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Chapter 110: Hey! Satan 5

After the morning confession, Bei Yao was also a little embarrassed.

Once she thought that there was Wang Shen inside Satan’s body that was making him feel pain till he didn't want to live anymore, she felt that Yu Shang Xian’s idea was not so bad. Keeping a distance, for the time being, could relieve Pei Chuan’s pain. After all, as Yu Shang Xian said, presently, there was no solution for Wang Sheng.

As soon as Gao Qiong came out of the cabin, she heard that Mr. Yu had been hung at the stern. So she first joyfully went to watch Yu Shang Xian who was hung by the rope on the sea.

She was wearing an enchanting red dress and threw her hair back. “Aiyoo, isn’t this our Mr. Yu? The weather is so hot ah, even Mr. Yu has gone to the sea to swim.”

Yu Shang Xian was soaked in the water and said with a smile, “It’s okay. If Miss Gao is interested, we can swim together.”

Gao Qiong rolled her eyes. “Your mouth is good too. Anyway, don’t expect me to beg for mercy for you. The last time, I also did not see you have any sentiments for a fellow comrade. A wise man looks after his own hide. I’ll just take care of myself.”

Yu Shang Xian said in a reserved manner, “No problem. I understand.”

Gao Qiong knew that he must have made a mistake to end up like this and asked. However, Yu Shang Xian muddled along and dodged skillfully. He never said what mistake he made. Gao Qiong could guess most of her puzzlement after seeing Bei Yao.

The young girl was making fish soup in the kitchen. Bei Yao was afraid of soiling her dress, so she wore an apron that was tied into a cute little butterfly knot.

Gao Qiong looked at the busy girl and the corners of her mouth twitched. “You are still here huh?”

Bei Yao turned her head and smiled. “Yes.”

Gao Qiong conveniently took a sweet potato to gnaw at. This place also counted as a small kitchen on the cruise ship. She heard people say that Bei Yao was here, so she came to take a look. Gao Qiong didn’t expect to see the person. She was unable to explain if she was happy or disappointed. In short, her heart was complicated.

Gao Qiong asked, “What are you doing?”

“Cooking fish soup.” Bei Yao didn’t hate Gao Qiong, this ‘enemy’. A small smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. “I’m making it for Satan.”

Gao Qiong was not happy when she heard it. She almost immediately thought that to grab a man’s heart, one has to grab his stomach first.

This counterfeit! Her scheme is very deep ah.

Gao Qiong chomp viciously at the sweet potato; a small spark bursted from her eyes.

The fish soup was finished; it was milky white. It was unknown what the little demon added into the soup; it didn’t have any fishy smell. On the contrary, there was a sweet fragrance that assailed the nostrils. Gao Qiong couldn’t help but take a sniff. The soup was very fresh.

Gao Qiong just wanted to say that Satan wouldn’t drink your cooking. What if he gets poisoned?

In the end, she saw Bei Yao take off her apron and asked her for help. “Miss Gao, I’ll trouble you to take it to Satan, and could you help Mr. Yu in passing? Your relationship should be very good.”

Gao Qiong said in surprise, “You won’t go yourself?”

Bei Yao said, “It’s not convenient for me now.”

Yo, it’s strange. The little demon unexpectedly didn’t stick to Satan. Gao Qiong originally wanted to refuse, but thinking about Yu Shang Xian who was tied on the stern, she couldn’t really ignore him. In the afternoon, the ultraviolet rays in the sea were strong too. Even if he was soaked in the sea, with how fast the boat traveled, it must be hard on him. Yu Shang Xian was not someone who had strong bones; he would truly die.

Moreover, she can meet Satan! Pretty good.

Gao Qiong picked up the fish soup and saw the little demon staring at her anxiously. She snorted lightly. “Are you not afraid that I will take away Satan?”

Bei Yao said honestly, “It’s almost ten years, but you haven’t taken him away. It’s not just these two days.” It needed someone who has a status to ask for mercy for Yu Shang Xian.

Gao Qiong was annoyed. “You!”

Bei Yao showed a smile, not arguing with her. She gave a gentle and warm smile. “Thank you ah, Miss Gao Qiong.”

Gao Qiong was feeling awkward. The little demon’s smile is really pleasant. She muttered, “Satan didn’t throw you to feed the fish either…” She said while walking out with the fish soup.

The sky was azure blue after the rain. She walked into the cabin; the soup bowl in her hand was a blue and white porcelain. The exquisite lid could not cover the fragrance.

Gao Qiong smacked her lips and was very curious if this thing tasted good or not.

She knocked on the door. Pei Chuan heard the sounds of footsteps from inside.

He turned his head, heard the faint sounds of footsteps, and his voice became indifferent. “Come in ba.”

Gao Qiong brought the fish soup over, and showed what she thought was the most beautiful smile. “Satan! Afternoon soup.”

Pei Chuan lowered his head and took a glance. “She made it?”

Gao Qiong: “Why didn’t you think I made it?”

Pei Chuan was too lazy to answer her and asked, “Where is she?”

After fishing for a while in the morning, he didn’t see Bei Yao again. Pei Chuan eased the pain in his heart a little by taking a painkiller. He originally thought that he would stay with her for a day, but he didn’t expect to not see the person.

Gao Qiong said unwillingly, “She was in the kitchen just now. She is probably currently back in her room.”

Pei Chuan did not say anything else. He picked up the bowl and drank it.

Gao Qiong said, “Please release Yu Shang Xian. He has the brain, but his physical condition is not good. He could get killed.”

Pei Chuan said lightly, “He won’t die, fish him up at night.”

Gao Qiong was anxious. What did Yu Shang Xian do? Satan did not plan to let him go easily. Gao Qiong said cautiously, “That counter… Oh, no, that miss hopes you will let him off.”

Pei Chuan pursed his lips, lowered his gaze, and did not speak.

She seemed to have paid some attention to Yu Shang Xian.

The previous Bei Yao sometimes was like this too. Yu Shang Xian had a nimble mind and was good at talking, not like his boring self. When Bei Yao was beside him, she would also occasionally smile when talking with Yu Shang Xian.

But once facing him, she was like walking on thin ice.

He did not know if the little girl—who, in the morning, said that Bei Yao loved him and was comforting him—was referring to the previous Bei Yao or talking about herself?

Gao Qiong thought that if she mentioned that counterfeit, Yu Shang Xian could be fished out earlier.

But Pei Chuan, who originally intended for Yu Shang Xian to be fished out at night, now didn’t have any intention to do that.

Gao Qiong went to the stern and gave him a look. “I’ve tried my best, but Satan’s mood is not very good.”

Yu Shang Xian’s face was pale white; he smiled bitterly. “I really brought disaster to myself.”

The storm just had to break out again tonight.

Facing the heavy rain directly on the sea was quite a spectacular sight. Gao Qiong saw the former Yu Shang Xian, who has a venomous tongue, was now in low spirits. She was secretly anxious in her heart.

“You, don’t die ah.”

The corner of Yu Shang Xian’s mouth twitched. “Don’t curse me.”

Satan was gentle and cruel.

If it was Bei Yao, perhaps she would be a bit surprised, but Gao Qiong felt that it couldn’t be more normal. Too many people have died in this terrible world, to add one life of Yu Shang Xian was not much, and to have less of him would not make it little.

Satan did not like anyone who acted on their own.

Gao Qiong gritted her teeth. “I have a way.” After all, it has been almost ten years, it was inevitable that she would feel a little bit sad.

Yu Shang Xian was about to ask, What are you going to do? But Gao Qiong ran away quickly.

She came up with a solution that she thought was a good idea. If Yu Shang Xian knew that she was following his footsteps, he would definitely vomit blood.

Gao Qiong knocked on Bei Yao’s door.

Bei Yao opened the door. “Miss Gao Qiong, what’s the matter?”

Outside, the storm was accompanied by thunder. Gao Qiong said in grief, “I’ll help you.”

Bei Yao: “Ah?”

Gao Qiong said, “Do you know what I did before?”

Bei Yao didn’t know; she shook her head.

Gao Qiong said, “I used to be a delinquent, specialize in fighting and such.”

Bei Yao was puzzled, What does it have to do with it?

Gao Qiong: “Cooperate for a bit.”

The next moment, Bei Yao’s mouth and nose were covered, and she could smell a familiar scent. Her forehead twitched. She was speechless. Not long ago, Yu Shang Xian also used this trick.

The originally invisible delinquent girl, Gao Qiong, was not an empty shell.

Bei Yao was made dizzy by her. When she was brought to the door of Pei Chuan’s room she was still dumbfounded.

Bei Yao gritted her teeth. “What are you doing?”

Gao Qiong grabbed her clothes while saying griefly with a light voice, “Don’t you always want to get Satan? Maybe after tonight, he won’t keep thinking about you anymore. Please help ask for mercy for Yu Shang Xian ah. I don’t know what made Satan lose his mind. He still hasn’t fished him out until now.”

She was pulling Bei Yao’s clothes, but was distracted and sighed that the little demon had such good skin.

There was a whiff of fragrance from the girl, and underneath the white and smooth shoulders, what could be seen was breathtaking. Gao Qiong coughed. She didn’t dare to think too far and knocked on the door.

Bei Yao simply gasped in admiration at these two exotic flowers.

She angrily said, “You did not understand the situation right now…” She purposefully avoided Pei Chuan because of “Wang Sheng”. Gao Qiong usually did not allow her to approach Pei Chuan, but now she actually sent her here.

Gao Qiong covered her mouth. “Shh, it’s you who don’t understand. Yu Shang Xian is about to die. Anyway, you have to finish your task ma. I will help you.”

What d*mn help ah!

Bei Yao thought that suppressing her strength was very unreasonable.

She blinked, wanting to break away from Gao Qiong’s hands. “Pei Chuan is not that kind of person. This method of yours will not work.”

What’s more, there is Wang Sheng in his body. He would be in pain if he saw her, hugged her, and touched her. It would hurt him. What is Gao Qiong thinking! Pei Chuan would never take the initiative to kiss her and hug her.

Gao Qiong said, “Okay, what a double face. Shut up.”


She knocked on Pei Chuan’s door and pulled Bei Yao’s clothes again.

When the two people kept pulling, the door in front of them was opened.

Gao Qiong was excited and ran fast.

The door opened, revealing a face wearing a fallen god mask.

Bei Yao inhaled a little medicine, could not stand firm, and plugged into his arms.

The man sitting in a wheelchair was startled.

When he supported her, he touched her naked shoulder.

The sea was roaring at night; the air was a little hot and stuffy.

Bei Yao’s legs softened. She felt ashamed.

She really wanted to drag Gao Qiong out. Is there a pit in your brain?! How could Pei Chuan…

The man was silent and sighed softly. His hands loosened for a moment then silently hugged the half-naked girl.

Under the fallen god mask, he closed his eyes.

Bei Yao: ”......?”


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