Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 78: Beloved Wife

Tiny white flowers hung over the church. Bei Yao’s white-gloved hand was put into Pei Chuan’s by Bei Licai.

Pei Chuan could not help but hold it tighter.

Fate was sometimes quite magical. The year Bei Yao was reborn, she had never thought about being with Pei Chuan. At that time, she only thought of his kindness and planned to live according to her heart. But thinking about it again, it seemed that it had been a long time ago.

The day Zhao Zhilan chose as the “auspicious day” was a good day. The weather was sunny when the wedding vows were made, and it only started to rain after Bei Yao and Pei Chuan had exchanged rings.

The wedding was so low-key that the total number of people from the Bei family and the Pei family was only about 40, so it was like a bit of a "hidden wedding".

The wedding procedure was very simple, after the vows and the exchange of rings, it was completed.

Jin Ziyang sat in the audience seat and sighed with inexplicable feeling. “So many years passed in a flash and Chuan Ge is now married.” He married the girl he had longed for since he was young.

It was a lie to say that he didn’t feel envious, after all, to be able to meet someone you like and marry her depended on series of fates.

Zheng Hang nodded his head. His eyes did not linger on the delicate bride, and only briefly looked at her eyes before averting it.

Jin Ziyang said, "Hahaha, who do you think among us will be the last to get married?"

They silently dropped their gaze on Ji Wei.

Ji Wei: "......"

Ji Wei was still in his third year of high school, and it seemed like he would stay in the Sixth High School all his life.

People often laugh at him, and some even pointed their fingers at his back. In fact, he has been improving over the years. Sometimes others kindly asked him: since he had already been admitted into a pretty good university, why didn’t he go? Ji Wei would just shyly reply, “Because it’s not enough to get into Cambridge.”

Jin Ziyang smiled sullenly for a while. The wedding was only a formality and ended quickly. Zheng Hang and the others were not clear about the reasons, but Jin Ziyang knew well that it wasn’t because Chuan Ge was short on money. He must have felt some regret in his heart toward this hasty wedding.

However, Pei Chuan also needed to pay a great price for this regrettable wedding.

It started to rain in the evening. Pei Chuan asked the wedding car to send the relatives back.

The front was a black Bentley and at the back was also a luxury car. The wedding was low-key, but the rest of the things were exquisite. When Bai Yutong sat in the car, she was so angry and regretful. Compared to Pei Chuan’s wealth, Uncle Pei was nothing. Unfortunately, she and her mother never had a good relationship with Pei Chuan.

In the end, Uncle Pei's money was also donated to the country. She and her mother haven't received anything after so many years.

And Bei Yao, who she thought was blind...

Bai Yutong rolled down the car window and looked outside.

There was a long rose-filled carpet spreaded outside the church, which was wet at the moment. Bei Yao’s wedding dress was very long, crossing over the carpet and getting into the car was a problem.

Under the spring rain, Zhao Zhilan was a little worried and blamed herself for picking a day with this kind of weather. The daytime was fine, so how come it rained in the evening? It was estimated that the wedding dress would have to be scrapped to get across.

Zhao Zhilan patted Bei Licai's arm. “You carry our daughter for a while.”

Bei Licai nodded, but before he stepped forward, Pei Chuan bent down to tidy the hem of Bei Yao’s dress. He then carried her in his arms.

Everyone was stunned.

Jin Ziyang stammered, “Chuan… Chuan Ge…”

Bei Yao was also shocked, she subconsciously hugged his neck. There was worry in her eyes.

The rain drizzled, and Pei Chuan said, “Let me.”

Today she was his bride.

He stepped into the drizzling spring rain. Zhao Zhilan froze for a while before chasing over to give her daughter and Pei Chuan an umbrella.

Bei Yao's skirt revealed the tips of her tiny white shoes under the hem, and she couldn't help but look up at Pei Chuan.

He sensed her gaze and his dark eyes were full of smiles. Before Zhao Zhilan came over, he lowered his head and dropped a kiss on her lips.

It was very light and fast, but it brought the man an unspeakable joy. Bei Yao touched her lips with her finger in a daze. At this time, the sky was still raining. It was ridiculous, the carpet was not very long, but in that instant, she felt like it went on eternally.

This time, he finished the ten meters.

When Pei Chuan put Bei Yao into the Bentley, his head was covered with raindrops.

Her arms were white and slender, her eyes were warm. She gently wiped off the rain on the man’s forehead.

After the “simple” wedding, they learned that Pei Chuan would take Bei Yao back to B City tonight. Zhao Zhilan frowned. “You just finished the wedding, just go back tomorrow ah.” There was also a house in C City. The wedding was already very simple, to leave right now was not in line with the custom.

Pei Chuan said, “Tomorrow is already May.”

Zhao Zhilan thought for a while and immediately broke into cold sweats. It’s better for Yaoyao to live far away from Huo Xu. She nodded at once. “Go, go back. Quickly go back.”

After all, for them, the original intention of this wedding was to protect Bei Yao. In Zhao Zhilan's heart, Bei Yao's safety was more important than anything.

Before they went back in the evening, Zhao Zhilan quietly pulled Bei Yao and took out a card to hand to her. "This is your dowry."

Bei Yao couldn't help smiling. "Where can you get a dowry for me ah.”

Zhao Zhilan said, “It’s the betrothal gift that Pei Chuan gave me, mom hasn’t moved a single cent, everything is here. Yaoyao, you’re an adult now and will be someone’s wife in the future. Whether they love you or not, mom can't see and doesn't know. You keep the money, so you don’t need to ask anyone for help. Although mom loves money, you are still the most precious.”

Bei Yao’s nose was sour. Now she knew why a married daughter would want to cry.

She wanted to say that she didn't need this either, but when she saw Zhao Zhilan's worried and reluctant gaze, Bei Yao could only accept it. Zhao Zhilan breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her accept it.

Tonight, B City was also raining, and it rained heavily. The heavy rain washed the city, but the neon lamp was still brightly lit.

Bei Yao once again entered the new house, this time as a bride.

It was only ten o'clock in the evening, though the wind and rain were swaying outside, their home was warm.

She changed to the bunny slippers. Her hair was slightly moist, but her body was not wet.

All the way, Pei Chuan held the umbrella, always protecting her, but his body was almost drenched.

Pei Chuan put away the umbrella and patted her head. “Go wash up, don’t get a cold.”

She wore a formal red spring dress with a Chinese-style knot button. She has a small and tender white face, her eyes were like spring water.

Bei Yao said, “You wash first, you’re all wet.”

The man was stubborn. She couldn’t push his hand that’s holding the umbrella at all, thus Pei Chuan was caught in the rain all the way.

Pei Chuan paused and said, “There are two bathrooms, you take the one in the bedroom, I’ll wash in the one outside.”

She nodded, and did not feel anything wrong about it.

Pei Chuan lowered his eyes.

Two bathrooms…

In the end, he didn't say anything. He picked up his clothes, and went to the bathroom. Bei Yao had not yet removed her makeup and had to remove it before washing up.

She stepped into the wedding room and looked at the red and festive scene, her face slightly reddened. There were some things that you would think of when you saw such scenery.

When she was still removing her makeup, Pei Chuan had already started to shower.

There was thunder outside. After he took off his clothes, the mirror in the bathroom showed a man’s robust and broad chest. After years in prison, he was whiter than before. His abdominal muscles, that were the results of practicing boxing a long time ago, were shown.

Pei Chuan paused. He lowered his eyes and unfastened his belt.

The pants came down and he silently looked at the ugly stumps. He carried Bei Yao for ten meters, and everyone thought he was okay. After all, Pei Chuan’s body did not sway even a little bit. But his stump was swollen and was caught in the rain, it was even uglier than usual.

He closed his eyes, turned on the shower, and began to wash up.

In the end, he was still upset.

The injury was caused at the age of four. When he was young, the bones of the stumped limbs would still grow. Every inch of bone that grew must be polished flat again.

He has experienced a lot of pain, but tonight, his heart was chaotic.

He changed to pajamas after washing. According to his usual habits, he should no longer wear prosthetics. But… tonight, there was his beloved wife at home. He silently put them on again and went out. He stopped outside the bedroom, and looked at the half-opened door.

There were the little girl’s things on the small sofa in the room. He glanced at it but didn't say a word. His heart beated faster, and he walked in.

The man moved faster than the girl. Pei Chuan had already finished washing, but Bei Yao was only done removing her makeup and just started showering.

There was the sound of water in the room. The master bedroom was huge, and its bathroom was not far away. He was sitting on the bed, his body was a little stiff listening to the sound of the water.

After Bei Yao finished washing, she said, "Pei Chuan, we didn't bring any clothes to wear when we came back."

Pei Chuan was stunned for a moment.

Bei Yao wanted to cover her face. “I don’t have any pajamas, or you can just find some clothes for me.” She wanted to find Pei Chuan before she went to take a bath, but he was in the middle of showering and she didn’t want to inconvenience him. She was also afraid to randomly search for it, after all, everyone wanted their own privacy.

Her voice was soft and delicate. Pei Chuan said, “Wait a minute.”

He opened the closet, found a white shirt and loose summer pants, then took them.

Bei Yao came out of the bathtub. She wrapped herself with a bath towel. She opened a slit across the door, and stretched out her slender arm. That tender arm was like a lotus root stained with water vapor.

Pei Chuan looked down, then averted his gaze. He passed the clothes to her hand.

Bei Yao saw that there were summer pants. She held back her smile, and her heart softened. Pei Chuan’s behavior made her speechless.

The marriage was too sudden. It’s the first time for the both of them to live with someone else. She also has habits, such as not wearing underwear after the shower.

When they were just developing, girls were taught by their mothers that they should not wear underwear to bed at night, otherwise it would be detrimental for their health.

The white shirt was worn on her body, covering her thighs. Her long, wet hair was scattered. She didn’t wear the pants.

Bei Yao raised her hand but put it down many times. But in the end, she still didn't wear any underwear.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

After removing the makeup, she looked beautiful as a water hibiscus flower*. Her long hair draped down like a sea-demon girl with beady eyes and bright red lips.

*t/n: 清水芙蓉 (water hibiscus flower) means simple and pure, without decoration.

However, there was a little awkwardness.

For example, Pei Chuan may not know that white clothes were transparent, and naturally, the white shirt would not be an exception. Not only was it see-through, but it was also flimsy. Therefore, some place… she looked down, and her cheeks were hot.

Even when she lived in the dormitory with her roommates she would not wear something like this. After all, people were in the middle of growing up.

Bei Yao just got together with Pei Chuan before he went to jail. Her love life was missing a springboard, and there was never any aggressive behavior from Pei Chuan. She suddenly got married and still needs a little time to adapt.

However, thinking about the two little red books, she gritted her teeth and walked out.

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