Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 9: The Domineering Female President [9]

"Don’t worry about this, host. You are a man now, so there is no such thing as bending. People’s mood and preferences will be affected by the body. This young body has been secreting androgen, so it’s quite normal that you’ve been affected."

That being said... Tao Ran immediately stopped worrying.

Long Qiu handed the medicine to Tao Ran. "Take this medicine."

Tao Ran looked at the medicine and thought, a person who is not ill should have no problems after taking this medicine, right?

Long Qiu raised her eyebrows at Tao Ran as he was just staring at pills on her hand. "Why aren’t you taking it?"

Tao Ran took the medicine and swallowed it with difficulty. He was the one who brought this on himself, and even if it caused a problem, he had no other person to blame.

After Tao Ran took the medicine, Long Qiu took the cup and poured him a glass of water. She said seriously, "Drink more hot water."

Tao Ran: "..."

Long Qiu checked the time. It was already past seven o'clock so it was dark outside. Long Qiu said, "Have a good rest, okay? I'm leaving now."

"Don't!" At this time, Cui Xiao and Bai Shaohui should still be together, I can’t let you go in case you still want to bother them.

Long Qiu turned to look at Tao Ran. He grinned and said, "I haven't eaten dinner yet."

Long Qiu: "..."

Long Qiu didn't expect her company to recruit such a cheeky artist. She had to attend the future auditions carefully. She would scrutinize all applicants and see to it that people who sing Little Apple are not recruited into the company. While complaining in her heart, Long Qiu walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator. She found that there was nothing to eat or cook inside.

Long Qiu decided to call her assistant in order to ask her to bring food.

The assistant didn’t know that someone other than Miss Long had been living in her house. “Alright, is it the same order as usual?"

Long Qiu replied, "No. This time, order something lighter to eat and get some chicken soup too.” Long Qiu also felt a little hungry. "Two orders."

Assistant: "..." Why did she feel that something was wrong?

Long Qiu hung up the phone and asked Tao Ran, "Do you drink chicken soup?"

"I do." Tao Ran nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. "Is it an old farm hen chicken soup?"

"..." What is this? Are there so many kinds of chicken soup? In order to maintain the dignity of a Boss in front of Tao Ran, Long Qiu replied, "Yes, it is the old farm hen chicken soup."

Tao Ran’s mouth was watering. He felt that Long Qiu was quite the unique boss. He knew that she was very particular about her food and what to eat but he didn't expect that she would also prefer old farm hen. She probably spent a few hours driving to a farm in order to eat an old farm hen.

Long Qiu’s assistant earned a high salary and she worked very diligently. Not long after, she knocked on the door with the food and Long Qiu opened the door for her.

"President Long, the food is still hot, so there is no need to heat it." The assistant wiped her sweat as she came in a hurry. She knew how easily impatient her boss could get.

"That’s good." Long Qiu nodded. "Go back now and get some rest."

At this time, Tao Ran heard the movement and voices when he came out of the toilet, and his stomach groaned immediately. "Is the chicken soup here? I really want to drink it."

The assistant was shocked to see that there was a young man in the house and looking at his clothes, he clearly was not just a visitor who came for a chat with Miss Long. Tao Ran, who had come out in his pajamas, fell into an awkward silence.

Long Qiu was disgusted. "Wash your hands!"

"Okay, save some for me. Don't finish it all."

Long Qiu thought Tao Ran might have a problem with his mind. How much could she even eat while he washed his hands?

Hearing such a warm conversation, the assistant felt like she was onto something extraordinary. She recognized the young man as Tao Ran, the new artist. No wonder Miss Long always wanted her to bring out Tao Ran’s information separately. No wonder that Miss Long wanted to give Tao Ran, a newcomer, the male lead role in a big production film. No wonder...

Long Qiu saw her assistant enter a daze and said sharply, “Is there anything else?”

“Ah? Oh no. I'll go now.” The assistant excitedly said, "Miss Long, have a very good night.”

This time, Long Qiu didn’t miss the expression on her assistant’s face and felt a bit confused. Although their age difference wasn’t that big, she felt that she couldn’t understand the mindset of women her age sometimes.

Tao Ran came out and sat down after washing his hands. He opened the thermos, and the fragrant smell of chicken soup floated out.

"President Long, come over and eat." Tao Ran scooped up the soup for Long Qiu. "This chicken soup is very nourishing and has a beautifying effect on your skin."

Long Qiu stared at Tao Ran. Do you really have to say this? But she still couldn’t keep it out of her mind. What kind of chicken is this old farm hen? I have to ask around about this hen and buy one to try it. Long Qiu then sat down to take the bowl of soup that Tao Ran handed over and said, "You seem to be in good spirits now."

Tao Ran was a little bit overwhelmed being with Long Qiu. He had to be careful, or he might end up slipping up and exposing his lies to her. He laughed and said, "This is what happens to young men when we catch a cold. We recover soon after taking the medicine."

Long Qiu nodded and said nothing more. After eating, Tao Ran no longer had a reason to make her stay with him. It was nine o'clock by that time, meaning Cui Xiao and Bai Shaohui should’ve already done something by now if they wanted to. So Tao Ran very intimately sent Long Qiu to the door. Long Qiu turned around at the door. "Don't wash the bowls. Let Tony wash the dishes for you tomorrow."

It was so sweet. Tao Ran was moved and almost burst into tears. He assured Long Qiu, "Don't worry. I will definitely not wash the dishes. I’ll wait until tomorrow for Tony to do it."

Long Qiu left with satisfaction. On the other side of town, Tony, who was still trying to choose a car for Tao Ran on the internet, heaved a big sneeze. He rubbed his nose and said to himself, "Who is saying bad things about me?"

Long Qiu left in a good mood, completely forgetting that she wasn’t able to scold Cui Xiao. Her thoughts keep on straying to Tao Ran. This Tao Ran is so stupid and troublesome. But I can see he is a good person and we could be friends.


Tao Ran was still asleep when Tony came to his door the next day. After he let him in, Tony stared in disgust at his hair which looked like a chicken coop. "Why are you still asleep? Are you not filming today?"

Tao Ran got back into the room to change clothes without a care. Tony said again, "Tsk, there are still dirty bowls on the table. You didn’t even wash the dishes? Why are there two sets of chopsticks? You brought a woman back last night?"

"The other is from Miss Long." Tao Ran went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, saying, "She said I don't need to wash the dishes, and to let you do it when you come today."

Tony: "..."

So much bullying? Tony's expression was stiff with a hint of sadness, and he had no doubt that the woman who was enamored with this little wolf dog would say such things. When your own boss and artist get together, who else would be there besides yourself?

Tony rolled up his sleeves and began to wash the dishes with painstaking effort. Tao Ran put on his clothes and styled his hair. Then, he asked, "Tony, will I be very busy after I become famous?"

Tony poured detergent into the water and answered. "That is for sure. You will have a lot of film appointments by then, as well as various endorsement activities, some variety show invitations..."

Tao Ran listened for a while, and felt that by that time, he might be too busy to complete the task. He had to step up and take advantage of the fact that there weren’t many things for him to do now.


Cui Xiao was brought over by Bai Shaohui that morning. Tao Ran could see that she looked fresh and was glowing as if she had not cried and felt bad yesterday. Tao Ran walked over to greet her. "Oh, your boyfriend is driving you."

Cui Xiao blushed and whispered, "No, don't talk nonsense." Then she ran away.

Bai Shaohui felt very good about Tao Ran now. Watching Cui Xiao run away, he said, "Thank you for telling me about Xiaoxiao yesterday."

"Hey, I am glad I could help." Tao Ran whispered, "You have not gotten her yet?"

Bai Shaohui frowned in annoyance. " different from other women. If you didn't put in good words for me yesterday, she might still hate me now."

Tao Ran sympathized. He patted Bai Shaohui on the shoulder and said, "Courting girls isn’t done like this. You have to let her know what you’ve done for her and how much effort you’ve put in. That way, she will feel that she is valued and that you are sincere. Don’t keep things hidden from her."

"Oh, is that right? You know women pretty well." Bai Shaohui said excitedly. "Is there a chance for us to get a drink together?”

"Okay." Tao Ran agreed heartily. How won’t I understand women? I'm a freaking woman!

Tao Ran knew that there was someone on the set observing his every move and reporting to Long Qiu. He didn't dare let Long Qiu think he was diverting from her plans and ignoring Cui Xiao. So he kept a close watch on Cui Xiao, discussing the script with her whenever he was free. Cui Xiao was very glad. "You’re so amazing. You’re really good at understanding the character's thoughts and personality."

"It's probably because I’ve read a lot of novels." Tao Ran said, "You’re also very good but since this is your first time making a movie, you’re still not used to it. It's only normal. Soon, you’ll get familiar with it and everything will come easy."

"Yeah. By the way...” Cui Xiao was about to say something else, but Tao Ran's phone rang at that moment.

"Hey, what's the matter?"

"Little Apple." Long Qiu asked, "Why is it so noisy? Where are you now?"

"I'm on the set." Tao Ran said, "I just finished filming a section and now I’m resting."

Long Qiu signed and filed a document. Then she asked the manager to go out. "Why didn’t you ask for a leave since you’re sick? Is the fever gone?"

"The fever has passed." Tao Ran smiled and said, "I felt alright after having a good sleep, and the chicken soup was a great help too. I feel very energetic now."

"That's good." Long Qiu was going to hang up before finally reminding him, "Drink more hot water."

Tao Ran: "..."

Cui Xiao asked, "Your girlfriend?"

"No." Tao Ran answered with mixed feelings. "It’s Miss Long."

Cui Xiao's eyes widened. Miss Long would even call to greet him?

To be honest, Cui Xiao was scared of Long Qiu because every time she saw her, she always looked very serious and austere and didn't seem to like anyone. She didn't expect that Long Qiu would care so much about her artists. Cui Xiao's mind turned sharply, feeling that the relationship between Long Qiu and Tao Ran was unusual. Otherwise, how would she give the male lead role of a big production film to an inexperienced newcomer who had just graduated?

After work ended, Tony asked Tao Ran whether he had a Weibo, and if not, he’d have to open one. Tao Ran asked, "Can I post whatever I want on Weibo?"

Tony was silent for a moment before saying, "Give me your Weibo account after you open one. I’ll take care of it for you."

"Thank you Tony, but I don’t need to trouble you for such a small thing.” Tao Ran continued showing much care. “I know you have a lot of things to do so I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle it.”

“Why won’t I be able to handle it?” Tony’s sharp voice left the phone and entered straight into Tao Ran’s ear. “This mother brought five at the same time. All of the artists that I handle, all their Weibo announcements are made by me! Now I’m serving you like a bastard. How could this mother be overwhelmed with the work?"


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