Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 13: The Domineering Female President [13]

Long Qiu: "Hey, why don’t you eat with me?"

Tao Ran waved his hand. "I haven't washed my face yet."

Long Qiu sat in the seat, looking at the beautifully arranged bowl of fragrant noodles in front of her. She started smiling before she knew it. She really liked this feeling. Waking up and seeing she was not alone when she got up in the morning, and having someone make her breakfast. When she was very young, her father's career had just started, and her mother only knew how to dress up and play mahjong all day long, consequently neglecting the young Long Qiu.

She only ate two meals a day: lunch and dinner. It was not until she was in elementary school that she learned from the conversations of her classmates that there was a so-called ‘breakfast’. She cried for a long time that day. She went home and asked her mother why she didn't make breakfast for her. Her mother simply asked strangely, "You never eat breakfast? What do you think I gave you pocket money for?"

So Long Qiu started buying breakfast for herself. Later on, her father became the chairman of Starlight Entertainment Company. The family hired a nanny, but she didn't even try to know what it felt like to eat at home. Furthermore, she was always the only one at the dinner table. Her parents were always very busy and never accompanied her to breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Tao Ran came out from the bathroom after washing his face and asked, "Why aren’t you eating, isn't it delicious?"

Long Qiu answered, "I was waiting for you so we can eat together."

Tao Ran sat down and started eating the noodles, making slurping sounds as he ate the noodles. Rather than feeling annoyed by the sound, Long Qiu found it interesting. She asked, "Are you always this rude when eating in front of a lady?"

"..." Yes.

When Tao Ran was still a woman, he used to act wild when eating with his girlfriends. Only when he ate in front of boys would he restrain himself. Over time, he developed a habit of eating more casually in front of women, but he forgot that he was now a man.

Tao Ran smiled embarrassingly and said, "It's not that I’m rude… I simply don’t treat you like an outsider."

Long Qiu smiled insightfully and didn't mind.

"I'm looking into the distance, above the moon~"

"Hey, Tony." Tao Ran said. "What's the matter?"

Tony was calling to discuss a script with him. The movie he had just finished filming had been finalized. Although it was yet to be released, everyone in the entertainment circle already knew that it was a newcomer that played the lead role of the movie, and that the director was full of praise for him. It was very difficult for a newcomer to become famous so quickly, so some movie companies wanted to quickly sign a contract to make movies and do shows with Tao Ran before he became really popular.

Tao Ran’s talent fee was not very expensive at this time, but it was bound to be many times more expensive in the future. Thus, signing a contract with him now was the most cost-effective.

Tao Ran hung up the phone. "Tony said that many producers and film writers want me to play the male lead in movies. Will I be very busy in the future?"

"Being busy means that you're trending." Long Qiu was an expert in this area. “When an actor has no projects, it means that his fame has died down and there will no longer be anymore appointments. That is a terrible thing for an actor or actresses."

"I also know that." Tao Ran said with some emotion. "But I don't like being so busy."

"Don't you want to become famous?" Long Qiu asked.

Tao Ran said from the bottom of his heart, "To be honest, I didn't really want to. Miss Long, could you find me a job with less stress and more money?"

Long Qiu looked at him blankly. "If I knew such a job exists I’d be the first one to line up. How would it be your turn to get it?"

Tao Ran sighed. If he became busy now, would there still be time to do the tasks?

Seeing Tao Ran look distressed, Long Qiu added, "Actually, being busy is relative. You can choose some good scripts—just like the scripts of the director this time—that are of high quality. You could pick one or two each year. This will not only make you less busy, but it will also ensure your popularity and fame."

Tao Ran agreed with Long Qiu's opinion, and he told Tony about this. After hearing this, Tony was stunned for a long time before saying, "Isn't that how those veteran artists work? You’re still young and haven't even made profit for the company. Will the company allow you to do this?"

Tao Ran nodded. "Of course. Miss Long suggested this to me."

"Oh, I'm so touched." Tony clutched his chest and twisted his waist as if he was a water snake. "Boss made such a big sacrifice to prevent her lover from working too hard. Do you know how much President Long spent to send you to the crew of the director?"

Tao Ran said, "As long as the box office does not lose money, she can make the money back."

"But when she invested for the first time, Miss Long took a loss." Tony exaggerated. "Who would like to watch a movie starring two newcomers?"

This only showed how crazy in love Long Qiu was with Bai Shaohui. She invested so much in order to create a seduction plot for Cui Xiao. Chances are, she’d rather lose so much money, than let go of the chance to separate the two. Tao Ran felt even more stressed thinking about it that way. Long Qiu loved Bai Shaohui so much, could he really make her give up on him?

In any case, the sooner the better. In the novel, Bai Shaohui misunderstood the relationship between Cui Xiao and Tao Ran. After a period of sadness, Long Qiu approached Bai Shaohui. Later, Bai Shaohui realized that he couldn't let go of Cui Xiao, so he proposed to break up with Long Qiu. That was the moment Long Qiu completely lost it, and finally felt that as long as Cui Xiao was not in the picture, Bai Shaohui's love would be hers alone. Then, she immediately tried to kill Cui Xiao.

Tao Ran was already tired thinking about these and called Bai Shaohui. "Hey, come out for a drink.”

The two met up at that same bar they went to drink last time.

Bai Shaohui asked, "You seem to be very upset. Haven't you gotten your boss yet?"

Tao Ran didn't answer this question, instead he asked back, "How are you and Cui Xiao? Did she agree to be your girlfriend now?"

Speaking of that, Bai Shaohui became excited. He said with a beaming face, "I’d like to thank you for this. If you hadn't gotten her drunk and created the opportunity for me that day, she wouldn't have promised me so quickly."

"Congratulations." Tao Ran said sincerely. "I still know Cui Xiao better. She likes you very much, but her inferiority complex is as a result of the environment she grew up in. Do not give her any worries now that she is with you. You must make her feel safe all the time."

Bai Shaohui confidently said, "Would a man like me still make her feel insecure?"

Tao Ran rolled his eyes at him and said, "She feels insecure with you. Of course, if Long Qiu was your girlfriend, she wouldn’t feel uneasy since your family background and social status are equal and she knows everything about you very well. But Cui Xiao is different. Although she works very hard, it can’t change the fact that she dropped out of high school, nor can it change her family background."

Bai Shaohui thoughtfully said, "You mean my excellence and high status makes her uneasy?"

"Yes." Tao Ran thought of the classic scenes in the movies and dramas and said, "I know you love Cui Xiao and you don’t care about her family and shortcomings. But what about your family? Can you guarantee that they will not despise Cui Xiao and deal with her secretly behind your back?"

Bai Shaohui froze for a long time, then drank the wine in his glass and said, "You're right. I want to make it simple. I thought it won’t be a problem as long as Xiaoxiao and I are in love.”

It depends on them. Cui Xiao is a good girl, and I hope she can get the happiness she deserves...

Bai Shaohui had an unshakable glint in his eyes as he said, "No matter what happens, I will never give up on Xiaoxiao. To be honest, I'm very lucky now. Fortunately, Xiaoxiao signed with Starlight Entertainment, otherwise her career might have been affected by me. "

Her signing up with Star Entertainment was most influenced by you. Star Entertainment CEO was her number one rival in love. Tao Ran murmured silently and reminded Bai Shaohui, "Cui Xiao will be busier in the future. If you don't want the chance of the both of you meeting in the future to diminish, you should hurry up and prepare for your future."

Bai Shaohui was humbly lectured by Tao Ran. After the two separated, Bai Shaohui started thinking on best ways for him and Cui Xiao.

Tao Ran himself had drunk a bit but was not really drunk so he still drove back. As a result, he was stopped by the traffic officer on the road. He opened the window and looked at the traffic officer and his comrades. What bad luck. They were both drunk driving, so why didn't Bai Shaohui get caught last time? Where was the equal treatment?

The young traffic officer came to his window and noticed his flushed face. He handed over the alcohol meter, "Come, breathe a mouthful."

Tao Ran stared at the thing for a few seconds, then took a deep breath, and blew lightly.

The traffic officer became impatient. "I told you to breathe on it, what's the use of blowing so lightly? Are your lungs not working well?"


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