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Chapter 186: Extra - Return [2]

Su Ru's boyfriend couldn't stand the sudden interference from this meddling man, "Who are you? It's none of your business; get lost."

The man replied, "I just can't stand seeing you bullying women."

Tao Ran watched from the sidelines, finding it rather strange. Isn't she usually the one who said such things and did such things? But now, she had become the one being protected, which felt quite awkward. She said, "Su Ru has already broken up with you. If you're a real man, don't pester her anymore."

Su Ru, already in a bad mood when she came out for a drink, became even more agitated. She rolled her eyes at her ex-boyfriend and said, "If you keep pestering me, I'll find someone to beat you up. Still want to mess with Tao Ran? Go to hell!" With that, she delivered a swift kick to her ex-boyfriend's lower region.

Tao Ran's pupils contracted, and she unconsciously clenched her legs together. Su Ru was great in many ways, but this habit of kicking men was not a good one. How could a man withstand being kicked there? It must have hurt terribly…

After Su Ru's kick, she grabbed Tao Ran and walked away. Tao Ran was walking awkwardly, legs still clamped together. Su Ru looked at Tao Ran strangely, "Why is your walking posture so weird?"

Tao Ran hesitated and replied, "Um... my shoes don't fit quite right."

"You're really nice," Su Ru felt touched. "Even though your shoes didn't fit, you still came out to accompany me." With that, she hugged Tao Ran tightly.

A girl hugging a girl and a girl hugging a boy are different. Su Ru held Tao Ran close, and the two of them were pressed tightly together. Tao Ran felt Su Ru's chest pressing firmly against her. Her emotions were complex, and she stiffly said, "Let me go then..."

Su Ru: "No, I won't."

Tao Ran: "We haven't paid the bill yet."

Su Ru: "..."

So, the two of them returned to the bar to settle the bill. Tao Ran couldn't help but feel that this bar might end up losing money because no one stopped the two of them from running out, and if this continued, it might not stay open for long. Upon returning, they saw the man in the shirt still in his original spot. Seeing them come back, he grinned, "I knew you'd come back."

Su Ru: "How did you know?"

"Because you didn't pay the bill," Shirt Guy replied with a grin. "Don't worry; I've already settled it."

Su Ru felt a bit embarrassed, "I'm really sorry. How much was it? Let me pay you back." Saying this, she reached for her purse.

Shirt Guy glanced at Tao Ran while saying, "No worries, how about you just buy me a drink instead?"

Seeing that her ex-boyfriend had disappeared somewhere, Su Ru eased a bit, so she agreed. Tao Ran looked at Shirt Guy and Su Ru with mixed feelings. She was all too familiar with this guy's tactics; they were all leftover from her previous plays. She thought it would be good if there were other men who could comfort Su Ru at this time, since it would be a bit inappropriate for her to be here.

She recalled a joke – a couple was counting the lanterns along a river, and suddenly a friend approached them, claiming there were a total of 1,800 lanterns. The guy from the couple insisted, "No, there are 1,801 lanterns." The friend asked, "Where's the extra one?" The guy replied, "Aren't you one of them?"

Tao Ran felt like she was the extra lantern in this situation. She was about to come up with an excuse to leave when Su Ru raised her glass and said, "Come, let's celebrate my return to being single!"

Tao Ran blinked a few times, then raised her glass with Shirt Guy, and they both downed it.

Just as they finished, Su Ru raised her glass to toast again. "Let's celebrate getting rid of that scumbag!"

Well, that reason couldn't be ignored, so the three of them drank together.

After that, Suru toasted again, "To celebrate the everlasting friendship between Ranran and I!"

Alright, we can't just leave it at that…

After a few rounds, they ran out of things to say, and an awkward silence settled in. Shirt Guy raised his glass and said, "I toast to two beautiful ladies."

Okay, let’s have another drink.

After drinking like this many times, both Su Ru and Shirt Guy were now quite intoxicated. Tao Ran watched Shirt Guy shaking his head continuously, wondering why he didn't understand that using alcohol to impress women wasn't the way to go if you can't handle your liquor. The bartender nearby looked at Tao Ran with admiration; he never expected that the first drinking god he'd encounter in his line of work would be a woman. He handed Tao Ran a glass of wine and said, "Impressive, I admire you. This one's on the house."

Tao Ran didn't refuse and, after they finished their drinks, she found herself in a bit of a dilemma. What should she do now that both of them were drunk?

Shirt Guy seemed to be severely intoxicated. He reached out, grabbing Tao Ran's shoulder in a daze and mumbled, "Miss... What's your name? I'd like to get to know you..."

Tao Ran calmly moved Shirt Guy's hand from her shoulder to Su Ru's. The shirt brother was still persistent, "What's your name? Tell me."

Su Ru, with slurred speech, added, "You don't even remember my name? See how I toss you at night."

Tao Ran: "..." Do young people today develop so fast? She regretted not bringing her ID with her when she went out. Otherwise, she could have taken them to a hotel. Fortunately, there was still an empty room at home, so Tao Ran carried one in each hand and headed home.

The bartender, staring at Tao Ran's departing figure, was filled with shock. Good Lord, not only could she handle hundreds of drinks without getting drunk, but she also had the strength to carry two people at once. Did she have some kind of superpower?

Actually, Tao Ran could have used her abilities to take them home, but she was afraid of attracting unnecessary attention. She effortlessly brought the two of them home. Once she tossed Shirt Guy onto the bed, Su Ru started to feel like vomiting.

Tao Ran had to endure taking Su Ru to the bathroom to vomit. Afterward, she noticed a little vomit on Su Ru's clothes. She said, "Wake up a bit and take a shower."

Su Ru clung to Tao Ran and said, "Let's shower together."

Tao Ran hesitated, "Isn't that inappropriate…"

"I don't care~" Su Ru hugged Tao Ran tightly, "I really like you. You're so much better than those stinky men."

Tao Ran felt exhausted hearing this. Despite her appearance as a cute girl, wasn't she fundamentally one of those stinky men? She gently pushed Su Ru away, "You should shower by yourself. I only shower with my girlfriend."

"Ughh..." Su Ru suddenly burst into tears. "I really am a woman that no one wants, wuuu..."

"Why are you crying?" Tao Ran said but thought it's okay. Anyway, even if he had the heart now, he didn't have the function. What's wrong with helping her take a bath? In the future, they might even have to go to the restroom holding hands together. Would such a small matter really stop her?

So, in the end, after lying in bed with Su Ru, Tao Ran was still wondering. Wasn't she supposed to set up Su Ru with Shirt Guy? How did she end up in her own bed? It seemed that having a good alcohol tolerance wasn't enough; her drinking partner should also have the same capacity.

Lost in her thoughts, Tao Ran eventually fell asleep without realizing it, and when she woke up, it was already morning. She opened her eyes, feeling a bit groggy. Oddly enough, she didn't have a morning erection this morning. She reached down and remembered that she no longer had her ruyi "Golden Cudgel." [T/N: 如意 (rú yì) - as one wants / according to one's wishes / a symbol of power and good fortune.]

She sighed in regret as she sat up in bed. Su Ru pushed the door open and said, "Wake up, it's time for breakfast."

Tao Ran looked at Su Ru, who was wearing her clothes. Tao Ran was an A-cup, while Su Ru was a full C-cup. The loose clothes on Tao Ran became a tight fit on Su Ru. Tao Ran blankly stared at the distorted Peppa Pig on Su Ru's chest, feeling a deep sense of powerlessness from the depths of her soul. Was it really necessary to have such stimulation early in the morning?

Seeing Tao Ran standing there in silence, Su Ru walked over, pinching Tao Ran's cheek and said, "Still half asleep? Do you want a good morning kiss from me? Mwah!"

Tao Ran: "..."

After Su Ru left the room, Tao Ran immediately took out her phone and posted a message, "Aborted life! A colleague with a C-cup is wearing my clothes, and she keeps leering at me. What should I do?"

First Comment: Do you need to say more? Of course, just grab her and, well, you know...

Second Comment: Use your 'Golden Cudgel' to punish that little goblin fiercely...

Tao Ran lamented, "But I don't have a 'Golden Cudgel.'"

Fourth Comment: Wait, hold on! The poster is a woman?

Fifth Comment: It's also possible that it's a man without the 'Golden Cudgel.'

Sixth Comment: The fifth comment makes a lot of sense...


Tao Ran put down her phone and finished washing up in despair. When she arrived at the dining table and saw the Shirt Guy, she remembered that she had brought another person home yesterday. Shirt Guy smiled and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Jiang Mian."

"Tao Ran," Tao Ran smiled back and took a seat, watching Su Ru bustling around, preparing breakfast.

Tao Ran glanced at the time and asked Su Ru, "Running late for work, aren't you?"

Su Ru replied, "I also resigned."

"Also?" Jiang Mian chimed in, "So, Miss Tao, you've quit your job too."

"Yeah," Tao Ran said, picking up her chopsticks, "I wanted a break, so I quit."

"That's nice," Jiang Mian nodded. "By the way, how was I brought here last night?"

I carried you here with one hand...

Fortunately, Tao Ran now fully embraced her cute girl persona. She answered, "I had the driver help you up."

"I knew it," Jiang Mian suddenly burst into laughter. "I dreamt last night that you picked me up and brought me here. Isn't that funny?"

Tao Ran: "Hehehe... That's really funny."

Tao Ran and Suru resigned, but Jiang Mian had matters to attend to. After breakfast, he exchanged phone numbers with them and left.

Tao Ran said to Su Ru, "You should rest; I'll do the dishes."

As Tao Ran was washing the dishes in the kitchen, Su Ru suddenly embraced her from behind, saying, "You're so virtuous. If I were a man, I'd definitely marry you."

Tao Ran's body stiffened for a moment, then she replied, "That's impossible, let go."

"I won't," Su Ru said, "Your waist is so thin and soft; I really want to keep touching it."

Tao Ran, feeling ticklish all over, shuddered. She thought to herself that if she had her 'Golden Cudgel' right now, she'd probably be hard by now. She grabbed Su Ru's hand to stop her and said, "Don't fool around with me. Go find a man for yourself."

"Why are you so serious all of a sudden?" Su Ru teased, looking at Tao Ran's blushing ears. "Your ears are turning red; you're so cute." Then without thinking, she opened her mouth and gently bit Tao Ran's ear.

Tao Ran shivered all over and pushed Su Ru away, accidentally breaking a bowl. "What are you doing?"

"What's wrong with you?" Su Ru said with disgust, "You can't even wash dishes properly. How will you take care of your family in the future?"

Tao Ran thought, Is it because I can't wash dishes? It's clearly you, the little goblin, who is tormenting me. Tao Ran spoke more seriously, "Please don't make such advances casually in the future. It's not good for girls to be like this."

Su Ru crouched on the ground and burst into laughter. "You're so cute, like an innocent virgin."

Tao Ran looked at her coldly. If it weren't for the fact that she no longer had her 'Golden Cudgel,' she would have made her experience the power of this 'innocent virgin.'

She shot Su Ru an icy glance, then turned and entered her room, closing the door behind her.

After finishing the dishes, Su Ru approached the door and asked, "Are you still angry? Can I come in?" She pushed the door, but it was locked.

Feeling somewhat annoyed, she wondered what had gotten into Su Ran. Isn't it normal for girls to play around like this? She had even played 'kiss-kiss' with her best friend in the past. Tao Ran wasn't extremely angry inside; she just needed a moment to calm down. She was no longer a man, and she couldn't get along with women like one anymore.

Just as she was suffering, Jiang Mian sent a text message, inviting Tao Ran to dinner that evening. Tao Ran thought that Jiang Mian looked pretty good, and judging by his attire and demeanor, he seemed well-off. It was a perfect opportunity to set him up with Su Ru, so she wouldn't have to endure any more torment.

So, without a second thought, she agreed and then informed Su Ru about their dinner plans.

Su Ru leaned against the door and asked, "Why go out to eat? Do you think my cooking is not good?"

"You don't have to go," Tao Ran said. "I'll go by myself."

"Hmph!" Su Ru huffed. "I'm going; I won't give you a chance to meet the wild man alone!"

Tao Ran: "..."

In the evening, Jiang Mian, dressed up for the occasion, saw the two girls approaching. His expression stiffened for a moment, and he forced a smile. "Hehe... Miss Su is also here."

Su Ru was puzzled. "Don't you want me to come?"

Jiang Mian: "No, I welcome you." That's weird.

Su Ru rolled her eyes and realized that the way Jiang Mian looked at Tao Ran was not right. A woman's intuition told her that he had intentions for Tao Ran.

Tao Ran asked, "What's wrong with you? Are your eyes twitching? They're spinning around."

Su Ru cast a pitiful glance at Tao Ran, feeling hurt that she was trying to shield her from the creepy guy, yet Tao Ran responded like this. She felt so sad, wuwuuu...

Jiang Mian looked at Tao Ran and smiled, saying, "The steak at this place is excellent; give it a try."

Tao Ran took a bite, nodded, and said, "It really is good."

Su Ru discreetly glared at Jiang Mian and then said, "Ai, I'm most afraid of going out to eat steak."

Tao Ran asked, "What's wrong?"

"They don't cook the steak well-done; what if there are tapeworms inside?" Su Ru wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Tapeworm larvae can hatch and grow in the human intestines, and the longest one can reach five or six meters. It's longer than a person when pulled out."

Tao Ran: "..."

Jiang Mian: "..."

Tao Ran was okay and had relatively strong mental endurance, but Jiang Mian was not. His face turned green as he put down his knife and fork, took a sip of red wine, and said with a dry smile, "I'm sorry, I made an oversight. How about we go eat something else?"

Tao Ran furrowed her brows as she looked at Su Ru. What's wrong with this woman? Is she always like this in front of men? It's no wonder her boyfriend cheated on her. No man can bear this kind of girlfriend.

Su Ru and Tao Ran exchanged silent glances. In her heart, Su Ru thought, What are you looking at me for? You should have noticed earlier that this guy is not harboring good intentions. I'm the only one who is really good to you.

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