Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile Chapters List

Chapter 87: The Manic Queen [17]

Tao Ran walked away and suddenly felt something. When he looked back, he saw Xuanyuan Yan was crying alone.

In Tao Ran's heart, Xuanyuan Yan was different from the previous female counterparts. Although she is a woman, she is now essentially similar to men in other worlds. Therefore, Tao Ran has always lacked patience and tolerance that he usually had when treating the other female partners. He always had a feeling that a woman in a female deity oriented world would not be very fragile.

At this time, when looking at Xuanyuan Yan he felt his heart move. It felt like something deeply buried would break through, but in the end, it didn’t break out. He didn't understand why Xuanyuan Yan was crying. If it was just because of a child, she didn't have to.

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