Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 107: My Great Grandfather [19]

The following day, the Sect Master came to the mountain hut to look for Tao Ran. The main reason was that Song Lingyu's state when she returned yesterday made him uneasy. He initially thought that Song Lingyu had returned to her cave-dwelling. However, this morning he found out that Song Lingyu had returned to the back mountain. A drunken disciple who still had thoughts about her ancestor just returned to the back mountain by herself. Who knows what would happen?

So the Sect Master didn't even think about it and immediately ran to the back mountain. No matter what Song Lingyu said, she was not the Patriarch’s apprentice. If she was accidentally slapped to death by the Patriarch, it would be unbearable for him as her master.

The Sect Master came to the back mountain and stood outside Tao Ran's wooden house door, asking to see Tao Ran, "The disciple asks to see the Patriarch."

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