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Chapter 130: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [2]

Tao Ran took out his knife and stabbed Ye Aotian's body as fast as lightning. Ye Aotian's pupils shrank and shouted, "Wait a minute!"

Tao Ran's hand holding the knife stopped, and the tip of the knife almost touched Ye Aotian's skin.

Ye Aotian gritted her teeth and said, "What are you doing?"

Tao Ran said, "Didn't you tell me to touch you?"

"..." Ye Aotian expressed that she had never seen a person with such a bad mind. She said, "Am I asking you to try it? Can people in the Empire of God understand human language? Do you know who I am?"

Tao Ran, "You are the ruler of the Ye Consortium of the Republic Empire..."

Ye Aotian showed a proud look, "Since you know..."

"The woman who threatened to take Mr. Feng's chastity from thousands of miles away, Ye Aotian." Tao Ran said without hesitation.

Ye Aotian, "..." Why are there such rumors? She just released the news that she wanted to pursue Feng Luyi, why did it spread like this?

Ye Aotian turned to look at her secretary and said, "Why are there such rumors?"

The secretary pushed his black-rimmed glasses and said, "Boss, it was like this, because you once said that you can get whatever you want using your wealth and power, and said that even if Mr. Feng Luyi doesn't like you, you can conquer him by means, so there are such rumors in the outside world."

"..." Ye Aotian was silent, and suddenly she felt panicked about the rumors in the outside world because the misleading words she said were far more than that.

The men in black who had already dealt with Feng Luyi's bodyguards had already picked up Feng Luyi and yelled at Tao Ran, "Let go of the boss, or I will kill Feng Luyi immediately!"

Before Tao Ran spoke, Ye Aotian roared angrily, "Who allowed you to touch Mr. Feng? Mr. Feng is so fragile, what if he is scared?"

Everyone, "..."

When Feng Luyi stood on the ground again, he was indeed afraid until his legs could not stand firm. He pointed at Ye Aotian and said, "Miss Ye, you are provoking a war, do you know that God will not forgive you for treating his people like this."

Ye Aotian looked at Feng Luyi as if she was looking at the prey she was ready to win, she said, "Sooner or later, you will come to me willingly."

Tao Ran was shocked by this second sentence. He felt that the painting style of this world was really strange, and he didn't know what to do about it. Feng Luyi said firmly, "It is not possible in this life, because I already have someone I like."

As soon as this statement came out, it set off a huge wave in the Empire of God.

Not long after Ye Aotian left that day, Miracle Mansion was surrounded by reporters. All the reporters came with one purpose, that is, to find out the identity of Mr. Feng's lover.

Feng Luyi became one of the most powerful people in the Empire of God at such a young age, plus he was handsome. This kind of character design was simply too good, so in the past few years when he became famous, he quickly defeated the small fresh meat and old bacon from various entertainment circles, and became the man most women in the Empire of God wanted to marry.

Now this man actually said that he has a lover in front of everyone, how can this not make people crazy?

Many reporters had tears on their faces when they arrived at the Miracle Building, including women and men.

Feng Luyi was was forced to stay at home because he couldn't go out at all and would be overwhelmed by locust-like reporters.

He stayed at home, and as his personal bodyguard, Tao Ran could only stay with him.

Feng Luyi said while playing games with his mobile phone, "It's all to blame that Ye Aotian, the people of the Republic Empire are all devils, she caused me such big trouble when she first came to the Empire of God, I swear I must let her pay the price. If I can't do it, I'm not Feng Luyi."

Tao Ran did not comment on this, in fact, he was also a little strange. Don't the protagonists in this kind of novel need to work? Since he was with the male protagonist, the male protagonist seems to have done nothing serious. Was it so easy to be the ruler of the Miracle Consortium? In this way, Tao Ran, who had worked hard in several worlds before, felt unbalanced in his heart.

Feng Luyi's hand pressing the skill button suddenly stopped. He handed the phone to Tao Ran and said, "Mr. Killer, please play for me. I'm going to solve my physical problem."

Tao Ran looked at the game interface on the phone screen. He had also played this game in a previous world, but it was badly played. So he said, "I can't play well."

"It's okay, you just need to make sure I don't die. I'll be back soon." Feng Luyi walked away after speaking.

Tao Ran stared at the screen for a while in embarrassment, and then manipulated Zhong Kui to move. Seeing his teammates playing the jungler and killing the red eye, he saw that there was a road where the opponent's tower had been pushed away. So Tao Ran was about to hit the crystal. After he cleaned up the enemy's minions, he started to push the crystal with his normal skills.

Seeing that he didn't have much blood, Tao Ran planned to go back to the city to replenish his blood. At this time, the enemy's Jiang Ziya came back, put a skill on Tao Ran's Zhong Kui, and directly bounced Zhong Kui into the spring water. At the moment when Zhong Kui was killed by Crystal, the enemy's four teammates with residual blood pressed the button to return to the city.

So it was a tragedy at that moment...

Zhong Kui's ultimate move before his death killed all four enemy heroes in the spring water. Tao Ran was stunned at the time. Is there such an operation?

At this time, Feng Luyi came back. He took the phone and said, "How is it? Not dead?"

Tao Ran: "Dead..."

"Damn, how long did it take for you to kill four enemies?" Feng Luyi looked at Tao Ran, there was an inexplicable admiration in his eyes, "I didn't expect you, Mr. Killer, to kill people not only in the real world, but also in the game."

Fortunately, Tao Ran's mask covered his expression. Otherwise, what Feng Luyi saw at this moment was a Mr. Killer with the corners of his mouth twitching.

Because the four people died at once on the opponent's side, Feng Luyi's side won quickly.

He put down the phone and said with a bit of sadness, "I haven't seen Lulu for several days."

Tao Ran, who had read the novel, of course knew that this Lulu was the girl Feng Luyi liked.

Feng Luyi said with a gentle smile on his face, "Lulu is such a lovely girl, I really want to see her now."

Tao Ran had no choice but to pour cold water on him and said, "Ye Aotian is still in the Empire of Gods. "

“Oh, this is really an annoying fact." Feng Luyi felt that Ye Aotian was obviously more difficult to deal with than the group of reporters.

He suddenly thought of something, and his eyes lit up, "Mr. Killer, please, please be sure to watch Ye Aotian, and don't let her ruin my date with Lulu tonight."

The most luxurious hotel in the Empire of God.

Not only did he work as a bodyguard, but now he even worked as a detective thug. Fortunately, he was the only one, otherwise a large number of people would definitely lose their jobs.

Ye Aotian received a call, "Oh, he went out quietly?"

"Who is he going to meet so carefully? Could it be the rumored girlfriend?"

"Okay, wearing a brown windbreaker and sunglasses, right? I'll be there right away. Send someone to follow, after all, there are not many fools wearing sunglasses at night..."

After a while, the group of men in black under Ye Aotian's hands were dispatched. They wear black clothes in the dark, and they move dexterously and quickly, like nimble cats. Their eyes are firm, and they will never give up until they fulfill the boss's orders.

Then they were blocked by Tao Ran at the gate of the hotel's fence...

Since the last time, Tao Ran left them with a deep impression, this time they saw Tao Ran as a formidable enemy. Tao Ran was wearing his iconic outfit, holding a peculiarly shaped dagger in his hand, standing quietly on their only path.

"...The killer, Wen Rou?"

Tao Ran nodded.

They took a step back in an instant, just because what the name represented was a nightmare.

Tao Ran stood quietly under the starry sky, looking so lonely. The leader of the men in black said boldly, "We have no intention of being your enemy, and we will never hurt Mr. Feng. We are just going to see the situation."

Seeing that the terrifying killer put away his terrifying knife, the people in black all breathed a sigh of relief. The next second Tao Ran moved, and a minute later Tao Ran was the only one standing. Tao Ran dragged them aside under the shadow of a big tree, and said to Xiao Mei, "It's really cool to be a killer, can I maintain such skills in the next world?"

Xiao Mei said, "The characters in each world are set. It must not be changed at will. If you like it, you can exchange your points for a skill you have in the mission world after returning to the real world."

Tao Ran said in surprise, "This is also possible? Can it be brought to the real world?"

Xiao Mei, "Yes, host."

"You won't deduct my money, right?"

Xiao Mei, "...No."

After knocking out the black-clothed men and hiding them, Tao Ran quietly sneaked into the hotel. In front of the hotel surveillance video, the person watching the surveillance finally recovered from the heart-wrenching plot of a TV series, and then he discovered that several surveillance videos were black.

"What's going on? Is it broken?" He tried restarting and found that the monitoring was not broken, and there was nothing abnormal in the video.

Ye Aotian was quietly drinking a glass of red wine in her luxurious suite. Not long ago, many officials, businessmen and celebrities of the Empire of God called her and said that they wanted to see her, but she did not plan to meet them. If she wanted to meet tonight, she would only see that man.

After waiting for a long time, she didn't get any news from her subordinates. Didn't she say that they have to report the situation at any time?

She picked up the phone and started to make a call. The call was quickly connected. Ye Aotian said, "How is it? Who is he going to see?"

The other end of the phone said, "Guess."

Dared to speak to her like that. Ye Aotian was about to get angry, and then she remembered who the owner of this voice was. The person who dared to point a knife at her in public, how could he receive her call?

Ye Aotian looked around in horror, there was no one in the room except herself. She felt relieved and said, "What did you do? Why did you get my call?"

Tao Ran, "I'm here to watch you so that you can't disturb Mr. Feng's appointment tonight."

"He really is going on a date?!" Ye Aotian's eyes were hazy, "Who is that woman?"

Tao Ran didn't say a word, Ye Aotian put on a bathrobe and pushed open the door out, the corridor was quiet, and there was not a single person. She went back to the suite again, "Where are you? What have you done to my people."

"Oh." The voice came from behind, "I just let them sleep together lovingly."

" Ah!" Ye Aotian was startled, turned around and saw that the stern wrapped up person was standing behind her.

"Good night." Tao Ran's voice came from the mask, "With me, you can sleep peacefully here."


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