Boil Wine For Peace In The World

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Chapter 1: Sober

An Yu opened her eyes in a daze and saw the decorations around her, she was stunned for a moment, however there was no emotion shown on her face. Her heart ached when that person entered her mind again.

An Yu was originally an A-List celebrity, companies owned by her parents were sufficient to support her throughout her life. However, she gave up everything including her peace and happiness for that man. She later joined the company and rose to the top of the hierarchy making a name for herself as a highly successful woman. They even discuss marriage, however, suddenly a pretty girl from a humble family appeared in their lives. When did they start having an affair? An Yu no longer wants to think about it, but what should she do with her parents that she left behind after getting into a car accident? Anger? For an irrelevant woman or for a man who betrayed her? It's not worth it. Is she willing? Now she can't even tolerate herself for being unwilling. She sighed and closed her eyes again. She was a guest in and outside of her dreams, one day of joy, one day of sorrow. She just doesn't know why God tortured her like this, for what exactly?

An Yu opened her eyes again, not because she was constantly thinking about it, but because she slept far too long causing her to feel a splitting headache. She sat with great difficulty, only to discover that she now is a young girl. She frowned, suddenly the door was gently pushed open, and a girl wearing an apricot dress with two little buns on her head came into the room. Looking at this girl, she should be her maid.

"Miss, you're awake!" When the maid saw An Yu open her eyes, she rushed over with joy.

An Yu focused on her surroundings. A large pink bed, through the low-hanging curtain, she can vaguely see the carved bead barrier outside, this looks similar to a bedroom in ancient times! Where is this place? How did she become like this? An Yu was surprised, but she didn't dare to show it on her face, she then looked at the girl in front of her. When she opened her mouth, she felt it was very dry, so she pointed at the water on the table.

The maid looked at her hand confusedly, and when she saw what An Yu was pointing at, she immediately understood, she stood up quickly, and started to chatter: "Miss, you don't know how terrified this servant is because of you! If it weren't for Mr. Xie, friend of the eldest master rescued miss that time, this servant, this servant...this servant really doesn't know how miss will end up..." She started crying while talking.

An Yu drank a few sips of tea from the cup in her hand, her mind became a little more clearer, she faintly asked, "What's wrong with me?" She hadn't spoken for a long time, thus her voice was slightly hoarse.

Hearing this, the maid wiped her tears and whispered to her: "Miss, that day fourth lady asked this servant to help her get some dessert from the kitchen, but when this servant came back, this servant found young lady drowning in the pool. This servant was so frightened to the point this servant feels like my soul detached from the body. Fortunately, Master Xie rushed over to rescue miss. Otherwise, this servant will have to follow Miss to the underworld...".

An Yu rubbed her brows, nodded her head, and blurted out, "Master Xie?"

The maid nodded, "Yes, yes, Master Xie happened to be a guest at our house that day. When Eldest Master and Young Master Xie came to the backyard they happened to bump into Miss ! "

An Yu was about to ask the maid the identity of the eldest master when suddenly she heard a gentle male voice from the outside: "Is ifth sister awake?" she heard someone ask while entering the room.

A tall and slim body entered the room, the sunlight behind the man seemed to follow him everywhere. The room seems to glow with his presence. His eyebrows frowned slightly, and when he saw An Yu was sitting on the bed, he walked towards her delicately like a butterfly's wings. It's not that she has never seen a good-looking man in modern times, it's just that when An Yu saw him she felt happy physically and mentally.

The corner of her mouth curved slightly, she nodded, "Yes."

An Yu does not possess the memory of the original owner, but guessing from the girl's words and the way this man calling her as the fifth sister, she knew the person in front of her is the eldest brother of the original owner.

"It's great that you woke up, how are you feeling?" Su Huanqing raised An Yu's hand and concernedly asked her.

"It's just that I feel weak." An Yu slowly replied. She doesn't know how many days she has slept. Although she doesn't feel hungry, her body is too weak. When she stood up, she felt her hands constantly trembling. It seems like in the future she will have to strengthen her body first before doing other things.

"Well, you've been in a coma for two days and two nights. You only had porridge, of course you don't have much energy." Su Huanqing explained, he suddenly remembered something, he frowned, "Fifth sister, how did you fall into the pool?

Su Huanqing did not investigate further, there was no one else in the yard at the time. He and his friend Xie Weixing originally wanted to sit at the Tingfeng Pavilion in the yard, but he didn’t expect to hear someone fall in the pool as soon as he entered the yard, and he panicked. Fortunately, his friend rescued her, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

"I... I accidentally slipped because I was playful." An Yu replied quietly. The maid said that she was called away by Fourth Miss, but wasn't there a maid accompanying Fourth Miss? Why didn't she command her own maid? Besides, when her soul enters this body, where did the original soul go? There must be a conspiracy behind this. It's just that she just woke up so she was quite clueless, so it's better to say less.

When he heard her explanation, he pondered for a while, then he touched An Yu's head helplessly, and sighed: "Fifth sister, eldest brother went out only for a year, and was looking forward to seeing you again when I came back, but I didn't expect to see you like this. You..."There was a trace of worry and sadness in his voice.

"Don't worry, big brother, I will be more careful in the future, and there will definitely never be a second time." Based on the tones of his voice, it is easy to know that the person in front really cares about her. An Yu's heart warmed slightly, and the harmonious voice consoled her.

Su Huanqing nodded, said a few more words, and instructed her to pay more attention to her body, then left the room. An Yu listened to the fading footsteps, and saw the girl from before. She cautiously entered the room with a bowl of medicine. It was a completely different attitude from earlier, thus she felt a little more at ease.

"Miss, it's time to drink the medicine. Doctor Li said Miss needs to drink this once in the morning and evening. Although the medicine is a bit bitter, it is very effective. You should drink it while it is still hot!" After saying that, she handed over the bowl.

An Yu looked into the bowl and said quietly: "It's scalding hot."

"Ah? Miss please wait for a while, let me blow it to make it cooler." The maid took the medicine bowl, and slowly blew it. An Yu was able to smell the strong bitterness steamed from the bowl, her entire face wrinkled.

An Yu vigilantly watched the maid's action. After a while, the medicine in the bowl cooled down, the maid raised her head, the joy of success was evident on her face, and said: "Miss, it's done, the medicine won't be effective if it's colder."

An Yu nodded, took the bowl from the maid, raised her head, and drank the medicine in one breath. Bitter, It's hard to describe with words.

The maid took out a piece of jujube candy from nowhere and anxiously said: "Miss, open your mouth."

An Yu was taken aback, she obediently opened her mouth, and the bitterness in her mouth slowly disappeared. After eating the candy, An Yu asked in a deep voice, "What's your name?"

The maid was shocked when she heard the question: "Miss, you… you, how can you don't know this servant's name?"

An Yu blinked her eyes, "Maybe it's because my head was under the water quite some time causing me to forget my memories, you are not allowed to say anything about it, It's not a big deal, but if you said something, my eldest brother definitely be worried again.” Judging from her action just now, although this servant cannot completely be trusted, at least she will not be disadvantageous to her.

"Miss, this...are you sure you didn't require Doctor Li to come and check again?" The maid was not sure if she should ask the doctor to leave. The eldest master said just now, if the miss needs anything, please meet him as soon as possible.

“No need. Tell me, what is your name, my name, what is this place, and everything I need to know, tell me everything specifically." An Yu asked.

"Miss, this servant's name is Xiaoyuan. The master is the current Prime Minister, a first-rank officer of this dynasty. Just now, that person was the Eldest Master Su Huanqing. The eldest master has been traveling for a year and has just returned to the capital. After the Eldest Master then there is Second Miss Su Liuqian. Second miss is now Consort Qing. Third Miss Su Mingyu and Fourth Miss Su Mingzhu are twins, they are master favourites daughters. You are Su Liu Yuan the Fifth Miss. Miss's mother... when she was giving birth to you, it was a difficult birth..." Xiao Yuan didn't finish her words, but An Yu could guess the rest of her sentences. If her mother was still alive, she would be a favoured concubine. Now that she is dead, she was easily bullied by everyone. Xiao Yuan looked at her with wide eyes, afraid that her words could cause An Yu to be depressed. It's just that this is all about Su Liuyuan, and it has nothing to do with An Yu. Now that she has a prior understanding of it, she doesn't want to be suspicious when she shows herself to others.

“You said just now that you were called away by Fourth Miss, and at that moment I fell into the water? "

"Yes!" Thinking of that day, Xiao Yuan became angry. "Miss, you don't know, that day, after this servant leaves the kitchen to send desserts to the fourth lady, Mama Liu, the kitchen servant realized that there is a piece of dessert missing, and she wanted to beat this servant thirty-three times! ” The more she talks the angrier Xiao Yuan became, with her hands on her hips, her eyes burst into flames, "The dessert was not taken by this servant, why should this servant need to be punished? Fortunately, the eldest master saw and saved this servant. Otherwise, Xiao Yuan might not be able to serve Miss already..."

Listening to Xiao Yuan's words, An Yu thought to herself: the maid was distracted and almost beaten. The owner of this body fell into the water, and then An Yu soul entered this body... Are these coincidences? Did the owner of this body drowned to her death?

"Xiao Yuan, have I ever studied?" An Yu glanced around the room, she was quite confused as there were no books in the room. It would be great if there are some. Answers to some questions that can’t be asked can be obtained from books.

"Of course miss did study before, however, third miss said that since fifth miss's body is weak, it is better to read less, not to mention a woman without talent is a virtue, so she begged the master to dismiss you from studying." Xiao Yuan pouted her mouth and said to An Yu. In fact, she did think what the third miss said was quite reasonable, but she doesn't understand why the Third Miss said that an ignorant woman is virtues, but why did the second miss and the Fourth miss study so hard? Not to mention, Second Miss was once known as the world's most talented woman! Third Miss and Fourth Miss also followed the example of Second Miss and studied diligently, and they are quite well-known. However, Fifth Miss was not allowed to study!

After thinking for a while, An Yu asked, "What about you? Can you write?"

When Xiao Yuan heard it, she nodded her head repeatedly, as if the fact that she could write is her biggest achievement: "I can, I can, this servant has accompanied miss study before, although this servant is not considered as well in reading, there is no problem in writing a few words!"

"Well then, can you write down the names of the madams and ladies in our mansion?"

"Okay miss, please wait!" she then rushed away like a gust of wind. It seems like she went out to search for the Four Treasures of the Study. After waiting for a while, Xiao Yuan came back with pen, ink, paper and inkstone in her hand.

An Yu glanced at the items in her hands and asked, "Where did you find all these items?"

"Of course, I found it in the study room!"

"Study room?" As far as she knew, isn't the study room usually a restricted area? How can this unfavoured fifth lady manage to enter?

When she saw An Yu’s hesitation, Xiao Yuan grinned and said, “Miss don’t worry, all these items are taken from Miss’s study room. Our prime minister’s mansion is from a scholarly family. Every young lady is equipped with their own study room."

An Yu nodded, indicating that she understood. Xiao Yuan wrote down each name and showed it to her. An Yu originally thought that calligraphic handwriting of the maid will not be eye catching but it won’t look so bad either, however she didn't expect the maid to have such good handwriting. There is an undiscovered talent in this mansion!