Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 83: The Manic Queen [13]

Xuanyuan Yan's disobedience shocked the crowd. Old Six anxiously slapped her thighs. Her heart scolded her cheap mouth. ‘Why did you tell her about the horrors of a big wedding? Now she is so scared that she is willing to die rather than get married.’

Tao Ran remembered that there was also a paragraph in the novel. Xuanyuan Mo in order to break Xuanyuan Yan's mind, gave marriage to her younger sister. At that time the villain Xuanyuan Yan had already blackened and she started to go against Xuanyuan Mo deliberately. Relying on the fact that Xuanyuan Mo would not really kill her, she firmly refused to marry. Hence the conflict between the sisters further deepened.

Tao Ran's lips trembled as he asked Xiaomei: "Xuanyuan Yan has blackened? My mission has failed?"

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