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Chapter 154: The Divorced Leftover Woman [12]

The two people on the bed froze instantly. Si Shao's reaction was more extreme; she attempted to push Tao Ran away, but he held her close and whispered, "Be quiet. The noise can be heard outside."

Si Shao didn't dare to move, and her anxious eyes welled up with tears. Si Shao's mother called from outside, "Are you there?"

"Yes..." Si Shao glanced at Tao Ran and replied, "I'm resting."

Then she gave Tao Ran a gentle nudge, and he knew what she meant. Slowly, Tao Ran pulled out of her. Although he had just started, he was filled with an unquenched desire. He lay motionless on the side, feeling uncomfortable.

Si Shao whispered upon noticing the vast balcony in her room, "The living room provides a view of my room through the balcony. Hide quickly."

Tao Ran looked around the room and found a blind spot between the door and the balcony, which couldn't be seen from the outside. He took his clothes and walked to the corner without putting them as the rustling sound of clothes would arouse suspicion.

Si Shao also concealed herself in the corner and called out towards the door, "Mom, what's the matter?"

Si Shao's mother asked, "Did you use those dishes?"

"Yes," Si Shao replied. "I planned to cook something for myself today."


Si Shao breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly at this moment, Tao Ran hugged her from behind, and the two were pressed together like this. Si Shao felt her body temperature rise instantly and almost cried out in surprise. She held back and turned her head to glare at Tao Ran, signaling him not to be handsy.

Tao Ran grinned and placed his hand on her waist, then entered her from behind with a thrust.

Si Shao's heart was pounding wildly. She felt flustered and couldn't help pushing Tao Ran away. "What's that sound?" Her mother called from outside.

"Nothing," Si Shao replied, her voice trembling. "I was just turning over in bed."

Tao Ran steadied her waist to help stabilize her body and began to move slowly and rhythmically.

Si Shao's legs went weak, and her hands instinctively pressed against the wall for support.

From outside, Si's mother asked, "Are you feeling unwell? I heard something strange in your voice just now."

"Ah... I... am feeling a little uncomfortable." Si Shao gasped for air, tilting her head back, her whole body feeling like it was on the verge of collapsing. She was dying from the physical sensations on one side, but she had to try to speak as normally as possible, "I'll be alright after some rest."

"Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital?" Si's mother asked.

"No ......need .......," Si Shao replied.

"Then open the door and let mom have a look, okay?" Her mother insisted.

"No need." Si Shao tensed up with nervousness. "I'll be fine after I sleep for a while."

The tension in her body stimulated Tao Ran, almost causing him to groan out loud. Si's mother then said, "Okay, rest well. If there are any problems, make sure to tell Mom."

The two of them heard Si's mother's footsteps downstairs. Si Shao let out a sigh of relief, and her body slid down uncontrollably.

Tao Ran helped her and made her kneel on the ground. He was so aroused by the situation that he couldn't hold back any longer and began to pound on her fiercely. Si Shao was sweating all over, tears streaming from her eyes. She desperately wanted to indulge herself and cry out loud, but couldn't do so because her mother was outside and could hear her. Therefore, she could only bite her hand to keep herself from making any sound.

Finally, the two of them climaxed together. Si Shao's body went limp and she collapsed onto the floor. Tao Ran couldn't stop panting and lightly slapped Si Shao's butt, saying, "Big sister, now you can't pretend to forget."

Si Shao lay on the ground with dazed eyes, panting for a long time before glaring fiercely at him and saying, "You say that again?!"

Tao Ran smiled shyly and said, "Sister, you look so pretty when you glare at me. It's making me hard again."

Si Shao looked in horror at Tao Ran and tried to crawl away, saying, "You go, you go, I can't take it anymore."

Tao Ran lamented, "But how can I leave? Mom is still outside. I can't go anywhere."

Si Shao was on the brink of tears, overwhelmed with anxiety. She whispered, "Then don't move, don't talk, just put on your clothes."

Tao Ran said, feeling aggrieved, "But I'm so uncomfortable wearing pants in this state."

As he spoke, he put on his T-shirt. Si Shao glanced at him again, and noticing that he was frighteningly hard, she said, "Can't you men take care of it yourself?"

Tao Ran said, "But I have a girlfriend now."

After a moment of contemplation, Si Shao took a step towards him. However, in the aftermath of her recent passion, with this movement, someone’s something inside her own went uncontrol. Her face stiffened, and she stood still.

Tao Ran looked at the bed and suggested, "Your bed has a canopy, let's put it down. With the canopy, it'll be difficult to see from the outside."

Si Shao considered the idea and helped Tao Ran bring down the canopy. Her canopy was more for decoration rather than practicality, so it was thicker than a normal mosquito net. Once they had set it up, the view from the bed became blurred.

Both of them climbed onto the bed. Tao Ran sniffled and asked, "Do you smell something?"

Si Shao blushed, thinking what do you think it smells like.

Tao Ran quickly added, "Never mind, let's just do it again."

Si Shao was young and had just become sexually active, so it was impossible for her to say no. However, she thought of something else. They had not announced their relationship yet. If they were caught, her father would kill her. So she said, "No, we aren't doing it again."

Tao Ran hugged Si Shao with a look of disappointment and gently rubbed against her, saying, "Good sister, I feel uncomfortable."

Si Shao's heart trembled with his alluring and velvety voice and she almost lost control. She caressed his face gently and kissed him, saying, "Then, let me use my hands."

Tao Ran just stared at her with countless grievances in his eyes.

Si Shao dared not meet his gaze and instead reached out to hold and fondle it.

Little did she know, Tao Ran had just climaxed once, and at this time it was even more difficult to handle. Si Shao's delicate hands were sore, while Tao Ran looked at her with even more grievances and discomfort. He hugged her, fondled and kissed her, making Si Shao's heart almost burst into tears.

In desperation, Si Shao lowered her head.

Tao Ran was frightened and quickly reached out to grab her. However, Si Shao was stubborn and refused to move. Just as he was about to speak and ask her to get up, they heard a knock at the door.

As a result, Tao Ran not only refrained from speaking, but he also dared not move. Perhaps because it was too exciting, Tao Ran reached his climax quickly. He lay on the bed, panting, and whispered, "Will your mother go out later?"

Si Shao said, "I don't think she will go out now."

"Then how will I leave?"

After thinking for a moment, Si Shao suggested, "Why don't you go through the window?"

Tao Ran exclaimed, "What? This is the second floor, Miss."

Si Shao reassured him, "Don't worry, I'll use a rope to lower you down."

Tao Ran: "......"

After getting dressed, Si Shao retrieved a bundle of mountain climbing ropes from her closet, much to Tao Ran's surprise. "You keep this in your room?" he asked.

Si Shao felt a little embarrassed and replied, "I used to be a mountain climber."

Tao Ran was unaware of this and asked, "Really? Which mountains have you climbed?"

Si Shao: "Xiangshan Mountain." (Fragrant Hills)


Si Shao cautiously opened the door a crack and peered outside. Seeing that her mother wasn't around, she went to the balcony and secured the rope to it. Tao Ran turned over, leaned towards Si Shao through the balcony guardrail, and asked, "Do you think we resemble Romeo and Juliet now?"

Si Shao felt worried and advised, "Please be careful, okay? Or you could just stay in my room tonight and leave tomorrow morning."

Tao Ran responded, "Forget it, I'll leave now. It wouldn't be good if something unexpected happened."

He gripped the rope firmly with both hands and descended quickly. He was so quick that before Si Shao could react, Tao Ran was already standing at the foot of the building, waving goodbye.

Si Shao untied the rope and retrieved it, signaling for Tao Ran to leave quickly.

After Tao Ran left, Si Shao returned to her room and sniffed the air. She realized that the smell in the room had dissipated. As soon as she put the rope into her closet, her mother arrived and inquired, "Is Shao Shao asleep? Can Mom come in?"
Si Shao's pupils constricted, and she quickly climbed onto the bed, covering herself with a blanket.

Her mother opened the door and asked , "Why are there two sets of bowls and chopsticks? Did someone else have dinner with you?"

Si Shao was relieved that Tao Ran had left, or else she would have been caught. She replied, "Oh, I went shopping with a friend and cooked dinner to impress her. She already left."

Her mother nodded and approached the bed. "Aren't you feeling hot? You're sweating a lot." She said and reached out to pull Si Shao's blanket.

Si Shao hurriedly responded, "No, I just feel uncomfortable and want to cover myself."

"Is it so serious? Should I call the doctor?" Her mother asked with concern. "I can arrange for a private doctor to come over."

"No need, Mom. I just need to sleep for a while." Si Shao was really uncomfortable. If her mom found out something was wrong with her body and started to interrogate her about who the adulterer was, she wasn't sure if she could handle it.

Her mother persisted, "Are you sure you don't need to see a doctor? Your face is so red, and you're sweating profusely."

Si Shao insisted, "No, really, I don't need to. Please go out and let me rest for a while."

Si Shao's mother let out a sigh and left the room. As children grow older, they tend to drift away from their mothers. She longed for the days when Shao Shao used to cling to her all the time.

Tao Ran went straight back to school and prepared to take a shower as soon as he entered the dormitory.

Zhang Da mou commented, "Have you not showered in the past two days?"

"Yeah, my body feels sticky," Tao Ran said.

Huh? Sticky?

Zhang Da was so excited that he turned around to talk to Tao Ran, but Tao Ran had already closed the bathroom door. He asked from outside, "Why are you so sticky? What did you do?"

Tao Ran said from inside, "You're so annoying. What's there to talk about with a single dog like you about such things."

Loud-mouthed Zhang: "......"

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