Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 28: The Guilty Rich Girl [4]

The sun was shining this Sunday morning but Ruan Jun's mood was not as bright as the weather. She got up early in the morning to dress up; to be precise, she started to clean up herself last night. Everything she did was to show up in front of Luo Rou the next day, trying to compete with Luo Rou in every aspect.

Sure enough, her hard work was not in vain. After she saw Luo Rou, she was far better than Luo Rou in terms of clothing and makeup. In the words of her little sister, Luo Rou stood beside her like a maid.

Ruan Jun stood in front of Luo Rou holding her branded bag and said, "Let’s go to Qiangwei Street. It’s been a long time since we bought a bag."

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