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Chapter 109: Hey! Satan 4.2

TW: Kidnapping and self harm

When Pei Chuan was absent, everyone in the dining hall did not dare to eat.

Pei Chuan did not come back the whole morning. Just when everyone was making ambiguous faces, and Gao Qiong’s face looked ugly, Pei Chuan returned alone.

He was very calm. “Let’s eat ba.”

Gao Qiong looked at him in surprise, there were no lip prints on his neck, and his clothes were straight without wrinkles. She couldn’t understand the current situation and looked at Yu Shang Xian again. Yu Shang Xian also didn’t understand and frowned. He asked, “That lady won’t have breakfast?”

Pei Chuan calmly answered, “She is not coming.”

The sea was azure blue; the sky was a screen of white. Pei Chuan added, “She went home. Lock that room.”

Everyone didn’t understand what had happened. What was called “went home”, and Yu Shang Xian was a little surprised.

Everyone was trembling when they ate, afraid that Pei Chuan would suddenly get furious. But he did not. He finished the meal calmly, wiped his fingers, then let Ah Zuo push him to the reading room.

After he walked far away, Gao Qiong guessed. “Satan won’t throw the counterfeit into the sea to feed the fish, right?”

Yu Shang Xian frowned. “You are not happy?”

“No… It’s not that, I just thought, he should be in an unpredictable mood now. He didn’t like that counterfeit too much, right?”

Yu Shang Xian smiled. “Who knows ne.”

Gao Qiong muttered, “It must be that he didn’t like her. Otherwise, how could he stay calm as if it has nothing to do with him when she is gone.” The counterfeit was gone, and even Gao Qiong felt uncomfortable. Although the counterfeit was annoying, sometimes she was quite an eye candy ba. Gao Qiong often threatened to implant Wang Sheng in her, but she never did it!

Such a good person... she was gone if she was gone. Gao Qiong touched her nose, and didn’t know what to say. She probed her head and searched everywhere but didn’t see the shadow of the counterfeit anywhere.


There were still two days left on the sea trip; Bei Yao opened her eyes.

The surrounding lights were a bit dim. She got a whiff of the smell of sea water and damp wooden boards.

Her wrists were handcuffed to a wooden stake and a man walked in.

“Yu Shang Xian?”

“Are you okay?”

Bei Yao frowned. “What do you want by pretending to be Pei Chuan and making me come over?”

She received an internal call from Pei Chuan that asked her to go there. As a result, she was stunned when she arrived at the door, and then she was hidden on the lowest floor of the cabin where it was occasionally used to store cargo. In a short while, Bei Yao couldn’t stop thinking of a lot of things in her head, such as murdering Pei Chuan for his power.

Yu Shang Xian raised his hand. “Don’t think too deeply, I don’t have bad intentions. I’m just too curious about something and afraid that Satan would one day play himself to death, which made me so bold to invite you to come to stay here for a while.”

Bei Yao heard the keywords. “What will make Satan die?”

“Do you know what Wang Sheng is?”

She had heard this word come out of Gao Qiong’s mouth. However, everyone was secretive and never talked to her about it.

Yu Shang Xian explained kindly. “Wang Sheng is a chip that can control people’s thoughts and emotions. Once it is implanted in the human brain, it can completely control a person’s thoughts and behavior. You cannot take it or resist it.”

Bei Yao looked at him. Her expression was a bit solemn.

Yu Shang Xian said, “You guessed it right, both I and Gao Qiong are implanted with Wang Sheng. But the Wang Sheng in our bodies are mature products. Normally, it will not harm us, but when Satan let the original version of Wang Sheng out in the market, many rich and powerful people secretly rushed to buy them. There were a lot of people who died when it was being implanted.”

Bei Yao pursed her lips and didn’t speak.

“Hah, don’t be so nervous ma.” Yu Shang Xian raised his eyebrows. “I just suspected, suspected that Satan had implanted Wang Sheng on his own at the beginning. He is such a proud person and would not let people become his master. So, instead asked himself to give himself an order. What is the order? Let’s take a guess.”

Yu Shang Xian pointed his finger on his chin. “After you came, he started to show the reaction of disobeying Wang Sheng’s order, his heart hurt.”

His smiling appearance made Bei Yao want to kick his feet.

Yu Shang Xian watched Bei Yao’s anxious appearance and said, “I’m guessing when he was first implanted with Wang Sheng, his order was not to love you very much and continue to live like a normal person. You came to his calm and tranquil life, as a result, Wang Sheng made his heart flare-up, so scary ah, tch tch.”

Yu Shang Xian said, “I’ll unlock it for you first ah.”

He amicably unlocked Bei Yao. Bei Yao asked him, “Is there any method to resolve Wang Sheng?”

“No, it will turn into smoke after you die. Speaking of it, this is also the sin we commit to. Retribution ma, we have to bear it sooner or later. Seeing how you were so distressed, it’s not like there is no solution. Just don’t let Satan keep thinking about you.”

Bei Yao couldn’t hold back the corner of her mouth. “Is this why you lied to me?”

Yu Shang Xian didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong and nodded.

“Have you ever liked anyone before?”

Yu Shang Xian raised his eyebrow and shook his head.

“......” No wonder, no wonder ah. Bei Yao didn’t know where Pei Chuan got this exotic flower as his left and right-hand man from.

He actually thought that if you couldn’t see a person and hear about them, then he would stop thinking about them.

Are all geniuses such an exotic flower? The two looked at each other; Yu Shang Xian said, “You can’t do it? Then you tell me what to do?”

When the two were talking, the roof above was opened, revealing Pei Chuan who wore his face mask.

In June, the sea breeze blew gently. The fallen god mask was even several points more indifferent. He lowered his gaze and met Bei Yao’s eyes who was sitting inside the warehouse.

Her clear and bright pupils reflected his images.

Yu Shang Xian stood on the side, trembling.

Pei Chuan stretched out his hand. “Go up.”

Although this incident from the beginning was Yu Shang Xian’s foolishness, Bi Yao still has a guilty conscience without any reason. She also didn’t know if Pei Chuan had heard any of their conversations.

Yu Shang Xian was very alert. After Bei Yao climbed the stairs, he knelt down with a thumping sound.

Yu Shang Xian confessed his mistakes actively. “I’m guilty and I admit my mistakes, I will jump into the sea to feed the fish.”

After he finished speaking, he walked upstairs, not long after Bei Yao heard a very faint “splash” sound.

Yu Shang Xian tied himself with a rope and jumped to the sea and he was dragged away by the cruise ship like he had nothing left to live for. Pei Chuan seemed to be watching a farce and made no noises throughout.

Yu Shang Xian was gone. Pei Chuan raised his eyes to look at Bei Yao; his tone was gentle. “The warehouse is wet, your skirt is wet, go back and change your clothes ba.”

Although it was midsummer the weather was cloudy and the sea breeze was a little cold.

Bei Yao pursed her lips and wanted to get close to him but she was at a loss. Every smile and every touch she gave him turned out to be the reason for the pain that was tossing over and over in his body.

Bei Yao didn’t know what would happen once he drifted Wang Sheng, but she unconsciously knew after seeing Gao Qiong and Yu Shang Xian. It was definitely that kind of “dying is better than living”.

She opened her mouth several times, then obediently changed her clothes.

Pei Chuan also didn’t say anything.

After she changed into a bright yellow dress, under the faint sunlight, she was like a flower blooming in summer.

Pei Chuan nodded at her. “Come here ba.”

He made a gesture and the cruise ship stopped after a while.

There was no wind and waves on the sea, like the man’s calm attitude. He picked up the fishing rod and said to her, “I didn’t have the time to accompany you yesterday. I have nothing to do today, so I can play with you.”

He said. Bei Yao lowered her head and was silent. “Do you dislike this? What do you like?”

Bei Yao took the fishing rod and shook her head. The tail of the ship was hanging, and it looked like Yu Shang Xian was already nothing to him. He guessed that Pei Chuan did not hear her conversation with Yu Shang Xian. He just opened the warehouse and saw both of them.

Pei Chuan paused. “Do you think I’m a boring person?”

Bei Yao said, “It’s not like that.”

Pei Chuan said, “I don’t understand many things, I don’t know how to guess a girl’s thoughts. If you are angry because I didn’t accompany you yesterday, I won’t do it anymore. Don’t work together with Yu Shang Xian to avoid me, or else I would think that you went home.”

He was very calm when he said these words but Bei Yao felt her eyes sore inexplicably. It turned out he thought she was throwing a tantrum at him and worked together with Yu Shang Xian to avoid him.

She suddenly asked, “What if I really go home?” Will you be able to restore the original calmness again? Even if he was Satan, who was the evilest person in this world, at least his heart would be safe and sound inside.

He turned his head, behind the fallen god mask, his eyes were as gentle as a stream of water. The climate on the sea in June was just right, neither warm nor cold.

He said, “I will miss you.” If you go home, I will miss you.

Bei Yao’s eyes suddenly reddened.

Satan missed her, every time he missed her, his heart would tear.

He missed tenderly, not forgetting.

So no matter if she left or stayed, he would never get rid of the pain caused by Wang Sheng. For the first time, Bei Yao unexpectedly would rather that the person he loved became Gao Qiong.

Pei Chuan’s one sentence, “misses her”, almost made her choke.

Pei Chuan asked, “Did I say something wrong?”

Why is the little girl crying?

His fingers paused, then lightly touched her cheeks.

Bei Yao touched his chest; Pei Chuan was wearing a black shirt. The body under her fingers was warm. She asked him softly, “Does it hurt here?”

Pei Chuan stiffened.

She asked again, “How many times will it hurt every day?”

Under his mask, the man was silent for a long time, then he said, “103* times.”

*t/n: So, it might doesn’t have any other meanings, however, I searched for it. Apparently 103 can also mean that someone has given all of their heart and is sincere to you.

“Wang Sheng” told him not to love her, you have to live well. At first, he was relying on Wang Sheng to live well, but after a long time, he actually didn’t miss her that much. He thought she had left this world forever. But one day, she came back again, bringing the hope he used to want the most. Within a day, he fell in love with her again, a full 103 times.

Bei Yao held the man’s wide palm. “Satan,” she said, “I’m not going home anymore.”

He looked at her silently.

“Satan.” She looked at the man with calm black eyes and called him by his current name. “Bei Yao loves you very much.”

Your loneliness, your silence—for as long as the long river never forgot her over the years.


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