Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 125: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [17]

Tao Ran just smiled at Mu Huanhuan's anger. To be honest, every time he crosses over, he usually doesn't feel the same way about the original owner. After all, he always remembered that this was just a fictional world, and he was only here to do a mission. For him, as long as the female partner doesn't turn black, nothing else matters.

Mu Huanhuan glared at Tao Ran and said, "What's the matter with you, why are you not angry at all?"

Tao Ran smiled and said, "There’s no need to be angry, it already happened. After all, it's been more than three years."

Mu Huanhuan fell silent, remembering that the person in front of her had been in jail for three years. She couldn't imagine what it would be like for a person to be wronged and stay in a cell for three years, and to live with a taint after coming out. Mu Huanhuan felt uncomfortable just thinking about it, but Zhong Xiao was still smiling at her.

It was already noon when Su Mo woke up, and the sunlight outside came in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, making the whole bed warm. Su Mo was sweating a little, and her brain gradually woke up and slowly remembered what happened yesterday. Even now, just thinking about it makes her sick.

She went into the bathroom and started rinsing herself.

A’zhin seemed to be gone. Wasn't it too much to keep A’zhin out for one night yesterday? After washing, she stood in front of the mirror and reached out to wipe the mist off the mirror. The woman in the mirror was much more mature than she was three years ago, and Su Mo really hated this woman from the bottom of her heart.

She reached out and covered her face, telling herself to stop thinking about the past. Now that she’s ready to be with A’zhin desperately, it's useless to think about anything now.

When she got dressed and came out, she found that her phone lit up. When she picked it up and looked at it, her whole body's blood seemed to freeze. A long-lost sense of fear took over his mind, and Su Mo was about to call Xin Zhao with a pale face. At this time, the terrifying number actually called again.

Su Mo stared stiffly at the caller ID, and it took a long time to connect.

"Su Mo? Su Mo! Did you change your phone number?" The other party's voice was full of impatience.

Su Mo squeezed the phone tightly and said, "Who told you my number? I don't want to hear your voice anymore, stay away from my life!"

"Don't you know who gave me the number? Momo, come back, don't think about climbing Gaozhi, how could someone like you be worthy of Young Master Zhao!"

"Ahh! Stop talking!"

"Hmph, I know you don't want to see me, but I already know where you live. If you have the ability, keep running away, I will catch you sooner or later..."

The phone fell to the ground, and Su Mo looked around in panic.

"He's coming...he's coming...why won’t he just let me go?"

Xin Zhao stayed at home overnight and had breakfast with Mrs. Zhao in the morning. Then he drove out. Usually he should be on his way to the company at this time, but today he always felt uneasy. After thinking about it, he was still worried. He was afraid that something would happen to Su Mo, so he turned a corner and planned to find Su Mo.

The assistant called him at this time and said that a policeman was waiting for him at the company.

Xin Zhao sank for a while, but he wasn't too worried. He drove to the company, and many employees looked at him along the way. It seemed that everyone knew that the police came for him.

Xin Zhao went upstairs, and the assistant was waiting for him at the door of the office. When he saw him coming, he said, "General manager, they said they wanted to find you to ask something."

Xin Zhao walked in and saw several uniformed police officers sitting on the sofa. Seeing Xin Zhao, the police stood up and took the lead: "You are General Manager Xin Zhao, right?"

"I am." Xin Zhao unbuttoned a button on his suit, sat down on the sofa, and said to his assistant, "Go buy some coffee."

Then he said, "I don't know if the police officers have anything to do with me?"

"We came to you today because of a case of intentional homicide." The police took out a photo and said, "I wonder if Mr. Zhao recognizes the person in the photo."

The man in the photo had injuries on his face and tattoos on his neck. He had seen this person the day before yesterday. He was a little guy on the road. He seemed to be called Falcon or something. Xin Zhao said without looking, "Who is this? I don't know."

"Really?" the policeman said, "Would you like to take a look again?"

The corners of Xin Zhao's mouth twitched slightly, and the look on his face was very arrogant, "I don't know what made the police officer think that I would know such a person. Do you think it is necessary for me to know such a person?"

"Of course you don't need to know him under normal circumstances, but in some special cases, that's not necessarily the case." The policeman said: "This person is called Falcon, and he is a gangster leader. The day before yesterday, another person spent a lot of money and asked him to get it. If someone died, that person's name is Zhong Xiao, I don't know if you know him or not."

Xin Zhao: "I don't know."

"You should know." The policeman said, "After all, he has something to do with your girlfriend. Three years ago, this Zhong Xiao was imprisoned for raping your girlfriend. You wouldn't know him."

Hearing that word, Xin Zhao's face became even more ugly, he said, "What do you mean, do you suspect me just because of this? It was said that this happened three years ago, why did I not kill him three years ago, but after three years and start until a year later."

"Only you know the specific reason for this." The policeman said, "But we also analyzed several reasons. First, you were only a student at the time and were not able to do so. Second, your girlfriend came back recently, and you and your girlfriend ran into Zhong Xiao in the restaurant the day before the incident. You don't have to deny this, your ex-girlfriend Mu Huanhuan has testified, and she said that in your phone call last night, you had already admitted to paying the murderer."

Xin Zhao leaned forward slightly. He twitched the corner of his mouth and said, "What does she say? She was dumped by me and held a grudge. It's normal for her to want to punish me."

"But you and Mu Huanhuan did talk on the phone last night, and you also passed Zhong Xiao's information to Mu Huanhuan's brother. There is already evidence for this."

"So what?" Xin Zhao said loudly, "Mu Huanhuan is my ex-girlfriend anyway. I don't want to see her with that criminal. What's wrong with me asking her brother to take her home?"

The policeman smiled and said, "But you just denied the fact that you knew Zhong Xiao."

"..." Xin Zhao sweated on his forehead. He stared fiercely at the police and said, "Are you interrogating me? Please leave. If necessary, I will let my lawyer communicate with you."

"I'm afraid you have to come with us now." The policeman stood up and said, "From Falcon's confession, various evidence, and the audio recording just now, we have reason to believe that you have a strong relationship with this big case. Please come with us."

Xin Zhao: "You..."

"If you don't cooperate, we can force you to come with us."

Xin Zhao was escorted out of the company by a group of police officers and taken away under the eyes of the entire company. For a time, the company panicked, and many people were speculating about what happened.

Mu Junjun said: "Okay, I know."

Then he put down his phone and said to Mu Huanhuan, "Xin Zhao has been taken away, but Zhong Xiao is not in an accident after all, and there are some forces in his family, so it's hard to say what happened."

"Hmph, let him suffer a little." Mu Huanhuan said, "But what about Zhong Xiao's case? He was wronged."

"After all, it has been three years since his case, and the evidence is hard to say. Besides, are you sure that he was really wronged?" Mu Junjun looked at his sister and said, "You really like him.? You know, it's impossible for our parents to agree to you being together."

"Then what can I do, I just like him." Mu Huanhuan put her face on her hands and said, "I must help him wash this stain away, he is so pitiful, when I see him smiling now, I always feel the dense scars behind the smile."

"...Let's read less novels." Mu Junjun said, "Did you read something strange again?"

"No." Mu Huanhuan said sweetly: "I just read Xiao Xiao's novel, you know, his novel is published, how about I give you a copy?"

"No need..." Mu Junjun said with a tired face: "You always make people worry. This time you punished Xin Zhao because he bullied you. As for Zhong Xiao, I don't care."

"You..." Mu Huanhuan looked at Mu Junjun angrily, and said after a while, "No matter what, I can do it myself."

Mu Junjun said: "You better take care of yourself. Listening to the tone of our parents, it seems that they are going to help you prepare for a blind date."

"I don't want a blind date." Mu Huanhuan stood up and said, "Xiao Xiao is going to be discharged from the hospital, I'll accompany him."

"Huan Xiao Xiao..." Mu Junjun looked at Mu Huanhuan's back with a look of disgust, thinking that the family would be turned upside down soon.

Tao Ran has nothing to do except that his leg bones need to heal slowly. When Mu Huanhuan arrived at the hospital, Old Wolf and the others were helping Tao Ran out of the hospital. Seeing them, Mu Huanhuan immediately ran over and said, "Slow down, don't move his legs."

Old Wolf said: "Sister-in-law, don't worry, as for the small body of the eldest brother, I can lift him without any problem."

Mu Huanhuan glared at him, "You are not allowed to lift him."

Tao Ran: "..."

They helped Tao Ran into a wheelchair, and then went all the way to the outside of the hospital. The patients along the way were so frightened. Why did this group of people come to the hospital? Don't they all say that gang fights don't dare to come to the hospital? Are all the people in the mess now so open and upright?

After returning home, Tao Ran sighed comfortably, "It's better to be at home, I don't want to be hospitalized anymore."

"So you must protect yourself." Mu Huanhuan virtuously poured water into Tao Ran, "Drink some water, your mouth is peeling."

Tao Ran looked at the water and wondered, "It's better not to drink it."

Mu Huanhuan: "Why?"

"I have to go to the toilet after drinking water." Tao Ran said, "I am at home now, but there is no nurse to help me to the toilet."

Mu Huanhuan blushed, she didn't know what to think, she said, "I'm here."

"You?" Tao Ran teased, "But will you want to help me put on my pants?"

Mu Huanhuan rolled her eyes around, and then said inaudibly, "Yeah..."

Tao Ran: "What? Your voice is too low!"

Mu Huanhuan shouted: "I said, I will help you put on your pants!"


The crowd squirted neatly. "Mom, sister-in-law is so heroic."

Tao Ran lowered his head and made a shy look: "Huanhuan is like this, don't mind."

Mu Huanhuan: "..."

Everyone laughed, and when it was time for dinner, Mu Huanhuan realized the seriousness of the matter. That is, she can't cook, Tao Ran can't cook, Old Wolf and the others all went out. Facing the dishes in the kitchen, Mu Huanhuan didn't know where to start.

Tao Ran came over with a cane and said, "Do you want me to point you?"

Mu Huanhuan: "How will you give pointers?"

"You wash the vegetables first...Cut the vegetables..."

"Are your hands alright?"

"Don't, put the oil first... wait for the oil to heat up..."


"Ahh! stop jumping on me, I can't stand still..."

In the end, their dinner was meatball soup with rice. Why this dish? Because this dish does not need to be stir-fried, just chop the meat into a paste, mix it with onion and ginger into a ball, put it in the water and cook it.

Tao Ran took a sip of the soup and said with a strange expression, "Not bad."

Mu Huanhuan also took a sip and said in surprise: "It's delicious, teach me to cook in the future, I will cook it for you every day."

Tao Ran hesitated for a moment, then said, "Okay."

"Why do you hesitate?" Mu Huanhuan said, "Do you dislike my meatball soup?"

"No no."

Mu Huanhuan: "You’re lying, so why are you looking like this?"

"Uh...I want to go to the toilet."

Mu Huanhuan took Tao Ran into the toilet with a stern face, Tao Ran said a little embarrassedly: "Go out, I'll call you when I’m done."

"You have a hand and a leg disabled, how could you do it alone?" Mu Huanhuan stretched out her hand to Tao Ran's pants and said, "Let me help you."

Tao Ran: "...that's really embarrassing."

Mu Huanhuan unzipped Tao Ran's zipper with trembling hands, then took off his trousers, Tao Ran said, "I'll bring down my underwear myself."

"No." Mu Huanhuan glanced at that part with one eye open, seeing the bulging there, making people very nervous. She said, "Your hand is still leaning on a cane, so let me do it."

Then her hand touched Tao Ran's butt, and goose bumps appeared on Tao Ran's body one after another. Mu Huanhuan's mind was in chaos, and she said that she was quite resilient. Then she reached out and put down Tao Ran's underwear, rubbing her hand on Tao Ran's skin.

Mu Huanhuan took a closer look, and immediately her eyes widened. It turned out that the man's penis looked like this. It's so ugly, all the delicate pinks mentioned in the novel turned out to be deceptive...

Seeing Mu Huanhuan's appearance, Tao Ran's mouth twitched and said, "Are you also going to help me there?"


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