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Chapter 120: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [12]

After Mu Huanhuan left. Tao Ran stayed on the bed for more than an hour, and he didn't get up until the old wolf came to find him to eat noodles with him. Tao Ran got up from the bed with a yawn, and asked incomprehensibly, "What's the matter with you? You went to bed so late yesterday and got up so early today.”

"It can’t be helped" Old wolf said without feeling ashamed,“I am young.”

“..." Dammed young, how dare he call himself young in front of him? Tao Ran has a better understanding of the cheek of young people in modern society.

After washing their faces, the two went to eat noodles together, and old wolf said, "How is it, the car I bought is good, right?"

"It's very good. Lend me to use at noon today." Tao Ran said, "After finish eating the noodles, you accompany me to buy vegetables."

"No, I'm also a famous person on the road, how can I do such a cheap thing?"

Tao Ran clenched his fist and threatened, "Are you going?"

"… ...Go."

"Is it him?"

"It's him."

"When will we do it?"

"A different place, this is their territory."

A few people walked out slowly, pretending to be passing by.

Tao Ran bought a lot of vegetables, and the old wolf carried them all back. While cooking at noon, old wolf didn't leave either. He sat on a small stool and peeled beans for Tao Ran.

"Eldest brother." The old wolf said, "Why didn't I find out that you have good cooking skills before?"

Tao Ran waved his spatula and said, "Because I used to be a middle-schooler like you, and I felt that buying vegtable and cooking will degrade my status. so it must not be done."

[Zhong ni (中二) is a popular word on the internet, the word originates from Japan. mainly refers to those who have excessive self-awareness, arrogance, and feel no one could ununderstood and consciously feel unfortunate]

"..." The old wolf felt very wronged, although he also hated buying vegetables and cooking, but it was by no means to the point of never.

Tao Ran fried green pepper beans, fried shredded pork with shredded potatoes, double-cooked pork, braised fish, and a tomato meatball soup. The old wolf watched Tao Ran take heat preservation bucket and fill it with the rice, swallowed and said, "It smells so good, can I eat some?"

"I'll take some to school, and you can eat the rest." Tao Ran said, "If you can't finish it. Just ask the other brothers to come and eat."


Old wolf happily called his brothers to come and eat. Tao Ran drove the old wolf's car to Mu Huanhuan's school. When the car came to the entrance, the security guard stopped him. Tao Ran lowered the window and carried the heat preservation bucket, "I am delivering the meals.”

The security guard said, "If you are not this school teacher, the car is not allowed to drive in.”

Tao Ran said loudly "I'm here to deliver meals to the teacher."

"It doesn't matter who you deliver meals to, if it is not the school teacher's car, it is not allowed to enter!"

"...Damn." Tao Ran was convinced and was about to go down and run in.

The uncle stretched out his hand and pointed to the sign next to it, "Didn't you see it? Parking is not allowed at the school gate!”

".....Fine, you win.” Tao Ran drove away dejectedly. Then parked in the open space on the right side of the school. He got out of the car with two thermal insulation buckets, thinking that it would be better to ride a bicycle next time when delivering meals. The bicycle can go in.

He took two steps and suddenly felt a very strong feeling in his heart. Tao Ran tilted to the side, and a stick hit Tao Ran on the shoulder. If he hasn’t tilted, the stick would have hit the head.

He was knocked to the ground, and the two thermal buckets also rolled to the ground. Tao Ran rolled on the ground and saw several people wearing sunglasses standing where he had just stood with sticks. The shoulder hurt like hell, and he didn't know if there was anything wrong with the bones. Tao Ran said, "Who are you?"

The leader in sunglasses spit the cigarette butt on the ground and said, "Hit!"

Tao Ran jumped up from the ground and kicked the two people rushing towards him. It's just that one of his shoulders was injured, and his body balance was poor, he almost fell down again when he was unstable on the spot. Before he could stabilize his body, a stick hit Tao Ran in the leg.


Tao Ran fell to the ground and was about to get up after toughed up. There was a whistling sound in his ear, and he felt a pain in his head, his eyes darkened and fell unconscious.

Mu Huanhuan had classes in the morning, by the end of school at noon, she went to the office to rest with a sore back. A teacher asked: "Teacher Mu, why didn't you bring any food today?"

Mu Huanhuan smiled and said, "My boyfriend said he is coming to deliver food.”

"Oh, It’s really enviable….”

She looked out the window, the weather outside was perfect, and there was a flower she didn't know blooming in the school. From a distance, it looks bright red, which is very beautiful.

After waiting for a while, Tao Ran didn't come. Mu Huanhuan took out her mobile phone and sent Tao Ran a WeChat message, "Where is my delivered food?"

After waiting for a long time, Tao Ran did not reply to her. Mu Huanhuan thought with some exasperation, see how I deal with you later. She just waited and waited until the lunch break was almost over and Tao Ran didn't come. During this period, Mu Huanhuan sent Tao Ran numerous messages, but Tao Ran did not reply.

In a fit of anger, Mu Huanhuan began to call old wolf.

Old wolf was having dinner with a group of brothers at Tao Ran's house. He took the beer and blew on the bottle and said, "Is it delicious? Hehehe... This is the dish that the elder brother cooked by himself."

"The elder brother is so talented, he can not only write books but also can fucking cook."

"Damn it, eldest brother's craftsmanship is so good!"

"Summer summer quietly went over to leave a little secret~ "

Old wolf answered the phone and said, "Hello, what's wrong sister-in-law?"

Mu Huanhuan said: " Is Zhong Xiao at your place? Let him answer the phone."

"He is not here." The old wolf said, "Isn't the eldest brother going to school to deliver meals?"

"When did he leave? I didn't see him at all.”

"He left long ago. He still drives my car. He should be there long ago." The old wolf said, "How about you call the eldest brother?"

Mu Huanhuan suddenly panicked, she felt as if something has happen. Going downstairs in a hurry, Mu Huanhuan walked to the gate of the school and did not see Tao Ran's shadow. Mu Huanhuan asked the security guard, but did not see a man in his twenties driving a red car.

The uncle said: "You said that boy, he came, and said he wanted to deliver meals to a teacher. Because it was not the school teacher's car so I did not let the car go in, so he left."

It turned out that he really came, but because Mu Huanhuan knew Tao Ran very well. Since he had come here, he wouldn't mind walking into the school to deliver meals. Mu Huanhuan looked to the side of the school, she remembered that there was an open space next to the school where he could park. Mu Huanhuan took a few steps to the side and saw a familiar red car parked there. She excitedly ran a few steps to the car, and she stumbled on something under her feet, which made her almost fall.

Mu Huanhuan looked down and saw that it was a thermal insulation bucket rolled on the ground. She was all too familiar with the thermal insulation bucket, and her ominous premonition get stronger. Mu Huanhuan reached out and took the heat preservation bucket, opened it, and smell the fragrant food inside. She could smell the food cooked by Tao Ran.

There was a pool of blood on the ground not far from the thermal insulation bucket, Mu Huanhuan swallowed, trying desperately not to think about it. She got up and walked to the car, there was no one in the car. Mu Huanhuan seemed to have lost all her strength, leaning on the car and slowly sitting on the ground.

Because Mu Huanhuan had made a phone call before, old wolf had been paying attention and didn't gossip with others. At this time, Mu Huanhuan called again, and the old wolf picked it up immediately, "Sister-in-law, have you seen my brother?"

"Hello, what's the matter? Don't cry!"

The crowd stopped the bottle and looked quietly at the old wolf.

"What's wrong with eldest brother?" The old wolf's expression changed, and then he put down the phone and said with a dark face: "Stop drinking, eldest brother has an accident."

When a group of people rushed to the school gate, Mu Huanhuan was crying while holding a heat preservation bucket. The old wolf walked over and said, "Sister-in-law, stop crying, what's the matter?"

Mu Huanhuan was out of breath and said, "I don't know, I waited for a long time and he didn't come, so I went to the school gate to take a look. Then I saw the insulation bucket fell to the ground, there was no one in the car, and there was blood on the ground."

A group of people watched the pool of blood, and the crow scolded: "The boss is probably being overcast, damn, even our boss dares to mess with!"

The old wolf said with a sullen face: "We know the skills of the boss. They can get the boss away so cleanly mean they must have a lot of people. This is premeditated, you are divided into two groups, one calls someone on the school side to check if there are any clues, and see if there is surveillance or something. Another group will check on the dark alley to see if there are any strangers sneaking around there recently."

Looking at Mu Huanhuan, the old wolf said, "Crow, send sister-in-law back, protect the sister-in-law, the sister-in-law can't have another accident. I will contact other brothers to inquire and see if there is any news on the road."

When Tao Ran woke up, he only felt his body hurt everywhere, his mouth was gagged, his arms and legs were tied, and it seemed like someone was talking. Right, he was ambushed by a group of grandchildren who didn't know where they came from.

Xiaomei said in front of Tao Ran, "The host has been kidnapped. It's best not to move at this time."

Tao Ran didn't move, and still closed his eyes and pretended to be in a coma.

He heard someone say: "Damn, after so much blood, he is not dead, right."

"It's fine if he is dead." Another person said: "Anyway, he will be thrown into the river when it gets dark."

" I heard that he used to be the boss in the dark alley?"

"Yeah, so what if he is the boss? If you offend someone, this is the end."

Tao Ran understood. He had offended someone, someone was taking revenge on him. And he didn't just want to beat him or ruin him, but they really wanted to kill him.

He silently thought about offending Hungry Man in his heart, and then Tao Ran realized that he had never offended anyone by being so low-key. Maybe there were two people who want to kill him. One was Xin Zhao. He knew about his relationship with Su Mo, so he wanted to kill him.

Another one was Mu Huanhuan's family. They didn't want him to be with Mu Huanhuan, so they want to get rid of him.

After comparing the two, Tao Ran felt that it was more likely to be Xin Zhao. After all, he and Mu Huanhuan hadn't formally established a relationship, and it was too early for her family to deal with him. If it was Xin Zhao, then he really wanted him to die. Tao Ran thought painfully, it seemed that he had to find a way to save his life.

Someone came over and kicked Tao Ran over with his foot. The man looked astounded for a while, and said, "Damn it, the boss of the dark alley is so young?"

"The people in the dark alley are all very young. It is said that this kid has been in the business from a very young age, and he was famous on the road back then."

“He is pretty good-looking."

Tao Ran felt a hand touching his neck when someone said, "Zhu Laosan, your old problem again, you don't want to go on a good waterway, but you like to go on a dry road."

That Zhu Laosan laughed, "I have this problem, it's not that you don't know."

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