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Chapter 26: The Guilty Rich Girl [2]

Ruan Jun took a few deep breaths then took off his clothes and sat up.

Tao Ran, "Mmnphhh..." Don't do this, don't do this...

Ruan Jun was also uncomfortable, her expression was that of embarrassment, shyness, and pain, but there was no happiness.

Tao Ran lay on the bed with a dead face from beginning to end, his heart feeling as complicated as his body. Once, he had a co-worker who thinks with his dick and whose lifelong wish was to cross over to ancient times and enjoy the life of having three wives and four concubines. Other colleagues laughed at him and advised him to take care of his waist. The male colleague responded like it was a matter of course, "What does it have to do with the waist? Can’t you just lie there and enjoy it?"

Although he didn't know how that male colleague was doing now, it was certain that he wasn’t able to live such a happy and easy life. The happy life of the waist—Tao Ran was able to enjoy it firsthand, although he didn't want to.

Ruan Jun was a virgin, and it hurts the first time. Plus, she was the one taking the initiative. The whole process was painful, and she didn't enjoy anything.

After Tao Ran was taken advantage of, Ruan Jun fell to the side with exhaustion. Tao Ran was still gagged, so all he could do was roll his eyes while lying on the bed. He was sweaty all over, like a mermaid. He said to the system, "When I asked what would happen after I finished a task, you said that the next task will be more difficult than the previous one, but you didn't say that it would be so difficult."

Xiaomei felt wronged as she held her stubby legs. "How can the host blame others? If you had asked for help, how could you be knocked over?"

Tao Ran, "..."

Tao Ran had nothing to say. He was gagged and he was struggling to breathe. In his discomfort, he began to hum again. Ruan Jun became flustered after the passion. As she heard the man on the side struggling, she wondered if he wanted her to untie the rope.

Jiang Jue under the bed, though drunk, was slowly waking up. He hadn't felt anything when he fell asleep on the bed. As a result, he was rudely dragged off the bed by Tao Ran, and then kicked under the bed more rudely. After tossing around for a while, he awoke slowly and heard the sounds on the bed.

Ruan Jun stretched out her hand and took out the cloth that was blocking Tao Ran's mouth. Fresh air instantly poured and Tao Ran took a deep breath. Thinking about what happened today, he felt like he was unlovable.

He said, "Who are you? Do you realize that you're breaking the law by doing this?"


When Ruan Jun heard Tao Ran's voice, she was instantly shocked. This voice did not seem to be Jiang Jue's. A terrible thought came up. Ruan Jun did not even wear her clothes before she jumped out of the bed and turned on the light. Then she saw a stranger tied to the bed, completely naked.

...God, what is going on?

While Ruan Jun was shocked, Jiang Jue who woke up, struggled to climb up from under the bed. His head hurt. Did he fall off then roll under the bed? As soon as he climbed out and before he stood up, he saw the scene in the room and he was stunned.

Tao Ran said to Ruan Jun, "You can talk about what you want to do to me later, but now can you please help me untie the rope?"

Jiang Jue's gaze immediately shifted to the rope. He swallowed and said, "I... Excuse me, are you guys done yet?"

"Ahhh!!!" Ruan Jun was stared at by the two big men. After reacting, she wanted to jump off the building and commit suicide in shame. She stepped onto the bed and then covered herself with the quilt.

Tao Ran said with an embarrassed expression, "Help... help me cover myself."

Jiang Jue was embarrassed to death. He quickly stood up, turned around, and said, "Although this is rather rude of me, I still have to ask. Why are you in my room…?"

Tao Ran and Ruan Jun answered in unison, "Got drunk and went to the wrong room!"

"..." Alright? Jiang Jue touched his nose and said, "You enjoy yourselves, I’ll go first."

Ruan Jun watched Jiang Jue leave, she didn’t have the guts to urge him to stay and couldn't explain.

She wasn't clean anymore, Jiang Jue would never like her anymore. When she thought of this, she felt that the sky was falling. It's all the man on the bed’s fault, it's all him!

Ruan Jun fiercely looked at Tao Ran and said hoarsely, "Who are you? How dare you do this to me? I will definitely put you in jail!"

Tao Ran was still tied to the bed. He glanced at his own hands that were still bound by the rope and said, "Miss, can you be reasonable? Who did this to whom? I am the victim, okay?"

Ruan Jun recalled the previous incident and immediately became ashamed. She asked, "Why are you in this room?"

Tao Ran confidently said, "I was drunk and went to the wrong room!"

Ruan Jun, "You’re lying!"

"Where did I lie?" Tao Ran in turn asked, "This is not your room either, so why are you here?"

Ruan Jun was speechless for a moment, and her face flushed anxiously. "I was also drunk and ran into the wrong room."

Tao Ran, "Huh? Wrong room? You bring a rope when you go out of your room?”

"You..." Ruan Jun thought of how she had given her first time to a man she had never seen before, and even took the initiative to do it herself. She immediately regretted everything and wanted to vomit blood. "Then why didn’t you speak? If you had spoken, this kind of thing wouldn't have happened."

Tao Ran immediately looked at the cloth that was used to gag him. "Miss, you didn't give me a chance to say anything.”

Ruan Jun held the quilt with one hand and covered her face with the other. She wanted to go mad. She wanted to kill the man in front of her but it was her who did the wrong thing. She wanted to rush out to explain to Jiang Jue but what right did she have to explain?

Thinking about these, she couldn't help but start crying. Ruan Jun covered her face and wailed, "I won't let you get away with this… I won't let you get away..."

Tao Ran was lying on the bed. Because he was still tied up, his sexy abdominal muscles were completely exposed, and the sweat on it was not completely dry. He said, "You won't let me get away? I’m the one who’s not going to let you get away. Do you think it's not considered rape or sexual assault if a woman forces herself on a man? Your tools of crime are still here. Get ready to go to jail. I will definitely sue you."

Ruan Jun suddenly remembered something. If her dad found out what happened tonight, he would definitely kill her. Thinking of this, she felt nervous. She had already lost the opportunity to be with Jiang Jue, she can’t ruin her reputation any further.

Thinking of this, she had no plans to pursue Tao Ran anymore. After all, it was her fault. What she had to do now was to minimize the impact of this incident on herself.

"That..." Ruan Jun said with difficulty, "Can you... forget about this?"

Tao Ran raised his eyebrows and said, "First, untie the ropes for me."

Ruan Jun wanted to come down to Tao Ran and untie the rope, but remembering that she’s wearing anything, she became embarrassed. "Please close your eyes."

Tao Ran understood in seconds, and said lewdly, "Is there still any reason to close my eyes? We’ve already done it, what's wrong with looking at it?"

"Just close your eyes!" Ruan Jun suddenly flared up.

At this time, he was still under her control, so it was definitely not a good time to annoy her. Tao Ran closed his eyes obediently and said in his heart that he would wait to be freed before speaking his mind.

Seeing Tao Ran close his eyes, Ruan Jun quickly put on her clothes. Then she went to help Tao Ran untie the rope. The place where Tao Ran was tied up by the rope was red, swollen and cracked. It seemed that he had struggled. Ruan Jun was apologetic in her heart, and angry at herself. Why didn't she look at the person she tied up clearly?

After she untied the rope, Tao Ran opened his eyes. He sat up from the bed, got up with a pair of long legs, and slowly put on his clothes. Tao Ran was wearing an exquisite suit, and she knew it was specially made at first glance. Ruan Jun began to regret it again. This person's clothes were different from Jiang Jue's. Why didn't she realize her mistake?

Tao Ran put on his clothes and smiled at Ruan Jun with a beaming smile. "What did you just say?"

Ruan Jun said, "Can you forget what happened today?"

"It seems like you were trying to make a mistake." Tao Ran stretched out his hand to cover his chest, acting deeply hurt and heartbroken, he accused, "You just ravaged me on this bed, and now, you just want to get rid of me?"

Ruan Jun stared at him fiercely. "You’re a man? Is it necessary for you to be like this? It was my first… Anyway, I can give you money if you want."

"Are you thinking that I’m selling it?" Tao Ran said, "I’m telling you, it was my first time. Do you know what kind of shadow it'd leave in a man's heart to encounter this kind of thing for the first time? Do you know what kind of harm it will cause to my fragile mind?"

Never mind Ruan Jun, even Xiaomei the system couldn’t listen to Tao Ran’s talk. Panda Xiaomei was quite a figure in the system world. She had followed countless hosts but she had never encountered such a shameless host.

The system was roasting Tao Ran, but Ruan Jun was not clear about Tao Ran's situation. She thought that it was really Tao Ran’s first time, so she was ashamed. "Then what do you want to do?"

Tao Ran looked at her with innocent and blank eyes. "Are you going to take responsibility?"


Ruan Jun's eyes widened, almost thinking that she heard it wrong. "What did you say?"

"I said, do you intend to take responsibility?" Tao Ran said, "Are you just going to forget about this?"

Ruan Jun really didn't want to have a relationship with the man in front of her, or get involved with him. She was so in shock that she wanted to jump into the Huangpu River. She was really not in the mood to talk to Tao Ran.

She took out her purse from her bag, took out all the money in it, handed it to Tao Ran, and said, "I will give you all this money. I beg you to pretend that today's events never happened."

Ruan Jun looked awful. Tao Ran knew the importance of chastity to a woman, especially when her beloved saw her lose her chastity with his own eyes. He felt a little sorry as he said, "Was that your boyfriend just now?"

Ruan Jun gritted her teeth and said, "No."

"I don't think so too." Tao Ran said, "How can a man love a girl and bear to see her with other people? Although, it seems that he treats you a little bit..."

Ruan Jun ran away after sneaking to the door. She had also figured it out clearly. Anyway, that man doesn’t know who she is. She’s going to run away now. Anyhow, it’s not easy to find a person in this vast China. The main thing was that she didn't want to hear his next words.

Even if she knew the real situation, she still wanted to lie to herself. She didn't want to admit that Jiang Jue didn't feel anything about her.

She ran back home in a hurry. Outside the yard, she could see that the light at home was still on. She didn't know whether her parents were still asleep or the nanny was doing housework with the light on.

Pushing the door open gently, she saw her father sitting on the sofa. Ruan Xiongfei raised his eyes and said, "You’re back."

"Yeah." Ruan Jun was a little nervous and walked over slowly, for fear that her father would see that something was wrong with her. "Dad, why are you still awake?"

"Waiting for you." Ruan Xiongfei smiled and said, "Did you have fun today?"

Fun? The irritating feeling in her core exploded. Ruan Jun's heart was bleeding, but she said with a strange smile, "It was good."

Ruan Xiongfei didn't know of the pain in his daughter's heart. He thought Ruan Jun was really alright, so he said, "Come here. Sit and talk to Dad."

Ruan Jun felt uncomfortable, especially with that place in pain. She sat down beside Ruan Xiongfei. Ruan Xiongfei said, "You have graduated now, and we still don’t know what you plan to do."

Ruan Jun originally had a plan. She planned to get Jiang Jue first, and then get Jiang Jue to work in her own company. In this way, they would meet every day, and they would consider getting married when their relationship stabilized. But now, the plan was disrupted, and she was being threatened by someone.

Thinking of this, Ruan Jun couldn't help but feel bitter.

Seeing that Ruan Jun’s face was not good, Ruan Xiongfei thought she had no plans, so he said, “You don’t have to be too tired with your brother in the company. Why don’t you go out with your mother for a stroll. She can introduce you to some outstanding young people..."

In their circle, as long as they are not the only daughter or the one particularly capable, when they grow up, their parents will introduce people to them in ordinary ways. This was what Ruan Jun hated most.

Ruan Jun was a little upset for a moment, she knew what Ruan Xiongfei meant. Her parents had always hoped that they could add the right person to bring the family's career to a higher level, but she doesn't like this arrangement. She likes Jiang Jue.

Ruan Jun suppressed the irritability in her heart and tried to calm down as much as possible, "Dad, I just graduated. I don't want to think about this."

Ruan Xiongfei keenly noticed something wrong with his daughter, and asked, "Jun Jun, do you have a boyfriend?"

Ruan Jun: "No."

"It doesn't matter if you have one, you are an adult now, and you should fall in love." Ruan Xiongfei said. "Bring him home and let him meet me and your mother. Dad also wants to see what kind of boy Jun Jun has her eyes on."

Ruan Jun was very upset upon hearing this. She had just lost her chances with the boyfriend that she wanted to have and her temper was a bit impulsive. "I said no, no one! Were you listening to me?"

Ruan Xiongfei turned a bit frozen. He did not understand why his daughter's reaction was so big.

After she roared, Ruan Jun's senses returned. She realized that this was a bit too much for her dad, so she stood up, lowered her head, and said, "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm a little uncomfortable. I will go upstairs first."

She hurried upstairs and went straight to the bathroom to undress. The body she saw in the mirror looked no different from before, but she knew it was different. She comforted herself; didn't she just sleep with a man? It was nothing at all. She also knew little sisters who slept with men when she was in middle school, and that layer of membrane wasn’t important at all.

This self-comfort seemed to have some effect but when she stood under the shower and was taking a bath, she felt stuff that did not belong to her flow down, and she broke down and cried.

Tao Ran returned to Zhou Jiayi's home. His mother was watching TV in the living room. It was unknown what was making her cry. Seeing Tao Ran return, Zhou's mother said with tears and dim eyes, "Baby, you’re back?"

Tao Ran sweated and nodded, "Well, there was entertainment today."

"Your dad is really—! He handed over the company to you when you were still young." Zhou Mu looked at Tao Ran distressedly and said, "It has made you work so hard every day, while he ended up being idle."

For such a kind mother, Tao Ran only wanted to coax her. Because what else could he do? He sat over and used his three-inch tongue and quickly coaxed Zhou's mother to smile. Mother Zhou said, "Your glib mouth is exactly the same as your father’s when he was young. Your father coaxed me to come back to him back then by opening his mouth."

Tao Ran smiled awkwardly. His mother was complaining about his father in front of him, how should he react to this? Besides, Tao Ran was not their real son, so he did not know how to react for a while.

Mother Zhou looked at Tao Ran, and the more she looked at him, the more satisfied she became. Her eyes overflowed with love. She touched Tao Ran's head and said, "My son has grown up so much that it seemed as if he had grown up in the blink of an eye. It was obviously not that long ago when he was just a little baby who clings to his mother every day."

In the parents’ eyes, children will always be children.

Tao Ran rubbed the top of her head against Zhou's palm and said with a smile, "I don’t stick to you now."

Zhou's mother laughed all of a sudden, smiling happily. She pretended to be angry and said, "You, more than that, you haven't been close to mother since you went to university. Every day, your face is as stern as ice, and your mother hasn't seen you smile like this for a long time."

Tao Ran couldn’t speak. The previous Zhou Jiayi was really cold. But Tao Ran was not. Tao Ran couldn’t be cold to everyone.

Zhou Mu directly talked about the dreaded topic, "Baby, you’re still so young, shouldn’t you be considering having a girlfriend?"

You just said that I'm still so young...

Tao Ran didn't dare to talk back, so he could only say, "What you said was that I must work hard."

"What's the use of working hard by yourself? How many of the women around you are not there for the money?" Zhou Mu suddenly showed a creepy smile. "Mom’s sister happens to know a few good girls. When do you think you’ll have the time to come out and see them?"

Tao Ran smiled. "Isn’t this bad?"

"What's so bad about it? These girls have good family backgrounds. A well-educated woman is better than those women outside with unknown origins." Mother Zhou said, fearing that her son would be rebellious. She continued, "You can look at the photos first and see whichever you like."

Tao Ran was not good at defying a mother's will. He planned to deal with it today first. He nodded and said, "Okay, I will look at the photos when I have time."

"Don't wait for when you have time, do it now." Zhou Mu, who had prepared for a long time, took out a stack of photos from behind and squinted in front of Tao Ran, "Take a look."

Tao Ran: "..."

Zhou Mu looked at him expectantly. "Take a look."

"Okay..." Tao Ran looked at the photos muddledly. He felt that all the young ladies were very beautiful. How would he choose?

Just when Tao Ran was about to choose a random person to pass the test, a photo suddenly came into his sight. Tao Ran picked up the photo and said, "This is... I think she’s pretty good."

Zhou Mu leaned over and saw the beautiful girl in the photo.

"Oh, she looks pretty good." Mother Zhou said, "I don't know who this is, I will inquire tomorrow. Don't worry about anything. Pick one more."

"No need to, mother, just her. I think she's quite okay."

Tao Ran then went upstairs to rest, thinking about how coincidental it was that Ruan Jun was among the potential blind dates that mother Zhou had prepared. Ruan Jun thought that she would be able to avoid him if she ran away, but how could he possibly give up so easily on his own 999,999,999,998?

Zhou Jiayi was also a famous diamond bachelor in City A. It was rumored that he was not only handsome and worth gold, but also did not like to go out and fuck around like other rich second-generations. He didn't have many friends, of the few friends that he has, some were family friends or people who’ve been around ever since. Since he had passed the legal marrying age, there were countless people who wanted to be introduced to him, but Zhou Jiayi had a high standard, and he didn't like ordinary vulgar fangirls.

If he hadn't met the heroine in the novel, he wouldn't have ended up like in the novel.

Tao Ran got up early to go to the company. Back when he was in the second half of his time in the last world, he didn't act anymore, instead, he followed Long Qiu to manage the company together. That, coupled with the memory of Zhou Jiayi in this life, managing a company was not a problem.

When he arrived at the company, the employees were already there. The lady at the front desk shot her eyes like searchlights. As soon as Tao Ran entered the door, she whispered, "Zhou is here."

The girls suddenly became nervous.

"My makeup, how is my makeup?"

"How is the color of my lipstick? Will Zhou look at me a little longer?"

"Wow, look at those long legs..."

"How can he wear a suit so beautifully..."

Tao Ran walked past them with a pair of long legs and with a fixed gaze.

 Several girls blushed. "No, I was swept by hormones..."

Tao Ran sat down in the office, and the assistant took the documents over, asking him to sign them. He said, "Didn’t the CEO of Ruan Group reserve an appointment? I will meet them."

"Yes." The assistant said, "But you already refused yesterday."

"Then make another appointment." Tao Ran said, in a good mood, "Just say I have the intention to cooperate with them again and I want to go to his house to visit."

The assistant suspected that he had heard it wrong, and confirmed, "Are you sure you are going to visit? Not meeting them outside?"

Tao Ran closed the document. "Yes, you heard it right."


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