"Good sister, those things are in the past."

However, Lady Bing did not stop weeping. She sighed and wiped her tears after a while. "Oh, it's all fate. Thankfully, I still have Zhuo Er."

"Yes, you still have Zhuo Er," Aunt Mei answered half heartedly as she stared at Lady Bing and got lost in her thought. Lady Bing’s beautiful eyes were swollen and her nose was red. She looked beautiful even when she was crying, and her chubby hands were fair and translucent like a piece of jade. Was she really just a lady doctor?

However, Lady Bing was her old friend that she knew since they were young. She was always beautiful and eye-catching. Although she didn’t know who Lady Bing’s husband was, she assumed that he probably wasn’t a commoner. After a moment, they composed their emotions and talked about other things instead, which lifted their spirits.

"Sister, since you are opening a medical clinic in the capital city, please bring Zhuo Er to visit us more frequently. I think that child has a bright future."

"Haha! You are exaggerating. His results are terrible. In fact, he is better off tinkering with those gadgets of his. It doesn’t matter, I will die one day. I am fine with it as long as he is happy."

Lady Bing looked hopeless as she talked about her son.

"Don't worry too much." Lady Mei hurriedly reassured her.

Outside the house, Shen Xiangwan stared at the delicious food in front of her and totally forgot about her fear.

She had been frightened and bullied for the entire day, so she had to comfort herself.

With that in mind, she did not hold back with the various dishes in front of her.

In order to maintain their slim figure, normal servant girls usually only ate a small bowl of food.

Even for those young servant girls who were still growing, they only ate at most a bowl. However, Shen Xiangwan was used to being spoiled by Yi Xuan at home, so she never controlled her diet. She had never been starved from her birth until she was eight years old.

That was why she couldn’t control herself when she saw food. If she didn’t eat at night, she would not sleep well. Otherwise, how could she have developed her current chubby appearance?

Across her, Feng Zhuoqing seemed annoyed. He looked at the girl sitting across him who was eating non-stop. One bowl, two bowls... She did not forget the dishes too. One dish, two dishes, three dishes…

Feng Zhuoqing was dumbfounded when Shen Xiangwan was about to finish the fourth dish.

She was afraid of going hungry. Usually, she would eat a lot more than the other girl servants, so she had learned to eat elegantly as if she were eating very slow, but in reality, she ate extremely fast.

She stuffed the food into her mouth, her cheeks bulged, and shranked as she swallowed. The process went on again and again.

Like a little mouse, she swallowed the food with a grunt, and then stuffed another mouthful of food with her chopsticks, and swallowed again…

She was a fat little girl, with fair skin and delicate eyebrows.

The way she ate made her look like a little fat squirrel constantly filling its mouth. Feng Zhuoqing's interest in her grew. He thought she was quite interesting. It seemed that the more he looked at her, the more she looked like his dead sister.

In the beginning, he only thought that her chubby appearance was indeed similar to his sister’s, but she was not as cute as his sister. But looking at it now, she looked more and more like his sister.

He sneakily put a plate of mashed potatoes mixed with rotten meat in front of Shen Xiangwan, and she joyfully picked up her chopstick and stuffed it into her mouth.

After stuffing a mouthful of the spoiled food, she realized that something was wrong.

She slowly raised her head with the chopsticks stuck in her mouth. Her dark eyes were a little confused, and her long eyelashes kept fluttering, but she couldn't hide the panic in her eyes.

"Little fat pig, since you already ate it anyway, I will reward you for eating more."

Feng Zhuoqing added another mouthful of mashed potatoes into her bowl, his face seemingly disgusted.

Shen Xiangwan hesitated, but immediately bit a piece of the rotten meat and swallowed it with other dishes.

Since this guy saw her as a joke, she would just… keep eating hard. It would be best if the way she ate scared him.

She continued to eat as she thought about that, feeling extremely satisfied.

As Feng Zhuoqing saw that she was not afraid of him and continued to eat, he shook his head.

"So greedy, no wonder you grew so much meat."

Shen Xiangwan's heart skipped. Since when she grew a lot of meat? Why was there nothing decent whenever he spoke? She silently cursed that he will never find a wife.

As she imagined this handsome, outstanding boy unable to find a wife, she felt secretly happy.

Feng Zhuoqing's eyes were slightly cold as he watched her eat. His eyebrows furrowed.

Noticing his stern gaze, she hurriedly stuffed her last mouthful of rice. "I’m finished, Young Master."

"Escort me to my room."

The mother and son were arranged to stay in a guest house. In the Duke’s manor, the rooms in the backyard were reserved for guests. There were a row of houses over there and many diners stayed in them.

These guests also liked to visit the back garden. Since Shen Xiangwan was still young, it would not be inappropriate for her to meet them.

Along the way, she put up a sweet pretense to greet them.

"Good day, Grandpa Feng."

"Uncle Zhang's knife skills seem to be getting better and better."

"Uncle Liu, you haven't finished studying your chess move yet!"


On the contrary, although Feng Zhuoqing looked handsome and had a gentle smile on his face, no one dared to come forward and talk to him.

Normally, there would be no trouble passing by here, but sometimes, things would go unexpected.

"Hey, six-fingered devil..."

The remark attracted everyone’s attention, and all the guests in the backyard focused on Feng Zhuoqing's fingers.

Time seems to have stopped.

Shen Xiangwan hurriedly looked at Feng Zhuoqing, but instead, she saw that the smile on his face had deepened.


He was as arrogant as usual.

At this moment, he hummed slightly. Even though many of the guests on the scene had gone through a lot of experiences throughout their lives, they were still terrified by his hum.

Shen Xiangwan hurriedly followed after him as he left.

She was a little skeptical that this kid actually let go of that person. She raised her head and quietly glanced at the boy grinning beside her. For some reason, she felt cold.

After the two left, the guests whispered quietly behind them.

"This little boy does not look very old, but he acts like an adult. His demeanor reminds me of the Duke."

"Yes, since you mentioned that, I really think that his aura is comparable to that of the Duke. He has such an aura at a young age, and he still has six fingers, he is an unknown person..."

To be an official by passing the imperial exam, one would be required to have good health.

Existences such as men with multiple ears, hunchbacks or disabled feet could not sit for the imperial examinations. Therefore, people with natural physical illnesses like this were known as unknown people, and they were also known as devils!

After escorting Feng Zhuoqing to the backyard, he did not forcefully let her stay anymore, which made her let out a sigh of relief. She turned and left quickly.

On this day, Feng Zhuoqing's expressions were neutral.

In her opinion, he seemed quiet, although he would occasionally pinch her face.

As she was in charge of serving him, she stayed in the small room outside of Feng Zhuoqing's room that night. She shared a bed with Xiaomei.

Maybe it was because she ate too much at night, Shen Xiangwan was awakened by an intense urge to urinate in the middle of the night. When she quietly went out to pee, she heard a slight moan coming from a short distance...


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