Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 62: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [9]

Ke Yuan couldn't face Xu Yun due to embarrassment but Xu Yun didn't take it seriously because even when she usually played by herself, she didn’t play very well. She once died too many times in qualifying and was reported by her teammates, who said that she maliciously was giving away head.

Because of Ke Yuan's inexplicable self-esteem and frustration, he didn't dare look at Xu Yun all afternoon. Xu Yun finally had a chance to breathe in the afternoon and was very happy not to be stared at constantly.

The class teacher had no classes in the afternoon and went home at noon. Before going home, he made a phone call, and the person who answered the phone was Ke Rui and Ke Yuan's mother.

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