The oil pan was steaming hot, and the fragrance diffused along with the hot air.

Gu Yan carefully took out the fried eggs from the pan.

Then, she drew a smiling face on the steamed egg meal with tomato sauce. Looking at the ugly smiling face, she couldn't help but smile.

She took off her apron and exercised her limbs for a bit.

Ever since she transmigrated into this body, it had already been some time.

The only purpose she came here for was——

Finding Shen Jiayu, who was still a child, and to make his childhood no longer so miserable.

Gu Yan didn't know that her world was a book until she died.

Gu Yan herself was a cannon fodder in this book.

Not long after her death, a voice claiming to be a system told her that if she could go back to the past and stop the book's villain from blackening, she would have a chance to be reborn.

So Gu Yan and the system signed a contract, and she also got to know the name of the villain.

——Shen Jiayu.

Gu Yan was now back in Shen Jiayu's childhood, transmigrating into a girl who lived alone next door to Shen Jiayu. During this time, she temporarily borrowed her body.

After learning about Shen Jiayu's experience through the system, Gu Yan sympathized with him. She felt that she was lucky when compared to Shen Jiayu.

Because he was an illegitimate child, Shen Jiayu was abandoned by his family when he was a child and was taken home by his adoptive father and mother.

His adoptive father was a drunkard and gambler. When he got drunk, he would beat and scold Shen Jiayu. His foster mother also tortured Shen Jiayu because of the pressure of life. They often made him hungry and did not give him food.

Because the adoptive parents didn't pay attention to him, so even his neighbors didn't give him a good face. Even his peers would bully him because he had no parents.

Later, Shen Jiayu was taken back by his biological father. Although he returned to a famous well-known family, people in the whole family had their own ideas. He was just a chess piece in the family struggle, and he was used and ridiculed there.

He grew up in such a dark environment and gradually became cold-blooded and ruthless. In the future, he would not only destroy the company that annexed his father but also used various means to take revenge against those who had insulted him.

But Gu Yan didn't manage to see him in her last life, because when he had become a new and famous man, Gu Yan had already died and ended her life as cannon fodder.

But passing after Gu Yan’s with whatever she knew on hand, was that this book was written to this point and did not continue writing on, even the male lead had not made his appearance, that was the break.

Gu Yan thought about it, then carried the steaming egg bag rice, opened the door, and looked outside.

She knew that Shen Jiayu would often be driven out by his bad-tempered adoptive mother and as a result would then spend the night outside.

It was a winter morning, and there was a thin layer of snow on the ground outside.

Shen Jiayu's adoptive parents lived in a remote part of a small city where living standards were generally low.

Therefore, the conditions of this residential building were not very good. The corridor had some air leakage and was very cold.

And the little boy sat down on the stairs in the corridor, staring calmly at the closed door in front of him. He might have stayed outside all night.

Hearing Gu Yan opening the door, he just slightly turned his head and looked at her without expression.

Gu Yan was slightly stunned.

The little boy was dressed in thin clothes, half of his delicate face was hidden in the shadow of the corridor. His skin was very white, and his hands and feet were flushed with the coldness biting against his white skin. His thick black eyelashes covered his eyelids. He was as fragile as a doll being on display in a cupboard.

Gu Yan paused for a moment and then slowly walked towards him.

In the face of her approach, the boy's breath suddenly became alienated and alert. Under the tiny bangs, a pair of cold black eyes like hawks were staring at Gu Yan.

His eyes on Gu Yan were fierce and cold, like a kind of beast that would warn strangers against stepping into his territory.

It caused Gu Yan's steps to pause slightly.

Then, she thought about it for a moment and raised a soft and friendly smile to the owner of those eyes.

In fact, she had expected that.

Because before she wore it on, the owner of this body often saw Shen Jiayu's parents beating and scolding him. However, she was always indifferent. She didn't care.

It was estimated now that in his eyes, she was also a bad person.

With a smile on her face, Gu Yan squatted down to Shen Jiayu and said, "I just made a lot of them. You haven't eaten breakfast yet. Eat while it's hot."

Shen Jiayu just raised his eyes and stared at her coldly without speaking.

Gu Yan was no longer close to the two steps away from him. She put the plate containing the steamed rice with eggs on the stairs, and then put a small fork on it. She said softly, "Eat if you want to, and eat while it's hot, you can't get hungry."

With that, Gu Yan said, “Get up and eat well.”

Afterward, she went down the stairs and returned home.

Hearing the sound of closing the door, Shen Jiayu stared at the omelet rice in front of him.

On the golden omelet rice, the smiling face drawn with ketchup was a little funny under the bleak winter sun.

His drooping eyelashes cast a shadow on his eyes, and he pressed his red lips slightly.

When Gu Yan went out at night, she sighed lightly when she saw the original omelet rice on the steps.

She picked up the plate and returned home to warm it up, and it was her dinner.

After all, the conditions of the owner of this body were not good. It won’t hurt to save just a little. Gu Yan, who had made a long-term plan, might have had to go out to look for work in a few days to maintain her livelihood.

It was still the same for the next few days. Gu Yan would make some snacks every day in a different way, and serve it to Shen Jiayu who was shut outside. 

And Shen Jiayu still treated her as air, ignored her, and didn't eat the things she sent.

Just when Gu Yan thought that she and the villain might have to maintain this model for the whole year, something happened.

On Friday, Gu Yan was shopping for groceries as always. She was squatting in front of the shop, bargaining with an egg seller for one yuan.

"It can't be cheaper anymore. Go and see the other shops. How can there be such a good egg, ah?"

Just as Gu Yan was racking her brains to prepare for bargaining, there were clashes and scolding in the alley not far away.

"My mother said, he is a wild species. He was picked up from the garbage!"

"His parents also hate him, saying he is a broom star."

"Wild species! Trash that nobody wants!"

Gu Yan was stunned when she heard the sound coming. For some reason, Shen Jiayu's face involuntarily appeared in her mind.

At the moment when she was dazed, her hand holding the egg shook. The sleek egg fell to the ground like a slow-motion movie under the gaze of her and aunt.

With a "click", the egg broke.

Not only that, at the moment when the eggshell hit the floor and shattered, the splashed golden juice also flew into the aunt's opened mouth because of anger and shock.

Gu Yan: "..."

Worthy of being a native egg, it can jump so high.

Gu Yan watched the aunt's face getting redder and redder like constipation, and immediately added with a strong desire to survive, "I will pay double to buy this egg!"

The aunt was furious but seeing Gu Yan say so she couldn’t say anything. So she had to divert her attention and curse in her dialect language, grinning, "Those kids are not doing well. All-day, bullying the poor child that lives on the seventh floor."

After speaking, she sighed, "Don’t know what that child did in his previous life, for him to be following that couple."

After hearing this, Gu Yan suddenly widened her eyes.

...Seventh floor!

Yes, it was Shen Jiayu!

Shen Jiayu was really bullied by his peers when he was a child. She was so slow that she only reacted now!

"Auntie, wait a minute, I'll come back later!"

So the egg seller saw Gu Yan hurriedly get up and ran to the alley in the distance.

When Gu Yan ran into the alley, because she was too anxious, she accidentally twisted her foot. She bared her teeth with pain and looked forward while holding the water pipe pasted with the small advertisement paper.

A group of children was gathered in the distance, picking up a rock on the ground and smashing it towards a boy whose head was stepped by another boy.

The boy who fell on the ground was marked with wounds on his delicate face. The expression on his face was as fierce as a cub. His eyes were staring at those who clamped him, and the eyes under the broken bangs were dark and sharp.

This boy was Shen Jiayu.

Gu Yan immediately strode towards the children.


"Whose children are you all? Is this how your parents educate you?"

The children who were having fun at first saw the brutal Gu Yan approaching, and they were stunned. Then they looked at each other and put down the stone in their hands and prepared to slip away.

Who knew that Gu Yan grabbed the hood of one of the little boys who didn't forget to make faces to her before running.

The little boy panicked when he saw that he could not run.

Gu Yan deliberately grabbed his hood and scared him with a cold face, "If I see you bullying him again in the future, I will teach you on behalf of your mother!"

"I will also hit you with stones on the head, smash you till your head becomes a swollen hornet's nest!"

Seeing Gu Yan finish speaking, the little boy saw that she had picked up the sharp stone on the ground, looking fiercely at him.

At once, he was so frightened that he put away his playful smile and said with a crying face, "Sister, I dare not [sobbing] Don't hit me with the rock.”

Gu Yan saw that he was really afraid, and so she let him go.

She said with a serious face, "Since you are afraid of pain, other children will also be afraid of pain. Don't do to others what you don't want to happen to yourself, hasn't your teacher taught you?"

The little boy blinked and looked confused: "I haven't been taught it."

Gu Yan: "..."


The kindergarten does not seem to teach the Analects.

Then, the little boy hesitated for a while before complaining and generally pointed at Shen Jiayu and said, "He was fierce before. Furthermore, he would bite us, clearly not obedient at all, then he would pretend to be innocent. Sister, don’t be cheated by him!”

With that, he ran faster than the rabbit, and ran into the deep lane with other children, and then disappeared.

When they left, Gu Yan turned around and frowned by seeing Shen Jiayu in the corner of the lane.

He had several cuts on his face and was blue and black.

Since Gu Yan appeared, his eyes had been on her.

It felt like the snow of December was falling on people coldly. There was nothing substantial, but it made people want to shiver.

Gu Yan bit her lip, and hurriedly walked over and picked him up. Shen Jiayu, who had not moved much, suddenly struggled violently and directly struggled out of Gu Yan's arms.

Step by step, he backed up against the mottled wall in the alley lane, and his eyes set at Gu Yan, which seemed to quenched with ice.

Obviously, he was very resistant to such intimacy.

Gu Yan squatted down and explained to him, "You are injured. If you don't go back to apply medicine, the wound will leave behind scars."

She held her chin and said, "With you looking so good, it's such a pity to leave a scar behind."

Seeing Shen Jiayu still indifferent, Gu Yan continued to say, "Let’s do it this way. You follow me, and I'll go home to get you some medicine. Okay?"

Shen Jiayu's ink-like eyes stared at her as if thinking about something.

Then, he pulled the corners of his mouth slightly and pursed his red lips into a line.

Gu Yan thought that he should have acquiesced.

So she tentatively got up and took a few steps. When she looked back, she found that Shen Jiayu was following her step by step.

He looked like a beautiful baby with amber pupils.

Gu Yan's heart softened, and she smiled at him.

Then she went back to the aunt, paid for the eggs, and put them into the basket one by one.

The aunt noticed Shen Jiayu behind Gu Yan, and she looked surprised. She thought for a while but still didn’t open her mouth.

Gu Yan led Shen Jiayu back home.

In the evening, the streets dyed with the brilliant red of the sunset glow, and it slowly spread out like an ink painting.

At the front was Gu Yan, who was singing with a vegetable basket. Shen Jiayu, who was injured all over, silently followed behind.

On the way, Gu Yan had been chirping like a bird to Shen Jiayu.

"Do you think it's better to have rice with eggs or fried rice with eggs?"

"Do you eat scallion? Don't you like it? "

Shen Jiayu followed her without saying a word.

Gu Yan didn't mind his indifference and continued to talk and laugh with him.

After arriving home, Gu Yan immediately washed his hands and brought the medicine box.

Shen Jiayu did not want to go into her house and sat on the outside corridor as usual.

It was late now. The moon was out.

The bright moonlight flowed down the corridor through some worn-out windows. It looked like a piece of light blended with beautiful yarn, shrouding the boy sitting in the corridor.

His white face was bright and moist by the moonlight, and his long eyelashes drooped like butterfly wings. His eyeground, which was originally like a pool of stagnant water, also had more light, which made his pupils transparent and clear.

Gu Yan couldn't help feeling that Shen Jiayu was really delicate and lovely when he was a child.

If it was not for the conditions, Gu Yan had an impulse to pinch his face.

Shen Jiayu turned her head and looked at her in silence.

She was wearing a white skirt today, and she didn't seem to care about getting dirty so she sat directly on the steps with him.

Gu Yan took out a cotton swab from the medicine box and looked for the medicine in the moonlight. She slowly squeezed the transparent plaster on the cotton swab. She said softly, "If it hurts, you got to tell me."

Shen Jiayu's eyelashes moved and brushed Gu Yan's hand.

Gu Yan looked at the wound on his face and blinked with some heartache.

Such a young child should have spent his childhood carefreely.

She breathed cautiously and gently applied a cotton swab to his wound. She asked softly, "Does it hurt?"

"It should not be too painful. Is it?"

Shen Jiayu had been staring at her in silence, but he was quite calm and did not move.

Then, his eyes slowly moved down and fell on her red and swollen ankle. His eyes narrowed slightly.

When Gu Yan finished applying the medicine, she smiled and said, "It’s done."

The girl was wearing a simple white cotton skirt, which had not been decorated with many little designs. The fine bangs on her bright and beautiful forehead were blown up by the wind.

When she smiled, her eyes were full of stars.

She said with a smile, "Hungry? The meal will be ready soon. "

Shen Jiayu blinked.

Gu Yan again came back and brought the same kind of steamed rice with tomato sauce on it.

Gu Yan handed him a small fork and said, "Eat while it's hot."

Shen Jiayu didn't move. Gu Yan thought about it and left for a while.

When she came out for a walk in the evening, she saw the empty plate with no grain of rice left on the steps. She felt a sense of satisfaction floating in her heart and laughed silently.

She knew that Shen Jiayu didn't give up on being vigilant against her. After all, he was not the same as other children. He was abused and naturally had a shadow in his heart. But at least he had made progress, hasn't he?

In the future, she might be able to get along well with him, so that she could teach him a correct outlook on life and thoughts, and pull him back on the right track from the road of blackening.

Then, he would become a successful socialite!


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