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Chapter 105: My Great Grandfather [17]

Song Lingyu stared at the man's girlfriend, and the girl regretfully withdrew her eyes back. Sure enough, such a handsome man was already taken.

The girl retracted her gaze from Tao Ran. Song Lingyu showed a triumphant smile and said, "Patriarch, let’s watch the movie well, stop looking around."

Tao Ran was speechless. He turned his head back and thought, ‘Where did the timid Song Lingyu go? Who gave her the courage to speak to her ancestor like this?’ Tao Ran felt that he could no longer stay with Song Lingyu. Otherwise Song Lingyu would definitely become lawless.

After the movie ended, Song Lingyu blinked, and the mist in her eyes dissipated. She asked in dismay, "Patriarch, do you think a cultivator will become ruthless if they cultivate to the extreme?"

Tao Ran, "No."

Seeing Tao Ran speak so confidently and without hesitation, Song Lingyu's eyes lit up and asked, "Really? Then what about you, Patriarch? Don’t you also have feelings? Do you also have someone you like?"

Tao Ran gave her a strange look, "Do I look like an emotionless person to you?"

It was already dark outside when the two left the cinema together. Song Lingyu said a little embarrassed, "Patriarch, you always say that too much emphasis on feelings is not good for cultivation. Your cultivation is so powerful, I feel... I think you..."

At that moment, a rare star appeared in the sky. Tao Ran raised his head slightly to look at the starry sky and said, "I meant to say that don't focus too much on fruitless feelings. If you can meet someone you like and who loves you, you can become a Taoist couple. Not only will it not be detrimental to cultivation, but it will be of great help.”

Song Lingyu was stunned for a moment. She then remembered that many people in the Sect had Taoist companions, and the Sect Master not only did not object but supported it, probably for this reason. Song Lingyu remembered Han Yileng. The feelings she had for her Senior Brother were fruitless and helpless. But, now that she has let go of her feelings for him, does it mean that her future cultivation will be smooth sailing?

She couldn't help but glance at Tao Ran, she didn't know why he was willing to pretend to be her own system, but Patriarch was not a cold person. In the long years when she still had not known him, had he also met someone who made his heart move and experienced being in love? If so, then what happened? Why did he end up alone?

Tao Ran turned his head and looked at Song Lingyu, "Why are you looking at me?”

Song Lingyu said, "Patriarch, have you ever had a Taoist companion?"

If it was the world of immortal cultivation, he had one. Tao Ran nodded, "Yes."

"What happened to her?" Song Lingyu eagerly wanted to know, "Why isn't she by your side?"

Tao Ran felt a little dull in his heart but still replied, "She has ascended."

It turned out she had already ascended…. …

The patriarch's Taoist Companion was even more powerful. Song Lingyu suddenly felt a little distressed for him. His Dao companion had already ascended and left himself alone in the world. The ancestor had cultivated so hard that he could also ascend in the future and go to the Immortal realm to find his Taoist companion.

Tao Ran was in an inexplicably bad mood and didn't want to speak anymore. Song Lingyu was on tenterhooks again, and the two returned to the base in silence.

Several disciples hadn't slept yet. When they arrived, a female disciple approached them and asked, "Patriarch, did you have a good time today?"

Tao Ran said, "Tomorrow, we will be going back to Luofu. You should go and prepare for it."

“Are we leaving so soon?........"

Song Lingyu watched Tao Ran's back disappear behind the door and enter the room without saying anything. She felt a dull pain in her heart. So it turned out that he had a Taoist companion and someone he actually loved. Was she beautiful, of course, she must be, isn't the Patriarch particularly good-looking?

Song Lingyu turned over on the bed and suddenly thought to herself that the senior sister that had ascended must have a better temperament than herself no matter what. The Patriarch will never get tired of her, and they must have had a pleasant life with both Taoism and cultivation.

When they set off the following day, Song Lingyu looked haggard. Tao Ran took notice and asked strangely, "What did you do last night? Even if one doesn't sleep for a night, a cultivator won’t look like this, right?"

Song Lingyu lowered her head and said, "I'm fine, I am just thinking a little too much."

Could it be that she was in a bad mood because she was going back to Luofu to see Han Yileng? Tao Ran said, "If you really don't want to go back, then stay here."

"No." Song Lingyu raised her head, widened her eyes, shook her head vigorously and said, "I want to go back, I am going back. Patriarch, I'm still your servant.”

Didn't you say you won't be my servant anymore? Tao Ran thought and looked at her inexplicably, then sighed, "Let's go then." Follow me for the sake of points and go away for the Acacia Sect’s Yin-Yang Pills.

When they returned to Luofu, they found that everyone was beaming with joy. When the gatekeeper discovered that Tao Ran and Song Lingyu had returned, he immediately stepped forward. Hesaid, "Patriarch, Senior Sister Song, it's good that you are back now."

Tao Ran asked, "What's wrong?"

"Senior Brother and Senior Sister Yuan Fei are about to become Taoist companions. The Headmaster will personally preside over their marriage. Patriarch, you are back just in time for the wedding wine."

Tao Ran's first reaction was to turn his head to see Song Lingyu's response, but Song Lingyu was unresponsive. Instead, she looked ahead with a dazed look on her face, not knowing what she was thinking.

Tao Ran patted her and said, “Get back to your senses, Lingyu."

Song Lingyu turned around blankly, "Huh?"

"Senior Sister Song." The disciple said again, "Senior Brother and Senior Sister Yuan Fei are about to become Taoist companions. Would you like to have the wedding wine?"

"Oh, that's it." Song Lingyu turned to Tao Ran and asked, "Are you going?"

Tao Ran was also wondering why Song Lingyu had no reaction at all when she heard the news that Han Yileng was getting married? Even if she didn’t feel heartbroken and blackened on the spot, she should at least be disappointed. So why is her reaction like this? Was she really going to attend the wedding?

Tao Ran didn't have much friendship with these juniors. Moreover, his identity was unsuitable for attending such an occasion, so he said, "I'm not going, you go ahead."

"Oh." Song Lingyu responded, turned around and left.

Tao Ran: "..."

The disciple who guarded the gate looked at Song Lingyu's back and said strangely, "Senior Sister Song is so strange."

Tao Ran said, "What's so strange?"

The disciple said, "She was not like this before, but now she is like this... just like..."

Tao Ran, "Like what?"

The disciple slapped his thigh and said, "It's exactly the same look as when I had a crush on Junior Sister Yue."

Tao Ran said that this is nonsense. The person she has a crush on is getting married today.

Song Lingyu's mind was filled with the matter of the Patriarch having a Taoist companion.had already forgotten that she had given Han Yileng the Yin-yang pills before.

In fact, after that day, Han Yileng had felt something was wrong. He was not a fool. Of course, he knew that he had been drugged. Combined with the only person who came to his place that time and Song Lingyu's performance afterwards, it was self-evident who gave him the medicine.

He was very entangled at the time. It turned out that Junior Sister Song had always liked him, but he didn't even know it.

So when he saw that Song Lingyu had come back and would attend his wedding banquet, he said in his heart that he didn't feel it was fake. On the contrary, he was both relieved and scared. He was relieved that Junior Sister Song was still willing to bless him. But what he was afraid of was what would happen if Junior Sister Song came to the wedding hall with blood in her eyes?

He walked over a little scared and said a little embarrassedly, "Junior sister, you are here."

Song Lingyu absentmindedly replied, “Yeah."

In Han Yileng's eyes, her performance was heartbroken and despairing. Han Yileng wanted to comfort Song Lingyu with a few words, but he felt that he shouldn't say it himself. So the expressions turned into, "Junior Sister came to her Senior Brother's wedding banquet and didn't bring any gifts?"

Heaven testified that he only said this to ease the atmosphere and prevent embarrassment.

Unexpectedly, Song Lingyu was stunned for a moment and said, "Oh, I forgot, you wait for me to look for it."

There was nothing in the storage bag except the Golden Core stage merman that Tao Ran killed earlier. Tao Ran thought it was useless for him, so he gave the merman's body to Song Lingyu. The shark was so big, and the shark beads formed by the tears he shed before dying were not small. Song Lingyu took a shark bead the size of a watermelon and placed it in Han Yileng's hand, and said without hesitation, "Happy wedding."

Han Yileng, holding a large shark pearl the size of a watermelon, "..."

Han Yileng returned to the hall holding the shark bead. Yuan Fei was taken aback when she saw it, "Where did such a big shark bead come from?"

Han Yileng, "A gift from Junior Sister Song."

"Ah..." Yuan Fei suddenly said with a guilty conscience, "It's so precious."


The couple both thought at the same time that Lingyu must have given such a precious shark pearl because she liked the both of them.

But this was too much...

At the banquet that followed, Song Lingyu kept drinking. The sect master saw it and was anxious in his heart. He sat beside Song Lingyu and said, "Don't drink too much wine, it is not good for your health."

Song Lingyu's mind was no longer clear. She suddenly pursed her mouth and said, "Wow...he had a Taoist companion..."

The headmaster was startled and said in shock, "The ancestor has a Taoist companion? Why didn't I know?"

Song Lingyu pointed to the sky and said, "Heaven, the Taoist companion has become immortal."

"You mean that the Patriarch's Taoist companion has already ascended?" The headmaster shook his head and said, "Tsk tsk, he’s too secretive, the whole cultivation world doesn't know. I wondered why the Patriarch cultivated so hard. It turns out that someone is waiting in the immortal world for him."

Song Lingyu, "Woooo..."

The headmaster wrinkled his old face and patted her on the back, "Oh, don't cry, Master is here. Master is here."

Song Lingyu grabbed the clothes on her chest and said, "It's uncomfortable here."

"Alas." The headmaster was entangled, "It's not good to like someone, but you like him. You didn't ask for it.”

Song Lingyu, "Woooo~woooo~woooo~"

Sect Leader, "You cry out of rhythm."

Song Lingyu staggered up and said, "I drank too much. I'm going back."

"It's okay that you know you drank too much." The headmaster said, "Remember to come and find Master tomorrow."

Song Lingyu, "Oh..."

Song Lingyu hiccupped all the way to the back mountain. She saw Tao Ran's wooden house was still lit from a distance, and she walked over like a ghost and spirit. Tao Ran was just bored reading a novel on his mobile phone. Suddenly, he felt that someone was coming. He put the mobile phone away. Song Lingyu broke into the door and said in a drunken voice, "Yi Bai, why did you lie to me?"

Tao Ran: "???"


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