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Chapter 91: My Great Grandfather [3]

Song Lingyu got the Pills and thought of going back to Luofu to improve her cultivation for the first time. She had already thought through everything. Only by improving her cultivation as soon as possible would she be able to complete more tasks. As for Luofu's commendation, she didn't value it very much. What was the use of Luofu? Would it be able to give her the Heavenly Seal?

Song Lingyu proudly thought, now that she had a system, would she still care about a sect door?

She hurried back to Luofu, on her way to her cave, she ran into Yuan Fei.

Seeing her, Yuan Fei said: "Lingyu, you're finally back. Where have you been this month?"

After all, the two of them didn't tear their faces off (tln:break off pretences), so Song Lingyu said: "Oh, I just went to B City."

Yuan Fei knew how prosperous and addictive the world outside the mountain was. She was afraid that Song Lingyu was momentarily fascinated by the outside world, so she said: "Although the outside prosperity is good, but it is ultimately a mirror, Lingyu you still need to prioritize your cultivation first ah."

Song Lingyu said to herself in her heart, 'You still need to say this? Do I not know this myself? Who needs you to preach here? Now that I have the system in my hand, I have everything. Do you think I am still the same Song Lingyu you defeated?'

She spat in her heart, but her face was cold and bland, "Oh, I know."

After saying that, she left, Yuan Fei looked at her back, thinking Song Lingyu may not listen to the advice, so she melancholily went to Han Yileng, hoping Han Yileng could persuade her.

Song Lingyu returned to the cave and immediately closed the door. She had been practicing very hard. Her accomplishments were among the top disciples in the Qi Refining stage. But now the cultivation environment on earth is not as good as before. The spiritual energy was very thin, and there were many fewer natural materials and earth treasures. It would not be easy to break through the Foundation Building stage.

In a large sect like Luofu, the number of disciples in the Qi refining stage accounted for the majority, and a few of them in the Foundation Building stage became elders directly. Only Han Yiliang, a highly talented seed, can be carefully cultivated by the clan to prevent him from taking over the affairs of the elders prematurely, hoping that he can break through to the Golden Core stage one day.

The Golden Core realm was the pillar of a sect. Luofu had only three Golden Core ancestors. This itself was quite a number. In some small sects, even the Foundation realm cultivators were pathetically few. When Song Lingyu had newly joined, she had heard that Luofu had a Yuanying realm ancestor who had been in closed-door cultivation for many years, but no one had seen him.

There was a person who was in the Yuanying realm who had broken through the Golden Core realm. She didn’t know when she could achieve such cultivation?

Song Lingyu was full of thoughts, but she didn't know that the Yuanying realm ancestor she was thinking about was pretending to be her carry-on grandfather and has been following her.

She breathed for a moment and adjusted her state to the most perfect state. Then she swallowed a Yangyuan Pill. The function of the Yangyuan Pill was to warm up vitality and help increase cultivation.

There were no good things left on the earth now. The clan could not even provide basic pills to each disciple anymore. It was a pathetic situation to even think about it.

Tao Ran thought in his heart, fortunately, Yibai was an old monster who had lived for many years. When he was in power, the situation of the earth was not so bad, so Yangyuan Pill, a low-level pill, could still be provided.

Song Lingyu was in closed door cultivation for several days. Yuan Fei told Han Yileng about Song Lingyu's situation. Han Yileng had always had a sense of responsibility as a Senior Martial brother. If any Junior Martial brother or sister had something to do, he would be very enthusiastic to help. Song Lingyu was close to himself, so it was natural to help her.

They came to Song Lingyu's cave together. Yuan Fei said anxiously: "Lingyu lost to me that day, so she probably is very sad."

Seeing Yuan Fei's guilty expression, Han Yileng comforted, "How can I blame you, the path of cultivation turns out to be mutually exclusive. Your natural talent is inherently higher than hers, and it is only natural that you win."

Yuan Fei nodded with worry, "I just hope that she can see it earlier and doesn't delay her cultivation."

The two people were about to call Song Lingyu to open the door when suddenly, the sky above Song Lingyu’s roof changed color and there were golden clouds gathered above, emitting a faint luster.

Han Yileng opened his mouth and said in a daze: "The golden cloud's color looks so radiant, this is ...... this is the Foundation realm?"

Yuan Fei’s eyes widened, "How... How could she break through so fast?"

Song Lingyu succeeded in reaching the Foundation Realm and her heart was ecstatic. When her divine thoughts swept through the surrounding areas, she saw that two people were standing outside the door. At this time, she was quite pleased with herself and thought, is Yuan Fei that awesome now? I am in Foundation Realm and she is just in Qi Refining Realm.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help feeling proud. For fear of being heard by people outside, she covered her mouth and laughed hard.

Tao Ran saw that she was so happy and quickly released her next task.

"Congratulations to the host for breaking through the Foundation stage. The main task is now open: Become an apprentice to the master of Luofu who is in the Golden Core Stage - reward is 200 points.”

The smile on Song Lingyu's face abruptly stopped. She thought there were only three Golden Core stage Masters in Luofu, two of which were always in closed cultivation. Would the remaining person accept her as a disciple?

Tao Ran thought so, the original Song Lingyu blackened not only because Han Yileng liked Yuan Fei. It was also because Yuan Fei was better than her in everything, overshadowing her achievements. Tao Ran decided to make Song Lingyu better at everything than Yuan Fei. In this way, Song Lingyu will probably not blacken if she is in a good mood?

At the same time Tao Ran's figure suddenly appeared in the Sect Leader's cave. The Sect Leader was dealing with sect matters. Suddenly, a person appeared silently in front of him, which startled him. He tapped his storage bag and took the magic weapon in his hand and questioned "Who is it?"

Tao Ran: "It's me."

The Sect Leader took a closer look at Tao Ran and was immediately surprised: "Ancestor Yi? You have come out of seclusion?"

Tao Ran nodded and said: "Well, not long ago, I broke through to the Yuanying stage and came out of seclusion."

"What? Ancestor you have broken through to the Yuanying stage?" The Sect Leader was even more surprised and said: "Hahahahahaha ...... how many years has it been, this sect finally has a Yuanying Immortal again."

The corner of Tao Ran's mouth twitched a little. Was he so excited?

The Sect Leader spun twice in place, then said with a slap on the thigh: "This disciple will send out invitations to invite cultivators of other sects to come to Luofu to participate in the Great Ceremony of the Yuanying."

Tao Ran: "......"

Tao Ran said: "No need to be so exaggerated, right?"

"It's not exaggerated at all." The master asked: "Do you know how many Yuanying Immortals are left in the cultivation world today?"

Tao Ran was not sure, "There were a dozen left before I went into closed door cultivation."

Sect Leader: "But now there are not even a handful."

Oh, that's terrible.

The Sect Leader insisted on holding the Great Ceremony of the Yuanying ancestor, and Tao Ran had no choice but to set the date with him for three months later. Finally Tao Ran finally mentioned the main reason, he said: "Just now a disciple of this sect has broken through the Dao Foundation stage."

"A Master?" the Sect Leader said: "It seems that Luofu has successors."

Tao Ran said: "You go and take her as an inner disciple, well, don't mention me."

The Sect Leader was a little surprised. The ancestor seemed to be very optimistic about the disciple, but he himself did not accept disciples, why was that?

Song Lingyu happily opened the door of the cave. Han Yileng asked as soon as he saw her: "Junior Martial sister Song, did you break through the Foundation Building stage successfully?"

Song Ling nodded calmly on the surface, but actually in her heart she was saying, I'm in Foundation Building Realm now, just like you, look at me, look at me!

Yuan Fei said: "Congratulations, Lingyu."

Song Lingyu glanced at Yuan Fei and nodded.

Yuan Fei's heart was a bit emotional. Just now Han Yileng had said her natural talent was higher than Song Lingyu. But in the blink of an eye, Song Lingyu was now in the Foundation Building stage, and she did not know when she would break through to Foundation Building.

Song Lingyu looked at Han Yileng with joy and said: "Senior Martial brother, now we are both in the Foundation Building Realm. Junior Martial sister will have to ask for advice from Senior Martial brother in the future."

Han Yileng politely said: "That's natural, this is the right thing to do."

Yuan Fei felt a little sad. The relationship between the three people had always been very good. Now she was the person dragging down the trio.

At this time the Sect Leader flew over and smiled when he saw Song Lingyu: "I didn't expect it was you who had broken through to the Foundation Building stage."

Seeing the Sect Leader, Song Lingyu remembered the task of becoming an apprentice to a Golden Core Ancestor. Her heart was pounding, was her luck about to change?

She heard the Sect Leader say, "You have broken through to the Foundation Building stage at a young age, your natural talent is still above Yileng, I wonder if you would like to worship me as your Teacher?"

I couldn't be more willing!

Song Lingyu knelt on the spot and kowtowed to the Sect Leader. Then she heard the system prompt that the task was completed. She couldn't help laughing.

The Sect Leader took out a flying sword magic weapon and gave it to Song Lingyu: "This is the magic weapon used by my Master, when he was at the Foundation Building stage. Now it's just right for you to use, I hope you won't fail the sect's expectations and carry Luofu forward in the future."

There was a breakthrough in cultivation, and she also became an inner disciple, and the magic weapon was also available. Song Lingyu was hit in the head by a series of surprises, quite a bit dazed. This was all thanks to the great good system, the great good system was really great!

Tao Ran said with a smile, "If it's so smooth, I don't believe she will blacken."

Xiaomei said: "The main reason for the blackening of female partners is generally male hosts. You haven't solved the emotional problems of your female partner yet."

"This you do not understand." Tao Ran smiled confidently: "Song Lingyu still likes Han Yileng now. After I raise her cultivation level to the Golden Core stage and Han Yileng would be still at the Foundation Building stage. The difference between the two would be so big, I don't believe Song Lingyu would not have a change of heart."

Xiaomei said: "Host, you're so smart.At that time, the female match can slap the female lead to death, the male lead would be snatched as the pressure husband. Of course, she will not be blackened."

Tao Ran: "......" I definitely did not think so.

The Sect Leader did what Tao Ran told him and left. Han Yileng said: "I just made an appointment with some of my classmates to explore the secret territory in a few days. Junior Martial sister song, you just broke through the Foundation realm. If you can go with us, we will gain more benefits."

How could Song Lingyu refuse Han Yileng's request? She said a little shyly, "Well, I will listen to Senior Martial brother."

Yuan Fei felt uncomfortable. Why did Song Lingyu show this expression to her Senior Martial brother? Did she also like the Senior Martial brother? She was now a Foundation building stage cultivator. Would the Senior Martial brother pay more attention to her than ever before?

A strong sense of crisis rose in Yuan Fei's heart.


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