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Chapter 47: The Elder Disciple of Acacia Sect [11]

"Yeah..." He wan looked at Qiang Wei showing a pitiful face and said, "Master has saved Senior Qiang Wei, and Senior would not be willing to see Master die, right?"

"That's for sure." The headmistress said with a smile on her face: "She will definitely follow you."

"Who said I'm going?" Qiang Wei squinted at He Wan and said, "Your Master told me that he would not let me approach him. But I am also the elder of the Acacia Sect and I’m not one of those shameless people that would come whenever people call."

"..." The headmistress of the Acacia Sect was silent for a moment and said to He Wan: "Sword Sovereign is powerful in the world, has faith, sentiment, and righteousness, and I admire him from all over the Acacia Sect. Since Sword Sovereign is in trouble, what about Acacia Sect? Can you ignore it?"

He Wan opened her eyes wide to look at the headmistress and blinked...

Seeing that the headmistress changed her agitated look just now, she said, "But Elder Qiang Wei is also the hero of my Acacia Sect. The Acacia Sect will never make it difficult for his disciples to do things they don't want to do."

He Wan shed tears, "What should I do, Master..."

"Don't cry." The headmistress walked over and wiped He Wan's tears and said, "You are looking for an Acacia Sect monk with a profound cultivation level for your master to repair his injuries, right?

He Wan nodded with teary eyes, "Hmm."

"It doesn't matter if Qiang Wei doesn't want to." The headmistress suppressed her excitement hard, "I can."

Qiang Wei:"……"

"Really?" He Wan looked at the headmistress, "Are you really willing?"

"I'm willing." The headmistress said with awe-inspiring righteousness: "For the Sword Sovereign, what is my little sacrifice?"

Qiang Wei:"……"

He Wan looked at Qiang Wei and then at the headmistress. This headmistress seemed to be better than Qiang Wei, and she was definitely more enthusiastic than Qiang Wei. Hewan said: "Then would you like to go to Penglai with me?"

The headmistress nodded again and again, "I do, I do."

Qiang Wei: "Humph!"

"Let's go then." He wan said: "Master's injury can't be delayed."

 "You are so right, the injury of the swordmaster is so urgent. How can you let the swordmaster continue to suffer?" The headmistress took out the shadowless shuttle and said: "I will take you away. Let’s take the shadowless shuttle to go fast. I can't wait to heal the sword sovereign."

Qiangwei was half-dead with anger on the side and watched as the headmistress took He Wan away. She thought about it, and feeling unable to swallow her breath, she quietly followed.

The headmistress took He Wan out of the sect and said to the disciples: "If something goes wrong while the headmistress is outside or if something happens in the sect, go to other elders, I will be back soon."

Then, she pulled He Wan and disappeared instantly, Qiang Wei ran out, and the disciple said: "Elder Qiang Wei, just now the headmistress ..."

Qiang Wei looked in the direction they were leaving, then rose up into the sky and disappeared in place.

Disciple: "...went out."

He Wan and the headmistress of Acacia Sect stopped above the sea outside Penglai Mountains. He Wan said, "I will hide you in my sleeve and sneak you in."

The headmistress of Acacia Sect was stunned at that time, and said: "What? I came to Penglai to dual cultivate with the sword sovereign, and no one knows in Penglai about it?"

"No, I went quietly to Acacia Sect without telling the master." He Wan whispered as if she was doing something wrong: "Master doesn't know yet."

The legs of the headmistress of the Acacia Sect began to tremble, "Are you sure that the Sword Sovereign will not hit me with a sword when he sees me?"

"No, Master never kills innocent people indiscriminately."

The headmistress of the Acacia Sect breathed a sigh of relief, and said: "Then how can you be sure that the Sword Sovereign is willing to dual cultivate with me?"

"Why not? Master is injured." He Wan whispered: "Secretly I’m telling you, Master has already dual cultivated with the Elder Qiang Wei of your school."

Sword Sovereign would tell his apprentice this kind of thing? The headmistress of the Acacia Sect smiled dryly: "Sword Sovereign does not hide anything from you."

"What's hiding from me?" He Wan said: "I saw them next to me."

Headmistress of the Acacia Sect: "Puff!"

Sword Sovereign, you are too unruly, and you also allow your apprentice to watch while you’re dual cultivating with others. model...

He Wan raised her sleeves and said, "Although the dimension in my sleeves is not comfy, you can pretend to be at home."

The headmistress of the Acacia Sect looked at He Wan's sleeves, and her heart was unwilling. But at least she would see the legendary Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing. She gritted her teeth and said: "You have to be careful." Then, she plunged into He Wan's sleeve.

He Wan closed her sleeves and walked into the Penglai Mountain Gate pretending nothing was going on.

Before taking two steps, a disciple who guarded the gate said, "Sister He, please stay."

He Wan stiffened a bit, then turned around and said, "What's the matter, brother?"

The disciple said, "I don't think you look right, are you bringing in something you shouldn't bring in?"

He Wan began to sweat on her head, denying: "Don't talk nonsense, I didn't bring any demonic cultivators in."

The headmistress of the Acacia Sect in the sleeve rolled her eyes upon hearing it. What's the matter with you, girl, did you just confess?

"Really?" The disciple said, "I don't believe you, let the senior brother search you."

He Wan was about to cry anxiously, "Really not, brother don't search me."

Seeing He Wan was about to cry, the disciple scratched his head and said, "Junior sister, don’t cry. I just wanted to see if you have brought back something funny from the mortal world. If you don’t want me to search you, I won’t search. Why are you crying??"

He Wan: "Uuuuu..."

He Wan entered the sect smoothly and then ran unimpeded into the bamboo forest. Tao Ran was playing the guqin and felt He Wan arrive. He was thinking about what secret realm she had gone to and came back from so soon.

Being taken away by He Wan, the headmistress of the Acacia Sect heard a misty guqin sound. Her heart shook and she thought that this Sword Sovereign Xuan Qing was really extraordinary. She couldn't control herself just by listening to the sound of the guqin.

He Wan walked to Tao Ran and said, "Master, your disciple is back."

"Yes." Tao Ran said lightly.

The headmistress of the Acacia Sect suddenly felt a warm current rising in her lower abdomen; God, this sound is so good.

Suddenly feeling something wrong, Tao Ran said: "Why is a rat breeding hiding here? Get out of here."

After he finished speaking, he slapped He Wan's sleeve with a palm, and the headmistress of the Acacia Sect crawled out, begging for mercy: "Sword Sovereign for your life! Sword Sovereign for your life! Your apprentice brought me in!"

"Master, she is not a bad person." He Wan stopped Tao Ran and said, "She is not a bad person."

Tao Ran looked at the gorgeous woman and said, "You are a demonic cultivator."

"Yes, yes, I am Demon Xiu." The headmistress of the Acacia Sect said: "I am not as talented as you, but I am the headmistress of the Acacia Sect."

What does the head of the Acacia Sect come to Penglai for? Is something wrong with Qiang Wei?

Tao Ran asked, "Why did you sneak into Penglai quietly?"

The headmistress looked at Tao Ran, only thinking that the men she had met before were not worthy men. Such a handsome, powerful, and abstinent man is really the best...

He Wan said: "Master, she is here for you."

"For me?" You know that I was injured, so you want to take advantage of my illness to kill me?

 The headmistress nodded repeatedly, "Yes, yes, this slave family is here for the Sword Sovereign."


Seeing that the master still didn't understand, He Wan said, "The headmaster said that Master’s injury can't be cured by pills. The disciple knows that the dual cultivation method of the Acacia Sect is infinite, so she dared to go forward to the Southern Wilderness and invited the headmistress of the Acacia Sect to dual cultivate and heal Master's injuries."

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran was shocked, he was really shocked. He had never been so shocked when he was pulled in by the system to do the task. There were still apprentices who pimped their masters?

Is there such a trick?

Tao Ran was speechless for a while, really speechless.

The headmistress gave Tao Ran a shy look, and said, "This slave family is the headmistress of the Acacia Sect. She is proficient in all the dual cultivation methods of the Acacia Sect. Not only can she heal the swordsman but she can also let the swordsman realize what bliss is. If the swordsman has reservations, this slave doesn't mind letting little friend He Wan watch."

Tao Ran: "..."

He Wan looked at Tao Ran expectantly, "Master, can you?"

"What the..." The swear word almost got out of his mouth in anger.

 "No." Tao Ran said angrily: "Get out!"

 He Wan: "Master..."

 Headmistress: "Sword Sovereign...?"

"Get out!" Tao Ran looked at the headmistress fiercely, "If you don't get out, I will cut you into two with one sword!"

The headmistress crawled and rolled, and He Wan said, aggrieved: "Master, your injury..."

"You too." Tao Ran said with a headache: "You, don't meddle in my business in the future."

He Wan is also gone...

Tao Ran clutched his head and sat in front of the guqin, thinking what a bad apprentice he had. Why didn’t she like the Demon Emperor? If she had liked the Demon Emperor, she woudn’t have to take over this messy thing.

As he sighed, a hidden weapon flew towards his front door. Without thinking, Tao Ran stretched out his hand to his sword, "Who is there?"

Why is this feeling a bit familiar?

Tao Ran looked up and saw that the hidden weapon turned into pink smoke and penetrated into his skin.

Tao Ran: "..."

"I don't see that you are quite a gentleman." Qiang Wei walked out from behind the bamboo door and said: "My headmistress of the Acacia Sect cannot make you feel good."

Tao Ran inquired sadly: "Why are you here?"

"If I didn’t come..." Qiang Wei said with a charming smile: "Who does Sword Sovereign plan to find to solve this yin and yang harmony?"

"..." Tao Ran said: "Didn't I tell you to stop coming to Penglai? Why won’t you listen to me?"

"Who are you to me? Why should I listen to you?" Qiang Wei looked at Tao Ran's skin which was gradually turning red and smiled: "The last spring breeze was once, and the slave family will never forget the taste of Sword Sovereign. Today I wish to continue cultivating with you. This fate, does Sword Sovereign accept it or not?"


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