him cousin, but he was only two months younger. Qian Laiman 's eyes kept looking at Li Qinghe, "Qinghe, I have something to tell you."

Li Qinghe raised her eyebrows, "Go ahead."

She was open and honest, but Qian Laiman squirmed and swept a glance at Zhao Wanwan. She immediately ran into the house and went straight to her room.

Qian Laiman kicked the sand on the ground restlessly and said quickly, "I want to marry you."

"But I don't want to marry you." Li Qinghe balked, not giving him the slightest hope, "I am marrying someone already, and I won't marry you."

Qian Laiman was not surprised. Li Qinghe had already rejected him once before. "Is it because of my big brother?"

Li Qinghe entered the door, "It is part of the reason."

After entering the door, she went straight to her room, looking for a suitable set of clothes. The pond in the land she bought must be cleared out as soon as possible. Zhao Wanwan came in gently and said, "Sister, Laiman is still outside."

Qian Laiman may have some thoughts about her, but the more he thought in that way, the more she couldn't go out. it was really bad for her to give him hope by being sticky. Besides, the daughter of a farmer rarely has a few chances to choose, and it was best for her reputation to not get involved with anyone.

Later, Mrs. Qian and Li Fu came back and invited Qian Laiman to come in. He stayed for dinner before going back.

Li Qinghe didn't even go out to eat dinner to express her resistance to the marriage by her actions. She didn't forget that Li Fu was quite happy with him.

When Qian Laiman left, Li Qinghe went out to the kitchen to cook her own food. It was getting late, and they were all sitting under the eaves to cool off. Mrs. Qian sighed, "Laiman is a good boy, but it's a pity that Qinghe won't agree."

"It's up to her, she may be resistant now." Li Fu's voice hates iron and steel, " Earlier at the village entrance, father also approached me to tell me not to force her. Too ignorant, the old man is old and still can do these things to bother others."

Li Qinghe nibbled on a steamed bun, a little surprised. She did not expect that the old man could not resist looking for Li Fu in the end.

Mrs. Qian was also surprised, "Father?" After a pause said, "Then you have to go along with her, it’s the Zhou family. Is this good for the child? You have seen it at the village entrance, even if it is the Zhou family's third child, there are the eldest and the second child, and then she will be taken in turn, after the turn to get her, waiting until the year of monkeys to go!”

TN: So far only three of the five siblings' names have been mentioned. In case anyone is confused, I'll put their name below :)

Zhou siblings

First brother: Zhou Chengwen

Second brother: Zhou Chengwu

The third brother:?

Fourth brother: Zhou Chengkang

Fifth sister : ?


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