Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 89: Man's Dignity

Under the softly blowing sea breeze through the cracked-opened window were the fluttering curtains.

She neither said yes nor no. Obviously, she was so sleepy that she would hit the hay in the next second.

In a state of muddleness and confusion, Bei Yao noticed that someone was undressing her. She asked softly, "Pei Chuan?"

He replied in a low voice, "En."

When he interlocked their ten fingers together, Bei Yao felt the man's palm that was covered with sweat.

Bei Yao was a little awake, she opened her eyes and saw a pair of dark eyes which reflected her appearance. Three parts lust, seven parts affection. His forehead was covered with beads of sweat, and his gaze seemed to have lost some rationality.

The man's voice was low and hoarse. "Can I?"

The alcohol made her bolder, and she absent-mindedly nodded her head.

His kisses fell overwhelmingly. She heard the sound of him unfastening his belt with one hand.

Bei Yao looked at the fluttering curtains, and said sluggishly, "Should I cover my eyes?"

"No need."

"Oh." Then, she watched him.

Bei Yao turned her head and a kiss fell on her eyes, she closed it subconsciously.

Then there was some pain.

She couldn't say it clearly, but it hurt a little.

Very uncomfortable. If it was under normal conditions, Bei Yao would have put up with him. However, she was drunk, she had a little temper and was annoyed. Isn't this the same as not allowing her to see?

She squirmed and twisted around.

The man held her down, and yelled in a hoarse voice, "Yaoyao!"

She whispered pitifully, "Hurts."

Pei Chuan also froze.

Neither of them have much experience, he was no better than her. Only, he was definitely more comfortable than her.

Bei Yao said, "You go out first."

This was simply unreasonable.

He stayed silent. It was easy to do so before he started, but anything that was said now was useless. Pei Chuan gasped for breath, and did not listen to her.

The first time was quick. The feeling was too unfamiliar, and the tingling sensation reached the tailbone. He could not control himself anymore.

Afterward, Pei Chuan’s face became a little stiff.

But the little girl added fuel to the fire, and said in a crying voice, "It's uncomfortable, I want to sleep."

She said it's not comfortable.

Even if he used to feel inferior, how could a man bear to hear such words? Pei Chuan gritted his teeth and begged. "Try again, okay?"

Bei Yao said she didn't want to.

His forehead was covered with sweat, his lips were pursed, and he kissed her after a pause.

The curtains fluttered.

Later, after a long time, she also experienced some strange feelings, it was novel and not uncomfortable.

Like the light blooming in front of the eyes, unable to distinguish between night and day.

In a trance, she heard a breathy voice say, "I love you."

Pei Chuan woke up very early, or rather, he did not sleep all night.

He felt excited at first, and gradually became passionate after.

Maybe it was because he felt defeated the first time that later he went excessive when he wanted to prove himself, he had to coax her a lot.

When the morning came, he realized something bad happened.

Bei Yao's body was a little hot and her face was flushed. Pei Chuan touched her forehead, it was much warmer than his body heat.

Pei Chuan did not care about taking a shower, and hurriedly found a doctor.

When a female doctor with blonde hair and blue eyes came over to check on Bei Yao, she was still feverish and had not awakened.

The foreign doctor smiled meaningfully at him. "You had a good time last night, didn't you?" She spoke in English. However, a standard top student like Pei Chuan could communicate with her without any language barrier.

Such a cold and calm person like Pei Chuan blushed to the root of his neck in front of outsiders.

The female doctor blew a relaxed whistle. "Don't be so nervous. Your wife is not too accustomed to the new place. Last night she ate seafood, and was somewhat allergic."

The doctor lifted the quilt, Bei Yao was lying on the bed with her long eyelashes closed. The doctor looked at her arm. "The allergies caused a rash."

On that white and tender arm, the rash was not obvious, but there were multiple hickies.

The doctor laughed mercilessly.

Pei Chuan tried hard to keep a serious face. "My wife is having a fever."

"Oh yes, fever. This is because of you. You have to clean her inside after doing it, understand? You didn't use protection nor clean her up afterward. It's good enough that she only has a fever right now."

Pei Chuan's face turned red then white, it was unsightly. This, he really did not know, and now he regretted it, rendering him mute.

The doctor looked at his miserable face, throwing a flirtatious glance at his trousers, and went down, itching to whistle again.

But, the sick beauty made people feel heartache. The doctor said, "Should I clean this girl or you?"

Pei Chuan said, "Me."

"Yeah, then do it yourself. Seeing you this distressed, I will prescribe her some anti-inflammatory medicine. Don't worry, it's not that serious. It's just that the fever is easy to recur if she doesn't get accustomed to the climate soon."

At noon, Bei Yao woke up in a daze, breathing heavily.

Pei Chuan was right next to her without blinking, seeing her awake, he quickly said, "I will have the hotel warm the porridge. You have to eat something first, okay?"

Bei Yao knew she had a fever because her breath was hot.

She was slow for a beat before she remembered the scene from last night. Her face slowly turned red, but it was not so obvious because of the fever. She didn't blame Pei Chuan. After all, this was the normal married life.

It's just that the environment here may not be suitable for her body.

After Pei Chuan fed her, Bei Yao sat on a wicker chair and looked at the sea below.

The sea was endless, but she was sick and had no spirit. Her gaze was somewhat envious. This scene simply put Pei Chuan's heart on fire. He almost could promise her anything. "We will go surfing when you get better, okay?"

Bei Yao raised her hand to touch the man's face. "It's okay, I'm not going. I'll be with you."

His heart was sour, he held her hand. "It's all my fault."

Pei Chuan took good care of her, not daring to let her eat something foreign again. He found a chef from their own country to come over and cook her a variety of food.

However, as the doctor said, Bei Yao had a fever again a few days later.

Pei Chuan could not wait until she get better, so he could only take her back in advance. He couldn't care less about Huo Xu and Jiang Huaqiong who were making a lot of mess in their home country. For Pei Chuan, there was a kind of panic that could only be caused by Bei Yao.

Bei Yao still had some regrets when she returned home. She felt so embarrassed. She obviously took a long vacation for her honeymoon, but as a result, she had a fever and could not stay abroad.

When the two got off the plane, Pei Chuan took her directly back to C City. After all, it was their hometown. For people who had lived outside, it was the best place for nourishment.

Pei Chuan bought an apartment here before, and the Bei family’s house was now empty, neither Zhao Zhilan nor Bei Licai lived here. Bei Yao's house hasn't been cleaned for a long time, so she wanted to go home to take a look. Pei Chuan said, "Then, I'll go and clean it. You can go home again when it's done."

He didn’t hire a cleaner and just asked Bei Yao to sleep in the apartment. He went back to the old neighborhood himself, rolled up his sleeves, and started cleaning for her.

The old neighborhood was still the same as it was before.

Pei Chuan took the key given by Bei Yao and opened the door of the Bei's house, his eyes shrank imperceptibly.

There were people who came to the Bei's house. There was no one living here, and there was some dust. However, even though the rest of the house hadn't been touched, Bei Yao's room was messed up.

In her former room, the bedsheets were in disarray, as if someone had slept on it overnight. Given how much Zhao Zhilan loved her daughter, it was impossible for her family to leave Bei Yao's room in such a mess when they left the old house. Pei Chuan was deep in thought, he could almost guess what had happened.

No matter how good his temperament was, Pei Chuan was so furious that his fists trembled.

Nothing else in the Bei's house was moved, and there were no missing valuable things, only his delicate wife's stuff was turned over.

Pei Chuan held back his fury, and called Bei Yao. "Is there anything important in your room?"

Bei Yao did not react much when she received the call. "What happened? There is nothing valuable."

Pei Chuan did not want to let her know about this matter. His blood was boiling, but his tone carried a smile like usual. "Nothing, I'm just asking. What do you want to eat for dinner? I'll come back and make it for you."

Bei Yao hung up the phone, and suddenly remembered something important.

She hurriedly gave Pei Chuan a call. "What are you doing?"

"Tidying up your room."

Bei Yao's scalp numbed for a moment. "Don't clean my room, okay?"

"What's the matter?"

She remembered something she had forgotten for many years: the little book with the secret of her rebirth that she wrote. She hurriedly said, "You come back, I don't want to live at home. I'm a bit uncomfortable."

Although Pei Chuan respected her and would not open the lock of the small box, that book must never be seen by him ah.

Pei Chuan heard her say she was uncomfortable. "I'll be right back."

However, when Pei Chuan closed the door, he took all the sheets and quilts in her room, and threw them away. He tried his best to restrain himself from stabbing Huo Xu to death immediately.

The biggest news in B City in early June was that the century old Huo family has completely fallen.

The two major equity shareholders have sold their shares to cash. It was like a farce, the century old foundation ended just like this.

In the mountain of City C where a forest villa was, Huo Xu looked at the woman kneeling on the ground with her hands tied behind her back. He lifted her chin with his leather shoes, and looked at the woman in dire straits.

Shao Yue had a blue nose and swollen face, and one of her teeth had fallen out.

She trembled. Huo Xu is crazy.

She could have run away at the end of May, but she was caught back by Huo Xu. That night, Huo Xu asked someone to tie her up, and said sarcastically, "Didn't you say you would stay with me for the rest of your life? My Huo family has not yet fallen, and you have become a deserter. Is this how you, Shao Yue, love someone?"

At that time, Shao Yue smiled reluctantly. "Huo Xu, listen to me..."

He gave her a slap. "Don't talk anymore, it's enough to stay with me."

Shao Yue knew that he had been driven crazy by the situation, and that saying anything would not work.

She could only hold on to her last hope, and begged him. "Let's run away together, okay? Jiang Huaqiong will not let you go, and the Huo family will not last long. She worked hard in the Huo family for so many years when she was young, and most of them are her people. If we run together, there will still be a glimmer of hope."

At that time, Huo Xu seemed to be moved by her and sold his shares.

He sold all the properties in his hand, and took away the valuables from the Huo family. Indeed, he did not intend to fight with Jiang Huaqiong anymore. When Shao Yue showed a glimmer of hope, Huo Xu tied her up with a rope.

Shao Yue screamed. "What are you doing!"

"What am I doing? If it wasn't for you, a bitch, would our Huo family end up in this situation today? Don't worry, if I live for one day, you won't live one good one. If I die, you will come down and accompany me."

Originally, they were going to go abroad, but it was unknown what made Huo Xu go crazy. Before leaving, he went on a trip to the Bei family’s house in C City, and didn't come back all night.

When he came back, his whole person went insane, holding a little book in his arms.

Seemingly crying and laughing, like a madman.

Shao Yue was now afraid of him, and shrank in a corner.

The small book was the kind of grid book used by children in writing. He put it away properly, and never raised the matter of leaving the country again.

Shao Yue boldly asked him, "You aren't leaving?"

In fact, it was very clear that even if they went abroad, they didn't know when they would be found and killed by Jiang Huaqiong. It was, in the end, only a way to survive for a bit. However, Huo Xu went to Bei Yao's house and did not plan to leave!

Huo Xu squatted in front of her. "Why should I go? All of this is clearly mine. The Huo family is mine, Bei Yao is also my wife."

He laughed coldly. "I'm not willing ah. That cripple should be spurned by thousands of people. Do you know what he was supposed to be?"

Shao Yue stared at him as if looking at a mentally ill patient.

Huo Xu gave her a slap. "He was supposed to be a sociopath ah. My wife is now taken away by him. If I go, I will live in fear, but he will have everything. Tell me, shouldn't I be angry?!"

Shao Yue was terrified.

Huo Xu said, "I've said it, how could I like Bei Yao as soon as I saw her. It turns out that from the beginning, I should have loved her, but I made so many mistakes. She refused to forgive me in this life, so she went to that cripple’s side. Shao Yue, for the first time I feel that you really deserve to die."

Shao Yue felt that Huo Xu had a mental problem, but Huo Xu felt that he had never been so sober in his life.

After suffering and losing, he could see the reality clearly.

The time trajectory in Bei Yao's notebook should be her memory.

In fact, there was nothing wrong. In the beginning, he did want Bei Yao to replace Shao Yue. Not only to protect Shao Yue, but also himself. But later, it changed. Even if Huo Xu didn't know what happened later in the book, he could guess that he should have liked Bei Yao in the end, and he must have regretted it.

He should have left, but he was not willing to.

Pei Chuan's tricks caused him to be like this. Why should he give up his beloved woman?

Huo Xu has long regretted it. It’s true that he did something wrong at the beginning, but why has Bei Yao never even looked at him in this life?

If he couldn't get it, Pei Chuan couldn't either.

Huo Xu glanced at Shao Yue in disgust.

He was in a good mood, and thought, If Pei Chuan knew that in the beginning, Bei Yao was only willing to accept a cripple like him because she wanted to repay the favor, his expression must be wonderful.

Pei Chuan is really afraid that Bei Yao doesn’t love him, right?

To never truly get it, for people like Pei Chuan, must be hell.

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