Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 87: Make it Public

After Pei Chuan's class ended, the classroom immediately became noisy.

Everyone thought that Professor Pei was just dating Bei Yao. Unexpectedly, they were already married! It's simply a piece of shocking news!

After Professor Pei finished his class, he went straight to the medical department's building.

He wronged her regarding some things for so many years. He took the name of her boyfriend, but never even once came to pick Bei Yao from her school building.

Pei Chuan dismissed his students in the computer science department early. So, when he came to the medical department, there were still 3 to 4 minutes before the end of class.

The warm yellow sunlight slanted in the west. The summer solstice* had long passed and the branches on the treetops were filled with greens.

*t/n: The longest day of the year.

He quietly walked through the corridor and stood outside of Bei Yao’s classroom, waiting for her to get out of class.

It was the last few minutes of school and the students were more or less restlessly looking around. As a result, they saw Professor Pei at the door at a glance.

The whole school knew about the person from the Institute of Science giving lectures. There were lots of people who gossiped about it at school, so they recognized this young and promising scientist at a glance.

They stopped listening to the lesson and started whispering.

Everyone’s gaze moved.

This year, Pei Chuan was 23 years old.

He wore a white shirt with a light-gray tie. The man's firm body was outlined by the shirt, and down there were black trousers tied with a belt.

He wore a watch on his wrist and stood not far from the door.

Pei Chuan's back was erected, like a silent pine tree.

His gaze crossed over the equally youthful students, and looked at Bei Yao who was sitting in the middle seat of the back row.

Because she was married, she ran between home and school. There were always an awful lot of things to be done that she couldn't do in time. At this moment, she was copying notes, the girl's eyelashes were long, and she was sitting very upright. Just like the first time she was sitting next to him, with two small tender arms folded.

The students in the medical department were about to explode. "Is that Professor Pei? The one from the Research Institute?

"Yes, yes. I saw him two days ago in the computer science department. It must be him."

"What is he doing in our department ah?"

"I don't know."

Qin Dongni nudged Bei Yao. "Yaoyao, look at the door."

Bei Yao raised her head.

The sun was mottled through the shadow of the tree, and he stood watching her. Two people: one outside the door and the other inside of it.

But, time didn’t seem to have passed. In a blink of an eye, years went by and he was still by her side. Seeing her raise her eyes, he also looked at her through the crowd.

Bei Yao couldn't hear what the lecturer was saying on the podium.

She also stared at him blankly.

Isn't Pei Chuan supposed to be teaching now? In her eyes, to make it public means to tell her roommates. She did not need to use a loudspeaker to shout everywhere that Pei Chuan and her have gotten the certificate, right?

The surrounding discussion and curiosity became louder and louder. "What is Professor Pei doing in our college ah?"

"Yes ah, I want to know too. Will he come into the classroom?"

The teacher on the podium found something wrong and wanted to reprimand the students. But once he saw Professor Pei outside the door, he smiled in his heart and shook his head. Forget it.

A minute later, the bell rang, but this time no one ran out of the classroom.

Bei Yao packed up her bag.

Her school bag today was beige in color, the inside was filled with medical books and a wallet. On the outside, there was a panda puppet that he sent by a remote-control plane in high school.

In front of everyone's watchful eyes, she walked toward Pei Chuan.

"Pei Chuan, why are you here ya?"

When she walked out of the air-conditioned classroom, she could feel the summer temperature in an instant. The wind gently blew the sycamore trees' leaves, and there were occasional chirps of birds.

At that time, the sky was particularly blue, and there was not a single cloud.

Pei Chuan took her school bag and carried it on one of his broad shoulders.

She heard him say, "To pick up my wife home."

The words were not deliberately low in volume, and there was a momentary quietness in the classroom.

Pei Chuan held Bei Yao's hand. He did not care about the reaction inside the classroom and walked out with her, hand in hand.

The sunlight stretched the shadows of the two of them.

After a long while, the stunned medical students in the classroom suddenly burst into a heated discussion.

"What did he say, huh?! Pick up his what?"

"I'm not deaf, am I?! I'm not blind, ba!"

"Is that really Professor Pei? What about the rumor that said he was a person with an indifferent personality?"

"F*ck! No way ba, what kind of situation is this ah!"


The classroom exploded. Qin Dongni and Shan Xiaomai were surrounded by a group of people. Qin Dongni thought of the gold bracelet she had received. He is really taking precautions ah. Suddenly, there is such great pressure.

"Yes, yes, yes. Our Yaoyao is his legal wife, she was already his woman a long time ago!"

Bei Yao felt her face heat up, and Pei Chuan's hands were especially warm.

The little devil in her heart kept spinning in circles, extremely excited. In high school, he said that if she wanted to know what it was like to be in love, she could find him, but couldn't make it public.

However, she never thought that one day, the one who would make it public was him.

The man carried her small school bag on one shoulder and kept silent all the way.

He was silent as if the sentence he just said in front of the whole class was not his.

She was originally being held by him and was behind him by half a step. She suddenly ran in small steps toward his front, she wanted to see his expression.

Pei Chuan stopped his steps and lowered his eyes to look at her. "What's wrong?"

She tilted her head. "I want to see what kind of expression you have."

"Do you see it?"

Bei Yao blinked. "I see it, but I don't quite get it. Are you happy now?"

He moved the corners of his lips slightly, with a two-point upward arc, and finally pressed his thin lips.

Her almond eyes curved, for the first time, she understood the obscure man's mood. She was also happy.

He reached out his hand then stroked the corner of her almond eyes, and spoke in a low voice, "Silly."

She asked with a soft voice, "Then, have we made it public now?"


"Didn’t you forbid me before?" Bei Yao has always found his mind to be difficult to understand, and sometimes, it would change suddenly.

Pei Chuan said, "It's allowed now."

"Why ah?"

He said, "Before, I always thought I couldn't stay with you all my life. Now, you can do as you please. I'll just earn it slowly for the rest of my life."

He could not have a healthy body, but he could have a more passionate and sincere heart.

He would be good to her all his life, so good that no man would be better than him, he has those qualifications. So he wanted everything that he deserved: status, her heart, and a normal pleasure between husband and wife.

Her eyes were watery, and she could not help but smile again. Three parts were embarrassing and seven parts were stupidly happy. It overflowed in the early summer season, making people happy when they saw her.

Bei Yao did not get in a bad mood during her menstrual period. She just got up one morning and found that she had gotten blood on Pei Chuan's pants.

This day just happened to be Xiaoman* period, which was also Pei Chuan's birthday.

*t/n: It’s on the solar calendar, also known as Lesser Fullness of Grain, around May 20th. This period is when the summer grains are becoming full but are not ripe.

She was ashamed. "You should change, I'll wash it for you."

He said, "You go take a bath, I'll wash it." He took care of her so tenderly, not only did he wash the pants himself, but also washed her dirty pajamas.

He glanced at the little red spot on his trouser which was washed away under the water.

For the first time, Bei Yao was so upset about her menstrual period.

She has not yet talked to Pei Chuan about his birthday, and already he talked to her about something else.

"I'll take you out to play this summer vacation."

Bei Yao did not respond. "Go where?"

"Where do you like?"

Bei Yao thought for a while and remembered that they hadn't had their honeymoon yet.

She asked Pei Chuan, "Is it our honeymoon trip?"

Pei Chuan replied, "En," he paused, "We will make up for the wedding over here before the end of the year."

The previous wedding was too rushed. They only went through the formalities and exchanged rings. However, he was serious about almost everything.

After all, Bei Yao was a young girl, and she was looking forward to such things like a honeymoon.

She was looking at the iPad. Pei Chuan looked at her, and gently hugged her from behind. "Have you gotten used to the married life?"

Bei Yao was a little stunned.

She was a little embarrassed. In fact, when Pei Chuan suddenly proposed to her before, she felt strange and frightened. Marriage, in her eyes, was a concept of perfection. Because living with him was too sudden, there were many things that needed to be slowly adjusted.

However, though Pei Chuan was silent, he could see everything clearly.

She nodded her head. "I have. I'm also very happy."

He did not speak, only slightly curved up his lips.

He knew that his girl was working very hard to integrate into his life, but she was still young, and her habit for more than 20 years was hard to change. Sometimes, when they were sleeping in the middle of the night, she would feel too hot in his arms and would roll out of his embrace.

He opened his eyes, took the person back, and put her hand on his waist.

And because of this, she soiled his pants in the morning.

Pei Chuan also hoped that she would get used to having him in her life. Warm her milk in the morning, put on her shoes occasionally, let her tie his tie, pick her up after school, and let her get used to his embrace when she sleeps at night...

In this way, day after day, she could also learn to think of herself like he thinks of her.

Pei Chuan sometimes felt that love was not equal.

His heart moved for her very early on. The heavy rain in his first year of high school was the first time he tore his heart to leave Bei Yao.

That year, he knew she did not miss him, maybe not even once.

But, Pei Chuan believed that Bei Yao liked him now.

However, compared to his strong and unspeakable feelings, hers was more young and inexperienced.

He turned her around. "Give me a kiss, ‘kay?"

Bei Yao stood on tiptoe and gave a smack on his face.

He smiled, did not fuss over it, and accompanied her to pick their destination.

He loved this summer. He learned to be her husband, and hoped that she could completely become his wife this summer.

In the Xiaoman period, the Huo family's shares fell again and again.

The restless one was not only Huo Xu, Shao Yue also felt the tense atmosphere. It was like sitting on pins and needles.

Jiang Huaqiong did not seem to be in a hurry to kill them. Like a cat teasing a mouse, suppressing their spirits.

Huo Xu used to be an elegant nobleman and rarely got angry.

Now, most of the time, he would come back home and irritably pull his tie and curse people.

Shao Yue was not stupid and would not come close to him when he was in a bad mood. But it was also her first time feeling the atmosphere of impending bankruptcy.

Shao Yue persuaded him. "How about we stop fighting with Jiang Huaqionh ba. Let's go abroad and hid as we did before."

Huo Xu was vexed. "Hide? Where do you want to hide? Back then, it was because Jiang Huaqiong wasn't sure who killed Huo Nanshan that we could go abroad smoothly. My dad also held her back with divorce. But now, once we show our weakness, Jiang Huaqiong, that crazy woman, will not even let our bones remain."

Shao Yue was reprimanded and she was not reconciled.

However, from Huo Xu’s words, she suddenly remembered something and was puzzled. "Why did Jiang Huaqiong, who had been uncertain that Huo Nanshan’s death had something to do with you... us, suddenly became so certain some time ago? She’s like a mad dog biting people."

They originally had a guilty conscience and didn't think about that. During this time, they only thought of how to keep the Huo family.

But now that they thought about it, Jiang Huaqiong has been unreasonable for a long time before suddenly going crazy, right?

Huo Xu was stunned, soon after, his face sank.

Yes ah, there was someone who was sitting on the mountain top, watching the tigers fight* from the shadow. Steadily and calmly arranging this game of chess to watch Jiang Huaqiong kill him.

*t/n: Idiom: To watch in safety whilst others fight then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted.

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