After Meng Zhengrong left, Xu Yuan calmly stood beside Sister Zhou. 

Sister Zhou clapped her hands and introduced Xu Yuan to the Finance Department, "She is our new colleague. Everyone, make sure to take care of her at work in the future."

This kind of introduction was unusual. Usually, a new employee’s name and post would be introduced, but Sister Zhou didn't this time. Although the onlookers had long guessed Xu Yuan's identity was exceptional, it still surprised them at the moment.

Xu Yuan just flashed a smile at them and didn't speak. She had yet to figure out the relationship between the other workers. Until then, she should maintain the image of Mrs. Meng in front of these colleagues.

Sister Zhou led Xu Yuan to the office next to hers. Even though it was not as big as the manager's office, it was fine as long as she had her own independent space. Xu Yuan was quite content.

After Sister Zhou and Xu Yuan went to the office, colleagues in the Finance Department immediately started a heated discussion in their department group chat—

"The Meng Family still has a lady, is it her? Oh my god, Lady Meng came to our department. Does this mean that there will be better material gain for our department in the future?"

If there was someone with a strong backer, it was typically hard to generate dissatisfaction from others. They thought more about whether their rights and interests would get better or worse. 

Realistically speaking, if Xu Yuan was not arrogant or would not hurt their interests, they would welcome her very sincerely.

If a company had a major figure in a department, that department would receive better treatment than others.

"I don't think it is Lady Meng. Rumors had it that she hadn't graduated yet, so she probably won’t be here for an internship, right? With the way President Meng interacted with her, the tone of his voice does not suit a brother’s to his sister at all. Rather, it should be his wife."

As soon as the last words came out, the group instantly became silent. 

Everyone looked at the closed office not far away and couldn't help but light a candle for the supervisor.

The current situation was already crystal clear. Sister Zhou might be retiring, but it would be impossible for Superintendent Cai to be promoted to the position of financial manager. Since the president's wife joined, it wouldn’t make sense if she was just an ordinary employee.

"If she really is the wife of the president, I will treat you to dinner!!" Li Yan, a newcomer who had just become a regular employee, simple-mindedly said in the group, "Everyone, think about it. If the wife of the president was in our department, wouldn't we be fowls and dogs raised to heaven[1]?"

"Screw you! You’re the fowl. You’re the dog. This baby is a fairy!"

But Li Yan was right. The president's wife was in the Finance Department. President Meng would pay more attention to their department, which was a good thing for their department. Most importantly, the wife could see their performance, which would be beneficial for their future development.

Everyone was glad.

In the office, Xu Yuan was looking around. There was a sofa, a small refrigerator, and a desk. When she saw the computer on the desk, it puzzled her. She barely learned about the cell phone and there were still many aspects she wasn’t clear about. The computer seemed to be more difficult than the cell phone.

"Sister Zhou, I haven't worked before. I don't know where to start..." Xu Yuan bit her lower lip. She behaved as if she was lost and restrained her scope. 

Sister Zhou's age counted as a senior maternal woman. When she was young, she worked hard to make a career. Now that she had everything she needed, she was ready to have children. In two months, she will see her baby, so the world was beautiful for her at the moment. She was very patient with Xu Yuan, "Don't worry. You will be with me for two months. If you don’t understand something, ask directly. I guess you’ll only use your office for rest for these two months. Take a laptop to my office later..."

After finishing, Miss Zhou paused and said with a smile, "You’ll probably feel wronged for these two months as my assistant for the time being. How about it?"

Sister Zhou naturally understood Meng Zhengrong's good intentions. She knew that Xu Yuan would not replace her position even if she kept working in the Finance Department. If Meng Zhengrong wanted his wife to work in Meng Cooperation, the position of a financial manager would not be enough.

Xu Yuan quickly smiled, "Zhengrong told me that Sister Zhou is extraordinary and asked me to learn from you. It is an opportunity that no one can even ask for. How can I be wronged?"

This amused Sister Zhou, "That's so sweet, then do I call you Mrs. Meng in the future? Do you have an English name?"

Xu Yuan thought for a moment and said, "Sister Zhou, call me Xu Yuan. I'm your student now. It is strange to hear my teacher call me that." 

This opportunity was too rare. She wanted to understand this era as soon as possible and master some skills, but she lived in a villa all day with limited access to people and reality. The workplace was the epitome of society, so she can learn a lot from Sister Zhou. At least, she would learn how to use computers.

Sister Zhou was very thoughtful. She took out the personnel information with the seating plan of the financial department and introduced them to her one by one according to the position of the staff.

At the same time, Meng Zhengrong was in a meeting with the top management of the company. Perhaps the thing he did the most each week was to be in meetings.

There was nothing special about today's regular meeting. It was the usual. The managers of several departments were reporting their work. Although Meng Zhengrong seemed like he was listening seriously, half of his thoughts diverted to Xu Yuan.

He took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat, and wanted to send a message to Xu Yuan.

He opened the WeChat interface with Xu Yuan. The latest message was, "I've accepted your friend request. Now let's chat!"

Well, from four months ago.

Meng Zhengrong found that the development between him and Xu Yuan was not optimistic.

These four months, they didn’t chat via WeChat and only sent a text or two. The number of calls was also few.

He sighed and sent a message to Xu Yuan, "Are you accustomed yet?"

Sister Zhou had gone to wash fruits that supplement nutrition while Xu Yuan was turning over the information she was given. When she heard a sound from her phone, she picked it up and saw that Meng Zhengrong sent a message.

Although she could understand the words here, she hadn't learned to type yet.

She couldn't pretend that she didn't see his message, therefore, she hesitated for a moment. She fumbled and sent him an emoji.

Meng Zhengrong, relieved to see the smiling expression she sent, added, "If there is anything uncomfortable, you can tell me directly."

Xu Yuan was annoyed to death by Meng Zhengrong.

It was currently work time, wasn't it? Why was he sending messages to her all the time? She couldn’t type, if there was something important wouldn't it be better to call? 

Xu Yuan had no choice but to send another emoji. 

Fortunately, Meng Zhengrong stopped sending messages, which made Xu Yuan relax a lot.

Although the employees in the Finance Department guessed that Xu Yuan was Mrs. Meng, no one dared to say anything before they confirmed the news. This continued till lunch break. Only a few people in the Meng Cooperation knew that Mrs. Meng had already quietly appeared out of nowhere. 

Meng Zhengrong's secretaries were all exceptionally shrewd. Every day they were in direct contact with Meng Zhengrong. Who would dare to reveal it? Their mouths were like 502[2], saying nothing. 

After interacting all morning, Sister Zhou had a good impression of Xu Yuan, due to Xu Yuan's deliberate efforts.

Xu Yuan originally wanted to go to the canteen for lunch with Sister Zhou, but when Meng Zhengrong called, Xu Yuan had to go upstairs to find Meng Zhengrong. 

The canteen chefs specially prepared Meng Zhengrong's lunch. Unlike the employee's meals, there was a soup as well as three meat dishes and two vegetable dishes, and the fruits were cut and arranged on a plate. Everything was sumptuous.

His office was enormous. Just before Xu Yuan came in, the assistant had already set up a folding dining table. 

The dining table was much smaller than the one at home. With one person on either end, the distance between them was not far away. 

Meng Zhengrong noticed that Xu Yuan had never touched one dish. He could be very attentive and noticed the difference between that dish and the others: the dish had coriander. 

"You don’t like to eat coriander?" He neither liked nor hated coriander. Coriander was just like durian. People who like it like it very much and people who hate it hate it very much. Xu Yuan was the latter.

Xu Yuan felt that there was nothing to lie about, so she nodded, "I don't like it."

She didn't want to eat it because it tasted strange. 

Meng Zhengrong thought that this was an opportunity to get closer to her and show that he cares about her.

He got up to his desk, picked up the landline, and made a phone call.

Although the president's office was large, Xu Yuan can hear what Meng Zhengrong is saying.

"En, inform the canteen over there not to put coriander on my meals in the future." Meng Zhengrong's voice was pleasant. Xu Yuan did not know why, but when she listened to him say so, she felt uncomfortable and could not help touching her arm. Goosebumps raised all over her body.

Oh, what should she do? She would rather eat coriander than accept the way he doted on her.

The author has something to say.:

President's heart always suffers--------------

TL Note

[1] 鸡犬升天 fowls and dogs turn immortals― relatives and followers of a high-ranking official get benefits

[2]: 502 refers to the glue [PR: or the bad gateway error I think?]


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