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Chapter 16: Who Pitied Him when He Was Poisoned as A Child?

Grabbing Xiaoqi who was panicking, Shen Xiangwan led him forward. At this moment, her heart started to beat wildly.

"Xiaoqi, don't worry, I am here now,” she squeezed his hands tightly and said. “Even if the sky falls down, mother and I will always be there for you. Remember, do not panic when you encounter a problem. Let's try to solve it, and do our best to salvage it.”

Xiaoqi slowly calmed down as Shen Xiangwan held his hands while reassuring him.

He took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Sister Wanwan, it’s Xiaoqi’s fault."

Shen Xiangwan felt sorry when saw the innocence in her sensible little brother. Xiaoqi should be living comfortably in their home, but because of what happened to their family, he had to be a slave.

"Let's go, I'll go find a way."

As soon as she stepped into the room, Shen Xiangwan frowned when he saw the small body laying curled up on the bed. She reached out and touched Murong Xiude's forehead, and found out that although he had a fever, he did not sweat at all.

Moreover, his lips were tinged blue, which looked like his health was in danger.

"Looks like I’ll have to think about a plan."

Shen Xiangwan turned around, frowning, "Xiaoqi, wipe him with a damp cloth first. I'll find some medicine and supplies. His health is in danger."

She couldn’t go find Doctor Gu, because it was already so late. After all, Xiaoqi was not favored by his family, Doctor Gu probably wouldn’t care for his sickness.

But what if she managed to find an ordinary doctor?

A doctor like Chi Sanye, even though he is considered an ordinary doctor by the people in this mansion, he was probably a good doctor compared with the others.

Shen Xiangwan got up after she thought of the idea.

She walked into the inner room and grabbed the hidden coin. She held it tightly in her hand.

She turned around to grab Xiaosi and muttered an order to him.

"Good sister, I will follow your orders."

The place where Xiaosi lived was not too far from Jiaochi Garden.

She could tell the doctor that she invited him to see Xiaosi instead.

As she considered all the plans in her mind, Shen Xiangwan got up and headed towards Chi Sanye’s place.

When she saw the candles were still lit in Sanye's room as she arrived, Shen Xiangwan's mind churned. Fortunately, as long as the doctor hadn't fallen asleep, it would be appropriate to invite him.

"Sanye, Sanye, Xiaosi caught a fever in the middle of the night, his whole body was boiling hot, but he didn't sweat. His lips were blue when I looked at it."

“You see.” While she reported the signs and symptoms, Shen Xiangwan handed a silver ingot to the doctor.

Chi Sanye wanted to ignore the little girl, but he cared about the money in her hand.

"Alright, alright. I’ll go with you to see him. My apprentice is in charge of the slaves in this mansion. But tonight, I will make an exception."

"Thank you Sanye," Shen Xiangwan quickly thanked him. Indeed, Chi Sanye’s apprentice took care of the slaves when they fell sick.

If she hadn't paid Chi Sanye with this silver ingot, he probably wouldn’t go with her.

Shen Xiangwan took the initiative to help Chi Sanye with his medicine box and needle box. She lifted them effortlessly.

"You, little girl, have excellent foresight. No wonder the Lady likes you so much that she kept you as a maid immediately."

"Oh! Sanye still remembers me, I’m extremely honoured."

"Haha, there aren't too many girls your size in this mansion. Besides, you had a cute face, of course I remember you."

"Sanye, some time ago, when I was serving under the guidance of Mama Liu, I met Doctor Gu. He was quite close with Mama Liu. I thought he had hinted that he wanted to find an apprentice—"

Chi Sanye suddenly stopped walking.

"Did you just say Old Mr. Gu wants to accept apprentices?"

"Yes, I believe that was what he was hinting. Doctor Gu also reminded Mama Liu to pay attention on this matter. I think, as long as Mama Liu says a few good words on behalf of the candidate, the candidate will be easily selected."

At that moment, Chi Sanye looked visibly excited.

Although he thought that his medical skills were good, he could never compare to Doctor Gu.

After all, Doctor Gu was an experienced imperial doctor, whereas Chi Sanye was only an ordinary doctor. If it weren’t for the recommendation from an acquaintance back then, he wouldn't be able to enter the Duke’s mansion to become their doctor.

"Oh, Mama Liu..."

"Well, although I’m not under Mama Liu’s supervision anymore, she was still kind to me. She told me if I ever needed anything, as long as it is reasonable, she would help me fulfil it."

Chi Sanye’s eyes glinted with hope when he heard Shen Xiangwan’s words.

He looked into her eyes kindly and said, "Hehe, what am I to say. A sensible little girl like you will surely be favoured by the masters. Little Girl, I can see that you are a good person."

"You are overpraising me."

As they were arriving at the yard, Shen Xiangwan stuttered embarrassedly, "Sanye, actually, Xiaosi isn’t sick. It's... Jiuye."

"Oh, him!" Chi Sanye muttered.

"I— Xiaosi begged me because the little servant she recommended was serving Jiuye. For a servant who just came in, if the master he served died under his care... I’m afraid he’ll be killed."

She deliberately explained the situation ambiguously, but enough for Sanye to take the hint.

"I get it, as a slave, even if the master is not favored, the slave will still be held responsible for any mishap. I understand. Let’s go to Jiuye's place."

"Thank you."

"You are welcome. I am hoping if you could say to Mama Liu—”

Before Chi Sanye could finish his sentence, Shen Xiangwan smiled and replied, "With your qualifications, you deserve to be Doctor Gu’s partner."

She is not talking about an apprentice, but a collaborator.

At this point, Chi Sanye burst out laughing.

"Haha, girl, you are really polite."

"Well, Sanye, please slow down. We are here."

Chi Sanye examined Jiuye for a long time before he came out and shook his head. "Sigh, I never thought that Jiuye's weak body had suffered so much."

"Oh, what do you mean?"

Chi Sanye frowned, his expressions complicated.

"His body is weak, do you mean this will happen to him regularly?"

Sanye stared at her, eyes widening, and finally nodded. "I'm afraid so, he will need to slowly detoxify. The toxins may take at least eight to ten years to be cleared out from his body. Every time the symptoms appear, his body will feel extremely cold. The best thing is to find someone who could warm him up."

"Warm him up!" Shen Xiangwan gasped.

On the other hand, Xiaoqi looked even more worried, "Then I will warm up the master."

"This prescription will help him, but to concoct this medicine..."

"Xiaoqi, you are taking this medicine."

"Yes, Sister Wanwan." Xiaoqi responded solemnly.

Shen Xiangwan was quite satisfied with the boy’s response. After the training he received in this mansion, Xiaoqi became more intelligent.

"It’s best to find someone who has better medical skills to treat Master Jiuye. Otherwise, his body will be constantly tortured. Alas, to be tortured like this again and again, at such a young age..."

Only a doctor could understand how uncomfortable and painful it was when the disease hit...


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