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Chapter 135: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [7]

In fact, it was irrelevant whether Ye Aotian consented to go together; after all, who can stop himself, the world's number one killer. But he still wanted to remind her.

"Did you ask what the job was?"

Ye Aotian said: "She said I will know when we go tomorrow."

"Xiaoye, as your employer, I have to remind you that you need to be careful. There are a lot of scammers out there now."

Ye Aotian thought for a while and said, "It's merely an interview tomorrow. If there are any problems, I'll just leave, it'll be fine."

Having said that, Tao Ran did not wish to continue as she certainly had no interest in listening to his advice.

The next day, Tao Ran followed Ye Aotian early in the morning. Tao Ran saw Ye Aotian talking to a young woman before the two boarded the bus together.

While aboard, Ye Aotian remembered what Tao Ran said last night, and she asked, "What type of job did you say this is?"

"It’s a good job." The other party said: "Why do you ask so many questions? You'll know when you get there."

Ye Aotian was glad when the bus came to a halt because this was a busy business street. If this colleague truly intended to do something bad, she would not have selected such a location.

Colleague Lili Si got out of the car and pointed at the nearby building: "That's it."

Tao Ran had been following them, and he felt a little strange as he saw their final destination. Could it be that Ye Aotian was really lucky and someone introduced her to a decent job just by doing a side gig?

Ye Aotian carried her falsified CV and followed Lili Si inside. In the foyer, they found a large number of individuals, many of them were young women holding resumes.

"Are they also here to apply for jobs?"

"Yes." Lili Si said, "You are different. You will save a lot of time and effort by having me introduce you."

Ye Aotian was likewise thankful to Lili Si. There were a lot of people interviewing here, and while she wasn't afraid of them, her CV and identity were both bogus, so she needed someone to assist her sneak in through the back door.

Lili Si took Ye Aotian upstairs and knocked on the door of an office. A man's voice came from inside: "Please come in."

Ye Aotian followed Lilith inside and saw the man seated behind the desk. The forty or fifty years old man was a bit bald and as blessed as most middle-aged men in the Kingdom of God. "Mr. Smith, this is the Ye Chun I mentioned yesterday," Lili Si stated as the guy glanced at Ye Aotian.

"Ms. Ye. Can you show me your resume?" Smith said with a pleasant smile on his face.

Ye Aotian nodded and gave her résumé to Smith. "It's pretty nice, so does Miss Ye intend to accept a position in this company? Smith said after reading it."

"I don't know much about your company yet, sir. Could you please let me know what job I'm interviewing for?"

Smith looked at Lilith, "Didn't you tell Miss Ye?"

Lili Si showed an awkward smile and said, "It's the same thing to say now."

"I saw you yesterday and felt you had a really excellent exterior image, so I considered bringing you to this company," she remarked to Ye Chun. "This is a casting agency, and the folks outside are all interviewing models. You look good so because of your favorable circumstances, the organization will undoubtedly prioritize developing you, and it is feasible that you may even become a celebrity at that time."

Ye Aotian frowned. If she had known that Lili Si had introduced such a job, she would not have come at all. She had no aversion to modeling, but how could she take the initiative to expose herself to the world given that she was a wanted criminal in the Republic and had struggled to flee to the Kingdom of God to conceal her identity? "Sorry, Mr. Smith, I do not intend to pursue this job," she stated coldly.

As she was ready to take back her résumé, Smith looked at Lili Si with an irritated expression, "What the heck are you doing?"

Lili Si apologized by bowing, then grabbed Ye Aotian away and asked, "Ye Chun, what are you doing?" What is wrong with modeling? Isn't it preferable to make money by using your beautiful looks than handing out flyers?"

No one had ever spoken to her in such a reproachful tone, Ye Aotian looked at Lili Si coldly and said, "If you had told me yesterday that you were introducing this job, I would not have wasted a day. Thank you for your kindness, but I will never expose myself to the media, family is conservative and doesn't allow me to be a model."

Lili Si's eyes turned around a few times, then she chuckled and said, "So that's the reason. You didn't say it earlier. Ye Chun, I really want to help you."

Seeing her attitude, Ye Aotian also eased her attitude and said, "It's okay, but I have to go now."

"Ye Chun." Lili Si suddenly said: "There are also several types of models. If you are only a fitting model, you don't need to show your face very much. You just have to put on the clothing."

Ye Aotian was a bit skeptical: "Do you really don’t need to show your face?"

"Really, if you don't believe me, you can ask Mr. Smith." Lili Si turned her head with a smile on her face and said, "Ye Chun said she wanted to apply for a fitting model."

Sitting in the chair, Smith seemed to be in a bad mood and said, "Whatever. Don’t say anything now. Miss Ye might as well try it out first to see if she is suitable for this job."

Lili Si went out with Ye Aotian, Ye Aotian said: "How to try?"

"It's incredibly easy; all you have to do is grab a few outfits and snap a few pictures to see the results."

Ye Aotian: "Are you certain you don't need to reveal your face?"


Lili Si led Ye Aotian into a dressing room, there was no one in it, just a middle-aged woman sitting smoking. Ye Aotian was in a bit of a bad mood, but the pay for being a model was good so she is willing to try if she doesn't need to show her face. Lilith said to the middle-aged woman, "This is Miss Ye who came for an interview, Mr. Smith said......"

The two talked for a while, and the middle-aged woman put down her cigarette, looked Ye Aotian up and down, and said, "You have a good figure." Then she gave a skirt to Ye Aotian and said, "Go in and change your clothes."

Ye Aotian took the clothes and went to the fitting room. This was a somewhat revealing skirt. It is not unacceptable to her. She has seen many models before, and she knows that these models can wear anything. She glanced at the dress and knew that she couldn't wear underwear if she wanted to look good.

She was halfway through taking off her clothes when she noticed something was wrong with the poster behind the door. She had a bad premonition in her heart so she approached and found that the eyes of the character in the poster had a problem. Ye Aotian stroked the character's eyes with her hand and felt a slight protrusion. Her heart pounded fast, she reached out to tore the poster down, and discovered the pinhole camera hiding underneath the poster.

At that moment Ye Aotian was almost dizzy with anger. She tightly clenched her fist and gasped for air, it took her a long time to suppress her anger. Now this was not the time to lose temper, she was no longer the high and mighty Ye Aotian. Who knows what they'll do if they realize she is fully aware of the situation.

Lili Si and middle -aged women outside were talking about something. The two turned to look at her when Ye Aotian pushed out the door. Lili Si asked: "Why didn't you change clothes?"

Ye Aotian remained composed and stated, "Thank you for your goodwill, but I still don't plan to do this."

Lilith looked extremely ugly and said, "Are you kidding me? I wasted so much time for you."

Ye Aotian looked at Lili Si calmly and said, "I didn't force you to do this, I'm leaving."

After that, she turned around and left. Lilith was so angry behind her that she jumped, "You stupid woman, you deserve to be a poor ghost for the rest of your life!"

The middle-aged woman thought about something and opened the fitting room door. Seeing the ripped-up poster she immediately turned her head and yelled while pointing at Ye Aotian, "She found it out, don't let her go!"

Ye Aotian raced erratically towards the exit and Lili Si immediately pursued her out while the middle-aged woman began to call.

Ye Aotian ran in the corridor and sprinted erratically down the stairs. Before, she took the elevator up, but in this case, she was likely to be caught in the elevator. Ye Aotian only went down two floors then suddenly a figure rushed over from the corner, Ye Aotian ducked sideways.

Lili Si's expression twisted: "Don't try to escape."

Ye Aotian gave her a chilly glance. Instead of retreating, she advanced and kicked Lili Si in the stomach. Ye Aotian sprinted away from Lilith as she covered her tummy and collapsed on the ground. Even though Ye Aotian was not a master, the defense techniques and other skills she had mastered since she was a little girl were sufficient to cope with a Lili Si.

Although she knocked down Lili Si swiftly, she still delayed a little time. In the end, she was blocked by five big men in a corridor. Ye Aotian nervously stared at the five big men who were about two heads taller than her.

The five big men rushed over, Ye Aotian quickly rolled on the ground. Rolling out of the gap between the two, she nimbly stood up and kicked both feet simultaneously on the back of a big man. The big man was kicked and lunged forward, which bought Ye Aotian the opportunity to run away like a mad dog.

Five powerful guys were pursuing her from behind, and she had no idea what was up ahead of her. But Ye Aotian would never give up, her end would definitely not be like this.

Just as she was about to escape to the first floor, there was a man who had been waiting for her for a long time.

Smith had a warm smile on his face and the gun in his hand was pointed at Ye Aotian.

Ye Aotian looked at him a little desperately, and Smith chuckled, "Miss Ye is really surprising. Our company is missing people like Miss Ye."

Ye Aotian said, "It's illegal for you to do this. I promise not to tell anyone about what's happening inside if you let me leave."

Smith blinked his eyes: "Do you think I would believe you? People in your republic are the wiliest in the world so I can't just let you go like this."

The sound of footsteps was approaching from behind, and the five big men eventually chased over, now leaving Ye Aotian no way to escape.

Smith said, "Ms. Ye is really beautiful and charming. I'm going to tie you to the bed and leave wonderful imprints on every inch of your skin. Then I will take a picture of your endearing pose on the bed, and will take it out to enjoy whenever I feel bored."

Ye Aotian gritted her teeth: "You pervert!"


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