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Chapter 2: The Domineering Female President [2]

Tao Ran was thinking hard on how to end Long Qiu’s feelings for Bai Shaohui, but even after thinking so long, he still couldn’t find a good way. Long Qiu was too proud and her mind could not be changed easily.

"Hey." Someone patted Tao Ran on the shoulder.

Tao Ran looked back and saw the ‘toilet man’. "What?"

"It's your turn." The ‘toilet man’ said. "Go inside, will you? Don't waste everyone's time."

Tao Ran looked, and there was no one in front of him. The door of the audition hall was open, waiting for him to enter.

Tao Ran entered and closed the door. There was only one long table near the window in the otherwise empty interview hall. The five people sitting behind the table were the examiners. Tao Ran remembered that the middle person among the five people was Long Qiu. As he looked at the one in the middle, his breath was taken away.

Long Qiu was very beautiful and young. She was only 24 years old this year. Although she was wearing serious professional attire, she had a very youthful and energetic appearance but looked calm and collected at the same time.

These five examiners had interviewed an unknown number of newcomers, and most of them were nervous. They would feel uncomfortable being stared at by these people. There were also a few who were particularly confident, but it was indeed a first for someone like Tao Ran to stare at the examiner as soon as he came in. However, he was also a very good looking man so his appearance and demeanor made him shine at first sight.

"Ahem." The man on the far left with his hair styled in a bun said, "Introduce yourself."

"Ah? Oh."

"My name is Tao Ran. I'm 21 years old. I graduated from XX Film Academy. I'm 1.8 meters tall and weigh 70 kilograms. My hobbies include reading novels, watching TV and playing mobile games. My specialty is..."

All the examiners were staring at him. What is his specialty?

The original Tao Ran's specialty was acting, but now, this ‘Tao Ran’ was not Tao Ran, and this ‘Tao Ran’ couldn't act at all.

"My specialty is..." Tao Ran was sweating and then finally said, "singing."

"Okay." said the same uncle, "Then you can perform and sing."

Tao Ran was thinking about what song he would sing, and realized that although he had heard a lot of songs, he couldn’t remember their lyrics. In many songs, he only remembered the lyrics of the climax. As a person whose ‘specialty’ was singing, it was really ridiculous that he couldn’t remember his lyrics.

Tao Ran was still thinking of songs that he could sing as he glanced at the examiners nervously, hoping that they would accept him for the sake of being young and handsome. Anyway, some famous artists these days relied only on their looks.

Under the expectant gazes of all the examiners, Tao Ran began to sing: "I planted a seed -- It finally grew fruit --- today is a great day..."

Examiners: "..."

"Pffttt." Long Qiu was the first one to turn her head and laugh. This Tao Ran was indeed very unusual. To think that he would sing ‘Little Apple’ at an audition. At least he had the courage.

Long Qiu interrupted Tao Ran's singing. She twirled the pen in her hand and with a composed face asked, "Why do you want to enter Star Entertainment?"

Does this need to be asked? Tao Ran said, "In order to be a star and to be famous."

"People come here for the sake of fame. What do you think is your advantage? Why would Star Entertainment choose you and make you popular?”

Tao Ran thought for a moment then said, "Because I am good-looking."

"I look much better." One of the examiners said. "The people who come here for auditions are all handsome men and beautiful women. Therefore, looks are not an advantage."

Why is the plot different this time? In the novel,Tao Ran passes the audition easily.Tao Ran thought and said, "I just observed that none of the men who came to audition were more handsome than me."


The examiners did not know if the other applicants were not as handsome as Tao Ran, but they could guarantee that Tao Ran was definitely the most narcissistic one.

Long Qiu couldn't help but laugh. She closed Tao Ran's information sheet and said, "You can go. Someone will inform you of the audition result within a week."

Tao Ran didn't dare to stay longer. As soon as he got out, the ‘toilet man’ asked, "How did it go? Have you been chosen? How do the examiners look?"

Tao Ran looked at him with a strange expression on his face and said, "The examiners are fine, but they were a bit strange. They like to hear people sing Little Apple."

Tao Ran left after speaking. The ‘toilet man’ was stunned for a few seconds, he then took out his mobile phone and searched for the lyrics of Little Apple, and then opened the door nervously.

When the ‘toilet man’ finished his performance, the five examiners were a little shocked. What's going on? Did they fail to understand this year's fashion trends? Why does one or two applicants sing Little Apple?

"Uhh..." An examiner turned to Long Qiu and said, "I think he can make a team with that guy just now.”

Long Qiu smoothed her hair and said, "Who do you think will be the audience of such a team?"

“The Square-Dancing Aunties?”

Meanwhile, Tao Ran was worried about the result of the audition, because he didn't think Star Entertainment was a company that performed square dances for middle-aged and elderly people.

Sitting in the small rental room of the original owner, Tao Ran was feeling unhappy while eating a fifteen yuan yellow braised chicken rice. There was no way that the original owner was really out of money before joining Star Entertainment.

He stared at Panda Xiaomei who was sitting on the bed, gnawing at a bamboo shoot which came out of nowhere.

"Aren't you a system?" Tao Ran asked. "Why do you still eat?"

“You think I’m eating but I’m not. I am not eating this bamboo as what you see. Don’t be too serious. Having a system that looks more real and alive will put the host in a better mood.”

Tao Ran looked at the enoki mushrooms in the bowl, but because there was no other food, half a bowl of enoki mushrooms was placed in the yellow braised chicken.

"Xiaomei, let's talk." Tao Ran put down his chopsticks and said, "Can you pay me some money in advance? You can see that I can't even eat a proper meal now, how would I complete the task?"

Xiaomei stuffed a long piece of bamboo into her big mouth and said, "As it is impossible to predict whether the host will be able to complete all the tasks, the reward cannot be paid in advance. Don't worry about it, host. When you sign up with Star Entertainment, you won’t be afraid of having nothing to eat.”

That was what Tao Ran was most worried about. He said with a sad face, "Do you really think Star Entertainment will sign a contract with me? God, why did I choose to sing Little Apple at that time? Why did I forget the lyrics to other songs? Wuwu, Wuwu, Wuwu..." Tao Ran was about to cry.

Xiaomei climbed down from the bed, with her butt sticking up and said, "Host, why didn't you ask me for help? Even though I can’t help you sing, I could have reminded you of the lyrics.”

Tao Ran: “...”

“I'm looking away,... how many on the moon..." Tao Ran’s phone rang.

Tao Ran told himself that he must change this ugly ringtone as he took out his phone. After he pressed the answer button, a sweet female voice said, "Is this Mr. Tao Ran?"

"Yes, it is."

"Hello, this is the personnel department of Star Entertainment Company. You passed your audition, please come to the Starlight Building in three days..."

Tao Ran did not hear the rest of the caller’s words and as he put the phone down. He looked at Panda Xiaomei with an excited expression and jumped with joy. "Host, you passed the audition. I knew it, you are the chosen one, and the goddess of luck is always standing by your side. Victory is just around the corner. Think of that 99,999,999,998. You deserve it." Panda Xiaomei was grinning her big mouth as she jumped around with Tao Ran.

Star Entertainment had always been strict in selecting their artists. Perhaps because of his unusual performance, Tao Ran was arranged to perform in the crew like the original owner. He was signed as a trainee, that is to say, Long Qiu had no intention of letting him seduce Cui Xiao yet.

There were seven trainees with Tao Ran, all of them good-looking young men. In the days to come, the eight of them would live together. Tao Ran felt the hormones emanating from these young bodies, and said in his heart that life was going to be hard. I once wanted to hook up with these kinds of handsome guys, but now I can't get along with them. I can't mention the pain in my heart.

"Brother, is that you?"

Tao Ran turned his head in surprise, "Toilet man?"

Toilet man: “..."

"Although we met in the toilet, I'm not happy that you gave me such a nickname. Hello, my name is Xiang Chu.” Xiang Chu reached his hand out to Tao Ran and said, "Thank you."

Tao Ran shook his hand and said, "What are you thanking me for?"

Xiang Chu looked at the other members and whispered to Tao Ran: "Thank you for telling me the preferences of the examiners that day, otherwise I may not have been able to enter Star Entertainment."

Tao Ran: "...You're welcome." Did this guy really sing Little Apple?

For the next half month, Tao Ran attended classes in the company. He had never thought that he would one day be driven crazy by singing and dancing.

"Tao Ran! What about you? Where do you swing your arms?" The dance teacher pointed angrily at Tao Ran.

Tao Ran raised his arms with a sweaty head, and said weakly, "Palms up, hands crossed on the top of the head, and then swing back..."

"You know that too?" The dance teacher walked over and stretched out two fingers to hold Tao Ran's hand and said, “Are you doing Five Animal Exercises? Or Chicken Feet Cosplay?”

"Ha ha ha ha ha..."

The other trainees couldn't help laughing, Tao Ran kept the action and said, "Teacher, I don't plan to be the next Dance King of Asia, so I don't need to be so perfect, right?"

"You, you, you... you’re pissing me off." The dance teacher was so angry that he ordered, "Stay alone after class, your training time will be extended by two hours!"

Tao Ran took a deep breath and silently called for the system.

"Xiaomei! Xiaomei! Help me! Can you make my body soft?"

Xiaomei hugged the bamboo and said, "of course."

"That's great. Please soften my body at once. I don't understand how a 21-year-old body can be so stiff."

"Sorry, host. Although the system has this function, your points are insufficient. Many functions have not been unlocked, including this one."

Thus, Tao Ran practiced two more hours in the practice room. When he came out, his legs were shaking as though he’d been tortured miserably.


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