Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 111: Hey! Satan 6.1

The sea breeze was whistling; tonight’s weather was good.

Gao Qiong poked her head out. There was no moon in the sky above the sea, and it seemed that you could hear the sound of the waves hitting the ship from a distance. She looked at the yellow dim light to make out the shadow of the man and woman not far away.

Under the light and shadow, he took off his mask on his own accord. Lifting the chin of the girl in his embrace, he lowered his head slightly.

Gao Qiong felt bitter in her mouth and stomped away. She thought that this time, Yu Shang Xian owed her a big favor.

Bei Yao could smell the salty sea breeze mixed with the cool and refreshing feeling in the man’s arms. His lips were ice-cold, like the lonely light in the lighthouse not far from the vast sea.

She did not have the time to close her eyes. She saw his appearance.

He was indeed not the Pei Chuan who was full of youthful vigor. There was an accumulation of years of loneliness in his eyebrows. For Bei Yao, coming to this world was like a sudden change of classroom. But for Pei Chuan, she had died for almost five years, and this was the redemption after more than thousands of days and nights.

At first, she was helplessly holding onto the man’s shirt; his kiss was very light. Bei Yao was worried about the “Wang Sheng” inside his body. She could not imagine what kind of pain it was.

Gradually, she understood.

There was a cold sweat on his forehead. Even though it was not cold in midsummer in June, his skin was cold.

Pei Chuan has always had a high body temperature. This was the only exception.

Bei Yao staggered on the man’s lips; she had no strength and leaned on his shoulder to whisper, “Send me back ba, I know you’re hurt.”

He pursed his lips and stroked her cheeks with his fingers. He could only laugh dryly.

“You asked me before if I like you a lot,” he said, “I like you very much.”

When he said this, his long fingers pulled the clothes in front of her chest.

Bei Yao was afraid of pain, but when she heard his confession, she was happy in her heart and tried her best to lift her head and kiss his chin.

He stroked her hair.

Bei Yao thought to herself, It’s okay like this, no matter which world she is in, Pei Chuan rarely touches her on his own initiative. Today’s kiss is an exception.

He was silent for a moment. He then controlled his wheelchair to back off by two steps and closed the door.

The room was isolated from the sound of waves. Bei Yao couldn’t react on time and looked at him with confusion.

Satan undid the clothes that she had covered again. The girl’s waist was slender and her skin was shining white under the yellow light inside the room.

His long fingers explored inch by inch, like an emperor patrolling his territory.

The waistline was exquisite and her back dimple was cute.

Bei Yao’s cheeks were flushed red; she struggled to raise her hand to pinch his sleeve.

Satan pursed his lips and said, “You can say no.”

She opened her mouth and saw his pale white lips.

It has been a long time, and Satan would not like her as much as Pei Chuan. He had meetings all day and would not be with her most of the time. When he looked at her, his eyes looked like he was looking at the wind, water, mountains, and blue sky, as if he lacked a lot of love. It was like if she left one day, Satan would let it be bygones and stay still without any waves.

Now she knew how much he loved her.

He moved his fingers inch by inch, pained and filled with cold sweat. His pupils trembled slightly, but his gaze was filled with love and gentleness.

His younger self would never touch her, as if he was facing an expensive jewel and only loved her preciously. He hoped that she would have a better future, placing her in a more beautiful disposition and not in his tattered embrace.

When Bei Yao was sent here by Gao Qiong, she thought, Satan would not accept ah. He is such a gentleman!

But Satan was not a gentleman.

For Satan, his inferiority complex has faded with time. He has nothing and would remain indifferent whether he was favored or humiliated.

Although Bei Yao felt embarrassed to be touched by him like this, she still released her grasp on his sleeve and simply buried her head in his arms.

Forget it, as long as Satan is happy.

If he was not afraid of pain, then she was not afraid of shame.

The man’s voice was deep and low. “Will you go home?”

“I won’t go back,” her voice was muffled in his arms, “Can’t go back. My home is by your side.”

He was silent and dropped a kiss.


In the middle of the night when the wind blew violently, Yu Shang Xian was pulled out.

He was paralyzed on the deck like a dead fish, breathing out more than breathing in.

Gao Qiong squatted beside him and kicked him with sympathy. “Tch, how miserable. It’s so miserable ah.”

Yu Shang Xian opened his eyes and spoke with difficulty. “Miss Gao’s feet really aren’t sparing me. Please don’t kick me to death.”

Gao Qiong was angry; her eyes were wide open. “In order to save you, this white-eyed wolf, I don’t know how much I have sacrificed.”

She was still talking when several people beside her took Yu Shang Xian away.

Gao Qiong said, “Where are you taking him to?”

The big muscle man replied, “Satan’s order, let Mr. Yu rest quietly to recuperate.”

Gao Qiong frowned and said unwillingly, “Then don’t kill him ah

“We won’t, Miss Gao.”

Gao Qiong still failed to understand everything throughout. In the end, what is Satan thinking? After a while, she loudly yelled. “Damn!”

Satan and the little demon was still enjoying their spring* night, but Yu Shang Xian has already been pulled up. This meant that Satan had long let Yu Shang Xian off.

*t/n: Spring could also refer to the moments of love between men and women.

Wouldn’t this mean she sent the little demon to Satan’s bed for nothing?

Gao Qiong looked at the sky speechlessly. Ah, the wind and rain on the sea are really great ah.


The sky did not clear up the next day. When the sky was about to get bright, the sea was overwhelmed by the rainstorm. Under the dark sky, the cruise ship only had its own light..

He gently rubbed the girl’s face in his arms. She was still tender, delicate, and pretty. She was dissatisfied with being disturbed by him and subconsciously pulled away from his side.

Pei Chuan pulled her back; she finally opened her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” The girl’s voice was hoarse with a hint of coquettish.

He lowered his eyes to look at her and hummed softly.

Her drowsiness was half gone. “What’s the problem?”

“Let’s talk for a bit,” Pei Chuan said, his voice was very low. “Yaoyao, our world is not like yours. There is no order in this world; the law is broken. I’m sorry to let you face such a chaotic environment.”

“To live a good life in this world, firstly, you have to be strong. Wang Shen is the best weapon. At that time, when Yu Shang Xian, Gao Qiong, and the others were implanted with ‘Wang Sheng’, there was a back-up to control the chips.” He pointed between her eyebrows. “It’s here now.”

Bei Yao touched her own forehead. It didn’t hurt nor was it itchy. “How did you put it in?”

He smiled and said gently, “I’ll explain it to you when there’s a chance. But you have to listen to the most important thing. No one will do something and be loyal for no reason. Gao Qiong has a rough personality but she is meticulous when doing things. She might look careless but her heart is extremely firm and usually will not betray others. Yu Shang Xian has a complicated mind. He is pretty smart and likes to play insidious tricks and manipulate power for personal uses. You can’t trust him completely. If he shows signs of betrayal, immediately give him the order to commit suicide.”

She was frightened by the ruthlessness and tyranny in Pei Chuan’s light and calm tone. Her pair of round almond dark eyes suspected that she had heard it wrong. “Kill?”

Pei Chuan: “En, don’t hesitate.”

“But,” Bei Yao said, “Why did you talk to me about this? You are their boss. I have an ominous feeling in my heart when you say this.”

He paused. “I have a way to resolve Wang Sheng. It is to implant the current Wang Sheng and let it swallow the primary Wang Sheng.” He looked at her eyes and slowed his tone, one word at a time. “But the consequences are unpredictable. I can be paralyzed, can be blind and deaf, or can never wake up. I could die.”

She immediately shook her head after hearing this. “You can’t.”

Pei Chuan lowered his head and kissed her pink cheek. “Be good.”

Bei Yao was a little angry. “You are not allowed to go! This method is dangerous. Can’t you think of a safer method?”

His tone was soft and there was a shallow smile on his face. “I love you.”

Pei Chuan explained. “I have been violating the order of the primary Wang Sheng. This kind of pain is not much easier than death.”

The sea breeze whistled. The cold seemed like it was going to penetrate into the human bones.

Bei Yao couldn’t bear the situation where there were terrible consequences whether you advance or retreat, so she buried her face in the quilt and sobbed.

He sighed and coaxed her. “Will you let me put on a shirt first?”

The girl’s face appeared from the quilt; her face was filled with tears. So pitiful but cute.

Pei Chuan said, “This thing has to be done before we go ashore. I can only do it today as we will get ashore tomorrow.” Pei Chuan smiled. “I’m in so much pain that I have no strength left. I beg you, Yaoyao. ‘Kay?”

The sea breeze couldn’t get into the room. He found it amusing, looking at her seriously putting on his shirt for him while sobbing.

She fastened the buttons for him one by one; her upper arm was tender and there were a few red marks on it from his sucking.

He looked at her without blinking. “The tie too.”

She did not seem to know how to tie it. After mulling over it for a long time, she tied it shabbily.

Pei Chuan’s gaze was amazed and gentle.

He was not the same as his younger self; his likes resulted in doing something that would make her like him.


When Yu Shang Xian woke up, he realized that he was under house arrest. He raised his eyebrows and remembered the words he heard from Gao Qiong last night. He was a little interested.

Why did Satan put him under house arrest at this time?

However, he couldn’t even feel the sea breeze in this room. The doctor only came to see him once last night, and he was still in a weak state.

His eyes flickered through that window. What does Satan want to do?

His gaze couldn’t reach that place. Meanwhile, Ah Zuo was pushing Pei Chuan to the medical room.

Pei Chuan’s face was pale. He calmly nodded to the doctor. “Let’s start ba. Ah Zuo, go outside to guard. Don’t let anyone in.”

The simple-minded and honest Ah Zuo responded and went outside quickly.

The doctor put on his gloves. “Are you sure?”

Pei Chuan said indifferently, “En.”

After being acquainted for many years, the doctor has seen the first generation and the present generation of Wang Sheng. The pain of letting the two of it swallow each other equaled to slashing the internal organs with a knife.

He sighed. “Is it worth it?”

Pei Chuan said, “You don’t know. The me in the other world is now in jail for her.” He smiled to himself. “Sounds funny, don’t you think? I also think it’s ridiculous. The younger you are, the more sincere you’ll be. You see, I will not take the initiative to go to jail and be a good person for her now. I even told her that I could die. This way, even if I really die, she will remember me for a lifetime. Remember Satan, not that other Pei Chuan.”

Although the doctor did not understand, he understood the paranoia hidden in his words.

The doctor said, “Save it. You are also Pei Chuan ah, even if you might have forgotten how you asked me to implant the first-generation chip in the first place. You forgot that feeling. But now that you love her again, you are not better than your younger self.”

The corner of Pei Chuan’s lips was pulled into a sneer.

Outside the door, the girl’s crisp and anxious voice sounded. “Can you hear me? Satan, can you hear me?” She said loudly, “I’m waiting for you, always waiting for you. You have to succeed ah!”

Seeing as he did not respond, she slapped the door and threatened. “If you fail, I will go home! I’ll never come back.”

The sneer on Pei Chuan’s lips froze.

The doctor thought it was funny.

When he moved the knife, Pei Chuan, who was silent, suddenly said, “I want to live. I beg you.”

The doctor said nothing, but he nodded his head. He remembered that he had said something similar five years ago. He said, “I want to live. It’s okay to just forget her.”

Since then, the roses in the tomb have been planted every year. He seemed to be visiting an unimportant old friend as if he had forgotten.

But how could you explain this situation right now?


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