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Chapter 76: The Manic Queen [6]

The two of them were very tired after tossing and turning in the big bed. Xuanyuan Yan was too sleepy, and Tao Ran was also sleepy. He turned over on the bed.

Xuanyuan Yan thought he was going to leave, so she reached out and grabbed him and said: "Don't leave, just sleep here."

Tao Ran rolled on the bed a few times, and moved a little away from Xuanyuan Yan: "I'm not going to leave, I'm going to sleep away from you, you are slicky."

"What? Do you dare to dislike this king?" Xuanyuan Yan rolled over to Tao Ran's side, stretched out her hand to wrap Tao Ran in her arms and said: "This king just wants to hold you to sleep."

Tao Ran was so uncomfortable, he twisted his neck in disgust and said: "God, there is stuff still flowing from your body."

Xuanyuan Yan smiled evilly as she considered and said: "Isn't it your stuff? What do you dislike about it?"

Tao Ran struggled a few times but he was too sleepy so the two fell asleep in a hug. The maidservant who has been serving Xuanyuan Yan for so many years, knowing her habit best, instructed the kitchen to prepare hot water, and prepared the bath and change of clothes for when she wakes up.

The only thing that surprised the maidservant was that the prince didn't let anyone send Ye Tan back. One must know that Xuanyuan Yan had always felt that the male pets had a low status and were only worthy of being a tool for her to vent her desires, but not worthy of sharing the same bed with her. The maidservant didn't think much about it, and went to handle the affairs by herself.

The male pets in the male pet compound were very concerned about Xuanyuan Yan's bedmates, and Xuanyuan Yan didn't want to conceal the fact that she was favouring Tao Ran. So they soon learned that Ye Tan and the prince had tossed in the house for a long time, and then they fell asleep together.

Compared to Xuanyuan Yan's summoning Ye Tan for two consecutive days, this incident was obviously more lethal. Because there were so many male favorites, some of them have been favored before, but none of them have slept with the prince. They were all sent away after the incident.

At this time, everyone's feeling of envy and jealousy towards Tao Ran was about to evolve into a feeling of hatred.

Suddenly someone said, "I heard that when the king called the vixen Ye Tan yesterday, someone sent a bowl of jewel soup in."


Everyone's eyes widened, and they looked at each other in surprise for a long while.

Then someone said: "Oh, although he is a favored pet, he would have no offspring in this life. If it were for me, I would rather not have this pet."

"That's it. It seems that the prince can't spoil Ye Tan so much."

"It's so pitiful... drinking Jewel Soup."

"Tsk tsk, how long can the prince's love last? When Ye Tan becomes old and yellow there will be no children to accompany him. How miserable it will be when he grows old."

Everyone's hatred for Tao Ran turned into sympathy in an instant. But they didn't want to think that even if they didn't have Jewel Soup, they might not get pregnant with the prince's child.

Xuanyuan Yan woke up leisurely, with Tao Ran in her arms who looked delicate but not too delicate. She used to hate male pets sleeping in her bed, but when she woke up, she found Tao Ran in her arms. Not only did she not feel angry, but she had a strange feeling. This feeling was not annoying.

Xuanyuan Yan stretched out her hand and squeezed Tao Ran's slightly fat face, and said: "You lazy pig, get up, this king's arms are numb."

Tao Ran opened his eyes, and the first sentence he uttered was, "I was strangled to death, causing me to have nightmares all night."

Xuanyuan Yan's face was dark for a moment, then she slapped Tao Ran's ass and said: "Get up, and take a bath with this king."

She was really sticky and uncomfortable, Tao Ran sat up and asked: "Where do I go to wash?"

Xuanyuan Yan pointed to the next door and said: "Next door is the king's bath, and this king allows you to enjoy it together."

Tao Ran curled his mouth silently.

Xuanyuan Yan stretched out her hand and clapped twice, intending to remind the people outside that they could come in and take care of her as she was now awake. But after waiting for a while, there was no movement outside. Tao Ran turned his head to look at her, Xuanyuan Yan's face was a bit irritated, and she clapped twice again, but there was still no movement.

Tao Ran said: "The sound of the clap transmission signal is indeed a little lower, so it's better to throw a cup as a letter."

Xuanyuan Yan's mouth twitched, and said: "Then a group of people would rush in, would you like to add swords and axes?"

"Huh?" Tao Ran said in surprise: "I didn't expect you to have such a sense of humor?"

Xuanyuan Yan took several shots and no one came in. She yelled outside, "Where is that person? Where did she go and die?"

The maidservant, who was about to fall asleep outside waiting, was shocked. Before she was fully awake, she shouted to the other party: "The prince is awake, get hot water!"

Then a group of people tossed the bath water next door. After it was set up, the maidservant said outside the door: "Master, everything is in order, do I need to send Master Ye Tan out first, and then wait for you to take a shower?"

"No trouble." Xuanyuan Yan pulled Tao Ran through the small door of the room and walked directly into the next door, saying: "He will take a bath with this king."

The maidservant was stunned for a moment, and asked in her heart what excitement did the prince have in the palace today? How was the behavior so different from usual? Or was this Ye Tan so capable?

In fact, she really overestimated Tao Ran. Tao Ran has no means. At best, he has improved his bed skills.

There were still many servants in the bathroom preparing to wait on Xuanyuan Yan, Tao Ran was really embarrassed. If everyone took a bath in the water together, he would be ok, but if so many people are there just watching them taking a bath, he just couldn't stand it.

Tao Ran said: "Let them all go out."

Xuanyuan Yan: "If they have all gone out, who will take care of this king to take a bath?"

Tao Ran said with no anger: "Me, can I take care of you?"

Xuanyuan Yan automatically understood the word "take care" to mean something else. A subtle smile appeared on her face, and she said to the attendants: "Go out, you are not needed here."

Now no one was going to stare at him, Tao Ran was much more comfortable.

Xuanyuan Yan's bath was so big that it could already be used as a swimming pool. Tao Ran soaked his whole body in the water with a suitable temperature, only his head was exposed outside. Ye Tan's face was red with the heat, and it looked very beautiful and delicious in the steam.

Xuanyuan Yan stared at him for a while, itching intolerably, and said: "Didn’t you say that you’re going to take care of this king? Why aren’t you coming?"

Tao Ran swam lazily, turned behind Xuanyuan Yan, took the towel and began to wipe Xuanyuan Yan's back. Xuanyuan Yan was rubbed on the back by him for a while, only to feel that there was a tender body behind which was against her, and her heart was rippling.

It was the first time for her to meet a man like Ye Tan, and he was the only one who could make herself so happy in bed. She was the emperor’s sister, and there was no shortage of beauties by her side. But sometimes the beauty was just beautiful, but they couldn't make herself happy. Therefore, she sometimes summoned more than one beauty at a time, and there were also several people who were caught up in the limelight together.

But the little fairy behind her was really different. Not only could he fully satisfy her, but he also looked like a fierce woman. If it weren't for the fact that she had gone through a lot of battles, she was really afraid that he could not be defeated.

Tao Ran was still wiping her back behind her, and Xuanyuan Yan suddenly pushed her butt back, just in front of Tao Ran's manhood. Tao Ran calmly stretched out his hands and patted her, "Don't make waves."

Xuanyuan Yan smiled and licked her lips and said, "This king hasn't tried it in the bath, so let's try it."

Tao Ran looked at Xuanyuan Yan with a speechless expression on his face, and Xiao Mei of the system said excitedly: "Host do as much as you want. After the system is upgraded twice, it can provide the host with the golden gun service."

Tao Ran: "..."

Since this was the case, why should he hesitate? What's more, the lady was rubbing hard against Tao Ran's body at this time.

This bath took a long time. Xuanyuan Yan stopped tossing until the water was not so hot.

After the two changed their clothes, they went to dinner.

Xuanyuan Yan was really overwhelmed as she did not eat at noon and did physical exercises for so long. Her hungry hands trembled, but she still didn't forget to add dishes to Tao Ran and said: "Eat this and eat more, this is to nourish the kidney, you must always keep it."

Tao Ran's mouth twitched as he ate, and he put a chopsticks of pig's feet for Xuanyuan Yan.

Xuanyuan Yan said: "This beauty is filial, the king shouldn't have refused, but this king really doesn't like this."

Tao Ran said: "Eat this and eat more, this is for breast enhancement, you must always keep it."

Xuanyuan Yan: "..."

Gu Yinglian was escorted back to Gu Mansion by the Forbidden Army, with his mother and father standing at the door. Seeing his poor little son come back, his father couldn't help but put his arms around Gu Yinglian and start to cry. Master Jing Zhao Yin Gu's eyes were also red, and she said, "Why cry, didn't he come back well?"

Gu Yinglian's father hugged Gu Yinglian and said: "My son, he's thinner now."

Gu Yinglian said aggrievedly: "Father, this son missed you so much."

Jing Zhaoyin said: "Don't be busy crying. Lian'er just came back, so let's go across a brazier to get rid of bad luck."

After that, Gu Yinglian's father personally helped Gu Yinglian to clean up. While combing Gu Yinglian's black and soft hair, he said: "My son, do you know who rescued you this time?"

Gu Yinglian said, "Isn't it because Mother asked for her child in the court?"

"Stupid boy, if your mother could do this, it would have be done a long time ago, why wait until today?" His father said: "Your Majesty the Emperor sent someone to instruct your mother to intercede for you at the Golden Luang Palace this morning."

"Yeah." Gu Ying Lian's shameful neck was red, and he lowered his head and said: "Her Majesty...How can Majesty take care of my business?"

"Who knows?" His father said with a smile: "I heard that Your Majesty recently intended to choose some courtiers' sons to serve as handsome men. Would you like to go, my son?"

Of course Gu Yinglian was willing, why would he not want to, his prison disaster was all for the man in the palace. Now that he has the opportunity to be close to her, how could he be unwilling?

Gu Yinglian thought about a lot of mess, and suddenly remembered something, "Father, I met a good brother in the jail, but unfortunately he was harmed by Xuanyuan Yan. How do you think I should avenge him?"


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