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Chapter 17: The Domineering Female President [17]

"If you were out of breath, where would you get President Long?" Tao Ran smiled and said, "I'll be on my own, and no one would snatch me."

Tony trembled slightly then smiled, before personally peeling an orange for Tao Ran. "The doctor said that you should recuperate well, so Miss Long told me not to arrange work for you in the near future. She also told me to ask you if you want to go to the film festival in three days."

"I will go." Tao Ran thought, I have to keep an eye out for Long Qiu a little more, otherwise, Long Qiu will take out her high heels and murder those two on the spot. The matter would then be big news, and such news will be circulated for decades.

There was basically no problem with drowning as long as the breathing was restored in time. Tao Ran returned to his apartment the next day to rest. Tony hired an assistant, practically a nanny, for him.

The little girl, named Lulu, was about the same age as Tao Ran. She had just graduated and was immediately sent to work for Tao Ran. Seeing Lulu's sparkling eyes, Tao Ran smiled. "Why are you looking at me?"

Lulu was embarrassed. "I think you are much more handsome in person than on TV."

Tao Ran always couldn't answer something like this. He couldn't say that the director made him ugly. He changed the subject and asked, "You just graduated, why did you think of becoming a celebrity's assistant?"

"No, my dream is to be the agent of a celebrity like you." Lulu was very excited when she talked about her dreams. "Star Entertainment said that at present I have basically no experience, so they want me to be an assistant for the time being and slowly learn from Tony before I can become an agent."

Tao Ran nodded, "Good, I support you."

Being praised by her idol, Lulu was very happy. She took out her little book and said, "Tomorrow morning you will go to the company to meet with the designer, and the stylist will design the look for you in the next film festival.”

"Good," Tao Ran said, "I'm really not used to suddenly being so idle."

Lulu thought he was afraid that the company would no longer arrange jobs for him, so she comforted him. "You are recuperating now, so you must not get tired. Sister Tony said that when you get better, you will be busy again with work."

"..." Tao Ran grasped the point. "You call him Sister Tony?"

Lulu smiled embarrassedly. "I can't call him brother. "


Tony used to handle so many artists, and when he was the busiest, he really hated that he didn't have seven hands and eight legs. Now that he was only handling Tao Ran and there was no need to arrange work for him for now, he was finally able to enjoy a vacation at long last. That morning, he drove over to pick Tao Ran, wearing a fancy coat.

Tao Ran said as soon as he got in the car, "I just realized that you have been dressing more and more beautifully recently." He tossed him a compliment.

"Huh." Tony smiled. "I'm in love."

Tao Ran stayed wide-eyed for a moment then nodded calmly. "Say hello to your boyfriend for me."

"I hate you." Tony smiled and said, "I have a girlfriend."

Lulu's eyes were dull and she said, "Is the other party also a lily?"

"You two are so annoying~"

Tao Ran touched the goosebumps on his arms and quickly stepped into the company. The stylist had been waiting there. At this time, Tao Ran had not fully recovered from the drowning, and his face and lips were still pale.

The stylist screamed as soon as he saw him. "Wow, that's perfect! This image is too suitable for an abstinence look."

Tony echoed, "Yes, the weak appearance makes people feel like they want to take care of him."

"No." The stylist exaggerated, "It makes people want to tie him up and ravage him!"

Tao Ran, "..."

“Come on, baby." The stylist looked at Tao Ran with bright eyes. "I will definitely make you the most charming beauty at the film festival."

Tao Ran started sweating. He looked around and asked, "Where is Cui Xiao? Doesn't she need to be styled? Isn't she going to take part in the film festival?”

The stylist pressed Tao Ran’s shoulders and said, “She has other stylists, so I belong to you today.”

Poor Tao Ran, he had to bear this while he was still recovering from a serious illness. It was pure psychological torture. After being tossed and prodded all morning, he was finally allowed to go out for lunch. Tony took the stylist’s arm and said to Tao Ran, “You really don’t want me to have lunch with you?”

Tao Ran shook his head repeatedly, and Tony could only regret it. “Oh, that’s fine. Well, remember to pack up. You are now a national boyfriend. Be careful going out so you don't get eaten by fans."

This situation was very likely to happen. Since the movie was released, various paparazzi had often lurked at the entrance to his community. If it weren't for the strength of the community security, the paparazzi would probably have pried open his door and waited for him at home.

Tao Ran left the dressing room and was going to look for Long Qiu upstairs. After walking two steps, he passed the place where the trainees were undergoing training.

He inexplicably started feeling nostalgic. He turned around and walked in. After entering, he saw a few teenagers dancing. I heard Tony say that the company wanted to build them into a group for mainly singing and dancing. When they develop well in the future, they will be considered for making TV series.

Tao Ran saw Xiang Chu, the 'toilet guy' ,who was desperate. He was twenty-two years old, and though he was considered quite old among the trainees, he was the most hardworking. When other trainees became tired, he wouldn't complain, only sweating profusely, never saying a word during practice.

The dance teacher looked at his watch and said, "Okay, take a break, and come back to practice after lunch."

The trainees all sat on the ground, and Xiang Chu panted as he walked and wiped his sweat with a towel. As soon as the dance teacher came out, he saw Tao Ran. Today, Tao Ran was no longer one to be scolded casually. He immediately put up a smile and said, "Teacher.”

“Tao Ran, why are you here?"

Tao Ran smiled and said, "I was passing by, so I stopped to take a look."

"That's it." The dance teacher's smile remained unchanged and he said, "Then… I'll go first." He originally wanted to invite Tao Ran to dinner, but looking at Tao Ran's face, he didn't have the confidence, so he actively gave up.

Xiang Chu wiped his sweat, walked out, and saw Tao Ran. He looked excited and asked, "Tao Ran, why are you here?"

Tao Ran said, "I’m just passing by so I came to see you."

Xiang Chu walked over in two steps and stretched out his hand to hit Tao Ran. On Tao Ran's shoulder, he saw Tao Ran's expensive suit and started sweating profusely. He took it back unconsciously and smiled: "You, this kid is now a big star, good fellow, you are everywhere on the Internet."

Tao Ran smiled uncaringly. "Let's go and have lunch."

“What are we going to eat?" Xiang Chu said. "You are now famous, you have to treat me to good food.”

"I have something to do in the afternoon, and I can't leave for too long. You also have training in the afternoon. It's better to go to a place next to the company. Let’s eat at a western restaurant." Tao Ran said. "Their steak is very delicious."

Xiang Chu wanted to agree, but suddenly thought of something and regretfully said, "I have been eating the set meal provided by the company recently, and the teacher said that I am not thin enough, so she wants me to lose weight."

Tao Ran understood in an instant. When he first joined the company, his teacher asked him to eat only the company's meal. That is, a few pieces of bland bread and a bowl of vegetable soup. It was unpalatable and couldn't fill up his stomach, and then you'd have to train for a few hours in the afternoon. Tao Ran didn't say anything, this was the path that Xiang Chu chose. So he said goodbye to Xiang Chu with the promise of going out with him some other time, and he proceeded to go upstairs to find Long Qiu.

He ran into Long Qiu's assistant as soon as he got upstairs. The assistant smiled meaningfully every time she saw Tao Ran. She walked up to Tao Ran and said, "President Long is in a meeting. Wait a minute and you can go in later."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Thank you, sister."

The assistant lady immediately smiled and said to Tao Ran, "I’ll take you to the office for a cup of coffee."

"Okay, good."

Tao Ran was taken to Long Qiu's office for coffee and waited for Long Qiu's meeting to end. He hadn't observed Long Qiu's office very much that night. Visiting during the day this time Tao Ran noted, "General Manager Long's office is too simple. There are no decorations at all."

The assistant replied, "Miss Long is like this. To be honest, I have been with her for so long and I still don’t know what she likes. Every breakfast is coffee and bread, and she also doesn’t seem to react when I occasionally bring her something else.”

Tao Ran held the hot coffee in his hand. He thought for a moment and said, "You can bring her poached egg noodles for breakfast. She likes this."


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