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Chapter 94: My Great Grandfather [6]

A huge, fiery creature emerged from the ground, and its fire evaporated the water in the swamp. Looking at the monster with scales on the body, Han Yileng was shocked and said: "It's the Fire Salamander, the Fire Salamander is at the peak of the Foundation Building Stage!”

Everyone turned pale with fear and began to flee away. Han Yileng hugged Yuan Fei and said: "Younger Martial Sister Song, she..."

Yuan Fei cried, "Lingyu, she died because of me."

Han Yileng was grateful but also heartbroken. Song Lingyu died while saving Yuan Fei as she pushed away Yuan Fei from harm. He was also a decisive person. He knew that he and the other disciples couldn't defeat the Fire Salamander. He could only go out of the secret realm and find the headmaster to avenge Younger Martial Sister Song.

He hugged Yuan Fei and shouted to everyone, "Run, don't go in one direction!"

They fled in all directions.

Han Yileng pushed Yuan Fei away and said: "You go first, I'll stop it."

Yuan Fei cried bitterly, "No, Elder Martial brother, I want to go with you!"

Han Yileng faced the Fire Salamander with his sword. Even if he was fighting for his life today, he would fight to give time for his Junior Martial brothers and sisters to escape. Just as he was about to work hard, a person suddenly appeared from behind the Fire Salamander.

Song Lingyu rushed out and saw the two. She was shocked and asked: "Why didn’t you leave? Go!"

Han Yileng was surprised and asked: "Junior Martial sister Song! Are you not dead?"

"Of course not." Song Lingyu said: "Leave quickly. I'll stop the Fire Salamander."

Han Yileng said: "How can I let the Junior Martial Sister face danger alone? Junior Martial sister should be the one to go, Senior Martial brother will stop the Fire Salamander."

'If you stop the Fire Salamander, wouldn't my mission fail? In this way, I will not only get no points, but also all my points will be deducted, so that I would be roasted by the fire for nothing?'

Song Lingyu said from the bottom of her heart, "Leave. I don't need you here. Please go!"

Han Yileng: "....”

What's the matter with the strong dislike in the Junior Martial Sister's tone?

Song Lingyu: "Leave quickly. If you don't leave immediately, I won't be able to hold on."

Now was not the time to argue. Han Yileng turned and said: "Senior Martial brother, will go first. Junior Martial sister, be careful."

Seeing Han Yileng go, Song Lingyu thought happily, 'it's great, finally, no one would compete with me for the points.'

The Fire Salamander was disgusted by these insects who dared to run around in front of his home and played with his fins. Seeing that the insect that had not been burned by his fire appeared in front of him, he was still distracted in front of his eyes. He was very angry, he opened his big mouth and spewed out a flame as bright as blood.

Song Lingyu flustered away and was hit by the oncoming Salamander's tail. She vomited blood and almost fainted. Tao Ran saw that she was getting tired and when she was distracted while trying so hard, he pointed to the ground and a dark door opened.

Song Lingyu was unable to escape the Fire Salamander. At that moment, she saw a door open and rushed in without thinking about it.

The Fire Salamander was so angry seeing that the insect ran in front of his house and even let herself in. That insect even wanted to rob his own things.

It shook its huge body and was about to catch up. Tao Ran suddenly appeared and gave a cold look at the Fire Salamander. The Fire Salamander suddenly became stiff in place. 'God, this man felt so fierce. He was so scared.'

Tao Ran turned and followed Song Lingyu into the ancient ancestor’s cave. The door of the cave closed behind them.

After entering the cave, Song Lingyu felt much safer. Immediately, her body turned soft and she fell down on the ground. The effect of the Replenishing Pill was over.

However, she didn’t feel the cold touch of the ground. Song Lingyu felt that she had fallen into an embrace. Then a very comfortable feeling spread all over her body. Before Song Lingyu lost consciousness, her eyes opened a bit and saw the blue clothes, black hair and a white and delicate chin in front of her.

Her last thought was, who is this man? He was really beautiful.

Tao Ran caught Song Lingyu in an unconscious state and healed her. It was his wrong judgment. He thought that Song Lingyu could at least support the opening of the cave. He didn't realise she couldn't do it so soon. This cave was the cave of the Yuangying ancestor. The things in it were not rare, but they were treasures to others.

Tao Ran took Song Lingyu to the bed in the cave. 90% of Song Lingyu's injuries were already cured by herself. She was still unconscious and her eyebrows frowned as if she was very sad. Tao Ran took a look, stretched out his hand and patted Song Lingyu on the back, "It's all right. Go to sleep."

Song Lingyu seemed to hear the soothing words. Her eyebrows relaxed and her body relaxed for sleep.

When she woke up, she was surprised, then immediately sat up from the bed. She realized that she was lying on the bed, and her injuries had almost recovered. Song Lingyu was surprised. She asked: "System, what happened?"

Tao Ran said: "The system perceived that the host was in danger. Therefore the system automatically consumed the points to heal the host."

Song Lingyu was shocked and began to check her points. As a result, she found that nothing was left of her points at all. She immediately said with a sad face: "Wu wu wu wu wu... It's too much. I was injured while completing the task."

Tao Ran felt a little funny. He said: "The good man system does not deal with industrial accidents."

Song Lingyu: "...”

Song Lingyu stood up and observed the cave. After a while, she was stunned and said: "Oh my God, this... This is the cave of the Yuanying ancestor? Ha ha ha... I’m here..."

She happily planned to empty the cave. Somehow, she suddenly remembered the man she saw before she was unconscious. The young man in blue clothes hugged her. She felt warm and comfortable, and then she recovered from her injuries. The system said that her points were deducted to help her heal. Does that mean that the young man was the system?

What did the system look like?

Song Lingyu felt that her heart couldn't stop accelerating. Are systems so beautiful these days? She used to think that the system was an image of small animals or emoji packs. She didn't expect the system to look so good. She had silently called the system ‘grandpa system’ in her heart before, but where is this grandpa? Was he...Grandpa?

Tao Ran, even if he was already a true Yuanying stage cultivator, couldn't easily know what others were thinking. He felt Song Lingyu's heartbeat suddenly become faster. He thought she had never seen so many treasures, so her excited heart beat faster.

It's really unpromising. Tao Ran thought, how could she become a Yuanying cultivator after such a small battle?

Song Lingyu couldn't help but fantasize. At the same time, she searched everything in the cave. Since she had the system, her luck has changed. Even the adventures that the protagonist of the novel had encountered have been met by herself. It's natural that she would rise. She thought proudly that when her cultivation reached the Golden Core stage, she must let the Senior Brother be her big husband, and she will...

Pooh, Pooh! You dirty thing, what are you thinking? Are you possessed?

Tao Ran stared at Song Lingyu as she slapped herself, thinking 'was Song Lingyu possessed by evil?' This was amazing. Cultivators who were possessed by demons were easy to blacken. Tao Ran hurried to check Song Lingyu's body and found that she had no problem at all. In this way, Tao Ran was surprised. Would a healthy person slap herself for no reason? And that too she had slapped herself so hard.

Song Lingyu took the treasures in the cave and was ready to go out to find Han Yileng. Then she remembered that there was still a Fire Salamander waiting for her outside. Song Lingyu became sad.

Tao Ran said: "Fifty points can be exchanged for an invisibility talisman. You can't be seen by anyone under the Golden Core stage."

Song Lingyu was overjoyed, then remembered that she had no more points left. She complained, "System, do you remember? You just spent my points on healing me and there were no more points left."

Tao Ran: "..." If you didn't say I would have really forgotten it.

He immediately said: "In view of the good reputation of the host, you can overdraw 50 points."

Song Lingyu looked silly. She could overdraw her points these days? She had only spent little time with the system. She didn’t know where the system found that she had a good reputation.

However, if the spell could be taken, Song Lingyu exchanged an invisible talisman and went out.

Tao Ran didn’t have an invisibility talisman. He could draw one, but it's too late now, isn't it? So as soon as Song Lingyu left the cave, Tao Ran stared at the Fire Salamander with his eyes.

The poor Fire Salamander only has the level of Foundation Building. How could he stand being stared at by an Immortal God? He can only be pathetic and dare not move, lying on the ground, waiting for the evil star to leave.

Song Lingyu went out trembling and saw the huge Fire Salamander lying as if it hadn't seen herself. She said happily, "The system product must be a high-quality product. The Fire Salamander really can't see me."

She became more brave and didn't hurry. She walked two steps to the Fire Salamander. Song Lingyu said arrogantly, "Didn't you just hit me with your tail? Didn't you spray me with fire? If you have the guts, spray it again?"

The Fire Salamander said in his heart, 'you let the evil star behind you go away, and this salamander will immediately roast you so much that you are charred outside and tender inside.'

Song Lingyu was very arrogant for a while then she walked outside. She really came back with a full load today.

Luofu's disciples all fled to a safe place. Han Yileng said: "I left Luofu's trace all the way. Junior Martial Sister Song will find it soon. Please wait here for a while."

Then until it was dark, Song Lingyu still didn't come out. Han Yileng's cold face was becoming ugly.

Yuan Fei wanted to cry again. She asked: "Why isn’t she coming yet? What's the matter with Lingyu?"

Other disciples also started whispering.

"Why hasn't Senior Martial Sister Song come yet?"

"Senior Martial Sister Song wouldn't have died, would she?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? How could Senior Martial Sister Song die?"

"How is it impossible? That Fire Salamander was at the peak of the Foundation Building stage. It had a trace of a divine beast blood."

"It's a pity, Senior Martial Sister Song is such a good person..."

Yuan Fei said to Han Yileng, "Senior Brother, why don't we find Lingyu."

Han Yileng said: "You stay here and look after our Junior Martial Brothers and Sisters. I'll go alone."

Then he stood up and walked towards the place where the Fire Salamander was. Although he came to look for it, he didn't have much hope. Junior Martial sister Song would have found them soon if she was able to run away, but she hadn't come for so long. It was basically certain that something had happened to her.

Han Yileng's heart was heavy. He was the one who had invited Junior Martial Sister Song to the secret realm. As a result, he not only didn't take care of what benefits she gave him, but also made her have an accident when she was so young. She was such a young cultivator who was already in the Foundation Building stage. Her talent was higher than himself. It's really not worth dying like this.


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