Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 74: Kneel Down

Spring returned and C City was particularly warm. Huo Xu visited Bei Yao’s house.

The one who opened the door was that obedient-looking little boy. Huo Xu bowed down his head. The little boy has round eyes, his facial features were more delicate than average boys his age, but his eyes depicted his intelligence.

The little boy looked one-third like Bei Yao. Huo Xu glanced at Bei Jun, he thought about that charming girl, and couldn’t help but reach out his hands to pat his head.

Bei Jun remembered that his mother taught him to not have any contact with strangers, thus he avoided Huo Xu’s hand.

Huo Xu did not fuss over what the child did, he was not angry.

Zhao Zhilan wiped her hands on her apron and walked out of the kitchen while asking, “Who is it?”

Once she saw Huo Xu, Zhao Zhilan’s face turned ugly, but he was a guest after all. He had “helped” them last time, and Zhao Zhilan couldn’t drive him out. “Sit down. The house is a little messy, please don’t mind.”

Before Zhao Zhilan came out, Huo Xu looked around Bei Yao's house.

It was an aged house that had been lived in for nearly 20 years. There was a leak in the living room, leaving patchy traces all over the wall.

The furniture was low quality and the entire house was not as valuable as the sofa in his home.

Huo Xu had previously seen the information that the Bei family was poor, but seeing it with your own eyes still felt different. He was calculating in his heart, and he politely greeted Zhao Zhilan, “Aunt, Uncle.”

Zhao Zhilan knew that he was rich. Although she wasn’t uncomfortable, she was still a little uneasy and poured a glass of water for Huo Xu.

Bei Licai was also there, but he was not good at socializing, so he nodded and sat in the corner.

Huo Xu said, “I’m sorry about what happened before, it was me who didn’t do a good job. Aunt Zhao, you might’ve noticed that I like Bei Yao very much.”

Zhao Zhilan’s face didn’t look good. “Young people’s affairs are not something we should control. Aren’t you free to love each other?” The implication was, If you really like her you can chase Yaoyao, what are you doing here?

Huo Xu said, “I have been pursuing her, but Bei Yao didn’t accept me. I only learned some time ago that she has a boyfriend.”

Zhao Zhilan’s eyes widened.

Huo Xu thought to himself, Her parents really don't know.

Huo Xu continued, “Her boyfriend is Pei Chuan. When he was a child his calf was cut off by the kidnappers. I didn’t mean to look down on the disabled, but he was just recently released from prison. I really like your daughter and I’m afraid she will get hurt. After all… people who have committed a crime are…”

The words stopped here, Huo Xu didn’t need to say more.

When Zhao Zhilan heard the name “Pei Chuan”, her face sank.

Huo Xu said, "My family has some status in B City. If Bei Yao can be my wife, I will definitely take care of her."

Bei Licai, who had been sitting in the corner, frowned and spoke, "Mr. Huo, these are other people's family matters. My wife is right, who Yaoyao likes is her freedom."

In fact, Pei Licai and Zhao Zhilan were also angry in their hearts. They were not satisfied with Pei Chuan, but this did not mean that they could immediately accept Huo Xu. The matter of Pei Chuan can be cleared up later, what qualification does Huo Xu have to intervene?

Huo Xu frowned.

He was used to being the proud son of the sky since he was a child, so he was a little annoyed when he was suddenly rejected by this family. He has been patient with her and came to talk with her family, but they didn’t appreciate it.

If he can catch Bei Yao, will he still come here!

Huo Xu could’t keep his gentlemanly and polite smile. “Perhaps you’ve misunderstood something. I am here today not to discuss with you. I want to marry Bei Yao, she will only be delayed for a lifetime if she is together with that cripple. You two might as well get to know the Huo family. Since we can’t come to an agreement, then I’ll just say it. May is good, you two could just participate in my engagement with Bei Yao then.”

Where had Zhao Zhilan seen such people before! It was the first time for a little citizen like them to be threatened like this.

Zhao Zhilan couldn’t hold it anymore. “You get out of here! So what if your family has power and money, I don’t believe you can cover the sky with a single hand.”

Huo Xu sneered. “Try then.”


At this time, Pei Chuan bought back his old apartment and was drinking tea.

Zheng Hang also came to meet him when he learned that he was released from prison. However, Zheng Hang has already begun to take over the family’s company. Only Jin Ziyang was still quite free. He was worried that Pei Chuan would meet danger when he fought with Huo Xu, and came over as a news reporter from time to time.

“Chuan Ge! Chuan Ge! Aunt Zhao and her husband were fired from the company!”

The Bei family had no more money, and Huo Xu put pressure on them. First thing first, he cut off their family’s financial resources.

Jin Ziyang said, “We won’t help ah?”

Pei Chuan said, “En.”

Pei Chuan rubbed his teacup with his fingers. He knew that he was mean, but he couldn't come out at this time, he had to wait—it's still not enough.

Zhao Zhilan and Bei Licai were both laid off, only now did they know what it meant to have power.

He could really cover the sky with one hand. They have been in the company for 20 years, but in a turn of an eye, they could heartlessly dismiss them.

Bei Jun and Bei Yao were both still studying. Zhao Zhilan anxiously looked at her empty bankbook, and hated someone so much for the first time.

However, the lack of money did not allow her to compromise.

Daughters were priceless treasures. Who has never lived a poor life? Worst comes to worst, they would have to find a job slowly.

But after looking for a few days, no one was willing to accept her. Zhao Zhilan finally gritted her teeth and asked if there was a shortage of cleaners. They agreed on the first day, but she was fired the day after.

Zhao Zhilan ran around for a day, by night she was already tired, and so was Bei Licai.

The phone at their house rang. Huo Xu didn’t rush and said, “Aunt, have you figured it out? I’ll arrange your tradition of preparing betrothal gifts.”

Zhao Zhilan was so angry that she wanted to hang up immediately.

Huo Xu codly said, "It seems that you still haven't figured it out! I think your son is quite cute, so why don't I ask him if he wants to recognize me as a brother-in-law?"

Zhao Zhilan's hands were shaking. "What are you going to do! What do you want to do!"

This time it was Huo Xu's turn to hang up the phone.

Zhao Zhilan taught her daughter from a young age that one should have a backbone, hold up their head, and must not bend down. But now she knew that the world was cruel. Because of the phone call, they recently had been forced to the edge by Huo Xu. She didn't dare to let Bei Jun go to elementary school; the family stayed in the house and never went out.

The money was gone, and something might happen to their children.

The string in Zhao Zhilan’s mind finally snapped.

At this time, Pei Chuan went to the old neighborhood.

The wind was chilly at night; this neighborhood was the place where he grew up.

He knocked on the door. Zhao Zhilan asked warily, "Who?"

Pei Chuan said, "Aunt Zhao, this is Pei Chuan."

Zhao Zhilan opened the door for him, but her face didn't look good.

Pei Chuan was silent, he directly showed the information he had for Zhao Zhilan.

Zhao Zhilan and Pei Licai's expressions changed after reading it.

They were no fools. Huo Xu obviously has someone he liked and was close to, but they still wanted Yaoyao. This was already bad enough, not to mention, the Huo family has a complicated background that frightened Zhao Zhilan.

Seeing the information compiled by Pei Chuan, the pair of husband and wife finally understood what Huo Xu wanted to do!

He wanted a shield wife.

Zhao Zhilan was desperate, she was like a trapped beast constantly struggling these days. If Huo Xu liked Yaoyao, even if they couldn’t win against him, he would always treat Yaoyao well. But he actually wanted Yaoyao in the most dangerous place!

Zhao Zhilan covered her mouth, tears streamed down her face.

What should she do, what can she do?

Bei Licai’s face turned pale. He rarely spoke at home, but at this time he calmed down and opened his mouth. “Pei Chuan, what do you mean by giving these?”

Even though it was spring, it was still cool outside, and a light rain was currently falling from the sky.

The rain was as fine as cow hair, but the world suddenly became cold.

Pei Chuan raised his eyes and looked at Be Licai's. "I can help you, I love Yao—"

Before the words fell, Zhao Zhilan gave him a slap with red eyes.

The slap was without any mercy, and it slapped the young man’s face till it turned to one side. Pei Chuan was silent and turned his head the next moment. His voice was hoarse, he looked at Zhao Zhilan and said, “I love Yaoyao.”

Zhao Zhilan was furious! She didn’t care about anything and hit him.

Pei Chuan stood still. Bei Licai was also angry, but at least he still had some rationality and pulled Zhao Zhilan away. “Don’t make trouble, it’s messy enough.”

The sky fell silent. Pei Chuan lowered his eyes and moved very slowly, little by little, he kneeled in front of them.

With the light rain pattering, Bei Jun was asleep in the room.

The air was instantly quiet.

Pei Chuan did not have a calf, and his knee was cut off two inches down.

He propped his hands on the ground, and the veins on his forearms bulged.

He was kneeling in humiliation, but contrary to his sorry figure, he was calm.

For the first time in his life, he was put in a humiliating position in front of outsiders.

Zhao Zhilan's anger froze on her face, and even Bei Licai stopped talking. The couple looked at Pei Chuan quietly.

Pei Chuan said, "I know I'm not qualified. I know I’m taking advantage of the dangerous situation, but I love her."

The man’s voice was low, the night was silent, but his weak and hoarse voice was unexpectedly clear. “I’m sorry.”

Zhao Zhilan gritted her teeth and looked away.

Pei Chuan knew that he couldn't move them no matter what he did. After all, as a parent, no matter what, it was hard to accept their daughter being together with a disabled person.

He got up and lowered his eyes. “Huo Xu is very anxious. If you don’t agree with him, he will do whatever he can. There’s not much time. Aunt Zhao, Uncle Bei, the only way to protect Bei Yao is to make her… married. Only then will Jiang Huaqiong believe that she has nothing to do with Huo Xu.”

Zhao Zhilan said angrily, “That wouldn’t be you!”

For her, Pei Chuan who was using someone in danger was no better than Huo Xu!

Pei Chuan was silent, he took something from his trench coat’s pocket.

The first one was a bank card, he said, “The password is Yaoyao’s birthday. There’s 5.88 million and all of my current assets.”

The second one was the entry letter from the First National Institute of Science. Pei Chuan whispered, “I work here, I will not make Yaoyao lose face.”

Zhao Zhilan heard about 5.8 million, she thought that she was dreaming.

As soon as she saw the Institute of Scientists, Zhao Zhilan was sure that she was dreaming.

She admitted that she was frightened for a moment.

No, didn’t you just come out of jail!

Pei Chuan pushed the things on the coffee table and placed them in front of Zhao Zhilan. “I only have these now, but I will give Yaoyao better things later. I will not let her suffer. I will protect her and resolve your problems now. Huo Xu will disappear from your life within this year.”

He spoke such arrogant words, but his tone was extremely calm—even sounding humble.

Bei Licai wiped his face with both hands and sighed deeply.


When Pei Chuan walked out of the Bei's house, the light rain in the sky had already wet the road.

He put Bei Yao’s residence registration book in his trench coat and walked away. Jin Ziyang’s car was parked outside the neighborhood, he was very excited. “How is it?”

Pei Chuan nodded.

The emotions in his eyes were complicated: there’s ecstasy, loneliness, and anxiety.

When Aunt Zhao gave him the hukou, she still wanted to bite off a piece of meat from him.

They knew very well that Pei Chuan was the only way out.

Except for Pei Chuan, no one would be so desperate to go directly against the Huo family.

Zhao Zhilan looked away. There was no joy between the mother-in-law and son-in-law, and she didn’t want to look at him. “You tell Yaoyao yourself.”

He dumbly said, “Okay.”

Everyone now understood. The time limit Huo Xu gave was May. It’s already April, there were still twenty days left before May. So within these 20 days, Pei Chuan and Bei Yao must get married, the wedding could be postponed, but they have to get the marriage certificate.

Pei Chuan knew that he had won.

He won the most precious thing, and this time it was properly grasped at his hand.

Pei Chuan got in the car. Jin Ziyang saw Pei Chuan’s face. “Chuan Ge, your face…”

The handprints were not yet gone. Zhao Zhilan didn’t have any feelings when she slapped him.

Pei Chuan pursed his lips.

For asking a marriage for someone else’s treasure, these were nothing.

When he came to see Aunt Zhao and the others, he knew that there were such consequences. So he has always been quite calm.

However, what Pei Chuan was about to face next made him unable to stay cool. He lowered his eyes and clenched his fist.

How is he going to ask Yaoyao for her hand in marriage now?

Bei Yao was only 21 years old, still at a stage where she was curious to explore the world. People her age were all studying or falling in love. How was he going to tell her that he allowed Huo Xu to force her parents until they had no other way out just to beg her to spend a lifetime with him?

She hasn’t finished university yet.

However, what Pei Chuan should have faced, still has to be faced.


Pei Chuan came to the B University’s ground for the second time. The first time he came, the sky was snowing, and the lake was frozen. She was 17 years old, her eyes were filled with innocence and smiles.

At that time, Pei Chuan watched the snow with her with a feeling of separation.

But now, he came during spring, and the campus was full of life. The university students walked around the campus ground and occasionally glanced at the young man standing under the apricot tree.

Pei Chuan was about the same age as them. Because of his pair of cold eyes, his outstanding appearance looked seventy percent cold.

He has a different temperament.

He’s different from someone who’s sheltered under a greenhouse, his temperament was full of longing and aspirations of the future. He was silent with black eyes. In short, there’s a peculiar feeling. One could tell at a glance that he wasn’t a student—Pei Chuan was too mature. Pei Chuan was waiting for Bei Yao.

When Bei Yao came out, she saw Pei Chuan at first sight.

Bei Yao stood on tiptoe. Her voice was tender, and there’s a smile in her eyes. "You lower your head."

He paused and lowered his head.

Bei Yao lightly took away the petals of an apricot flower from his head. The pink and white flowers lay in her palm, she winked and teased him. “On a journey in the midst of spring, the apricot’s flower petal bloomed over my head. Who is that outstanding young fellow on the street.”

He suddenly raised his eyes and looked at her. Because Bei Yao was unintentionally reading this poem, his heartbeat suddenly got faster.

She was reciting a poem by Wei Zhuang: Thinking of the Emperor's Country - The Spring Journey.

Pei Chuan’s throat turned dry, he asked her, “What’s the next sentence?”

She thought for a while, and her eyes brimmed when she thought about it. When she remembered the meaning of the next sentence, Bei Yao was a little embarrassed.

She thought that after being in jail for several years, Pei Chuan had truly forgotten the next sentence.

Bei Yao didn’t think too much and spoke with a serious voice, like she was speaking about science, “The next one is, ‘This concubine is willing to cast her home and marry. To forsake the freedom and never regret.’”

He knew that she didn’t understand, but he was fond of the warmth and touch that she unconsciously brought. Pei Chuan’s hand gently caressed her cheeks. “En.”

Bei Yao said, “Do you know what it means?”

Pei Chuan said, “En.”

Bei Yao bit her lip, her cheeks flushed. The poem told a story about a woman asking for marriage and never regretting it. She originally thought that Pei Chuan didn’t know. She was a little shy and afraid that he would misunderstand something. She whispered, “I just read poems written by others, it has no other meaning.”

She felt that she could not put pressure on her sensitive boyfriend. Besides, a lifetime was so long, and it's still too early.

His heart was slightly sour. His expectations shattered, letting him sober up a little, and made the honey-sweetness turn into bitterness.

You don’t want to marry me?

I’m really sorry ah, Yaoyao.

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