Devil’s Warmth

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Chapter 83: Professor

The mountain breeze that was blowing in the villa was cool. Shao Yue wiped her tears. "Huo Xu, it's been six years, it’s me who’s been accompanying you. We have been together for six years, and now you tell me it was a slip of the tongue?"

Huo Xu said, "Sorry. Lately, the pressure on me is too much. You know Jiang Huaqiong, that crazy woman, is overbearing in pressuring people. She would rather both sides suffer than letting me go."

Shao Yue looked at his expression carefully. "You are lying, you felt pleasure when you thought of her, right?"

Huo Xu's face changed. "Shao Yue!" This was the first time he felt impatient. Huo Xu thought dealing with the problem at the company was tiring enough, and now he had to deal with this woman at home, he completely lost his patience.

Huo Xu's voice suddenly turned cold, and at the same time, chilled Shao Yue’s heart.

Huo Xu said, "You’re right, we have been together for six years, so I won't abandon you. As for the trick of jumping off the building, don't use it on me. Shao Yue, I am not young anymore, no longer that teenage boy. Just try bringing up Bei Yao again." Do you think he feels happy in his heart? That woman would rather marry a cripple than him!

This was the first time Huo Xu said such things so bluntly. Shao Yue felt shivers all over. Yes, Huo Xu has grown up. In places you couldn't see, he has taken over the entire Huo family for more than a year. His heart was getting more and more ruthless. In the past, he would never say such things.

In the past, as long as she cried, Huo Xu would rush to coax her and agree to any of her requests. But now, just because he couldn't get Bei Yao, he didn’t even bother to pretend.

Shao Yue walked down from the windowsill and was silent.

Huo Xu also did not look at her and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Shao Yue sneered. Men, he treats you as a treasure when he loves you, and tears you like the grass on the ground when he doesn't. However, she was no fool and knew that Huo Xu was the only one who could fight against Jiang Huaqiong right now.

But, what about after this period of time passes? Where were they going to hide? Shao Yue knew very well in her heart that it was only a matter of time before Huo Xu lost to Jiang Huaqiong.

Perhaps, it was time for her to plan for herself.

Shao Yue was very unwilling. Once she thought of Bei Yao, she tightly squeezed the bedsheets. Based on what? She has been with Huo Xu for the whole six years, the best period of her youth had been in this period.

But Bei Yao did not do anything yet Huo Xu was so fascinated by her.

Even if Huo Xu's mouth did not admit it, Shao Yue has been with him for so many years, how could she not understand which of his words were the truth and the lie?

Not only Huo Xu, but she had also heard that her newlywed husband loved her so much. Isn't that man a cripple? How can he afford to marry such a great beauty? But this was the last comfort Shao Yue could give to herself.

What Shao Yue hated the most was the feeling she had towards Bei Yao. Even though she only met her once, she always felt that she had been defeated by this woman in this life. She gritted her teeth with hatred behind her back. Bei Yao might not even remember who she was.

Shao Yue listened to the sound of water splashing from the bathroom and threw the pillow to the floor.

The research institute, where Cheng Zhenghai also came from, was bustling. Pei Chuan would arrive early, and once he got engrossed he would only stop until it's time to get off work.

Most researchers knew that he was newly married, someone joked. "Xiao Pei ah, you won't take your wife to a honeymoon?"

Pei Chuan, who was in the middle of installing a chip, paused when he heard that.

The researcher couldn't help but laugh. "You heard what I said just now, right. You heard me when I mentioned your wife. I say, young people don't have to work so hard, you should accompany your wife at home."

They always thought that Pei Chuan was a workaholic. Such a young researcher, only 23 years old, yet he lacked the youthful vigor.

Although the research institute also has Doctors, for his strain*, it was said that he drove to the laboratory on his wedding night.

*t/n: Refers to a non-cellular virus that was isolated.

However, a science maniac couldn’t neglect their family ah.

Because Pei Chuan married in his hometown, everyone has never seen his wife before. Basically, Pei Chuan came to the research institute after he got married, and there was no honeymoon period. This led to everyone having uniform thoughts and feelings that Pei Chuan was a workaholic.

Pei Chuan installed the chip, his eyes were downcast. "She has to go to school."

Everyone was surprised. So young?

So it was not that Pei Chuan was unwilling to go, but it's inconvenient on his wife's side. Several seniors glanced at each other and understood it in their hearts.

Just married, but the little wife had to go to school every day. It was estimated that Pei Chuan was also crying in his heart.

There was a researcher named Liu Mao who was also engaged in electronic technology, he asked, "Which school?"

Pei Chuan kept moving his hands. "B University."

Liu Mao smiled, walked over, and patted his shoulder. "Do you want me to give you a chance?"

Pei Chuan raised his eyes.

Those in this industry didn't need to wear masks and protective clothing all day long like the next door, but Pei Chuan's cold expression really oozed apathy, like a working machine.

But he was also capable, and he could understand many things that others didn’t. The senior researchers highly valued him.

Liu Mao said, "You see, our institute rarely has holidays. The principal of B University is my student, he invited me to give lectures in their school last week. My daughter will be back this weekend, and I want to pick her up at the airport. How about you go?"

Pei Chuan nodded, there was finally a little smile on his face.

All the researchers couldn't help laughing.

Liu Mao was also happy. "The lecture doesn't have to be full. Anyway, haven’t you made a software lately? Isn't it fine as long as you teach the students at B University? I will tell Xiao Zhao that you will go as a substitute for half a month 'kay?"

This plan...

Obviously he was joking with Pei Chuan. How could anyone that’s doing scientific research go to university to give lectures?

Pei Chuan said, "I don't have a university diploma."

He said this very calmly. Everyone was stunned. They knew that he was great, but it was also because of this that everyone forgot about this "college entrance examination champion", who had never experienced college life.

Liu Mao was originally joking, but now, he has some sympathy for him.

He said, "So what if you have no diploma? You came from our place, no matter what, people will have to call you professor! Just like this, you’ll go to the university for half a month to experience university life. How powerful is it to directly become a professor!"

Everyone was very friendly.

"Xiao Chuan, go ba. Lately, it hasn’t been busy in the institute anyway!"

"Liu Mao can't even do what you have done in this short one month, so don't worry and go!"

Liu Mao joked. "What are you talking about! I am your senior."

Pei Chuan said, "Thank you."

"Hey, why so polite. You're newlywed, go to school and accompany her."

Pei Chuan felt strange in his heart. When the country gave him this opportunity, it's not that he didn't feel anything in his heart, but his experience while growing up let him feel that this job was dispensable. Even the salary from the institute was not particularly high. At least in his eyes, it was not enough to support Yaoyao. So he often used his extra time to sell software for extra money.

However, this was the first time he felt the kindness of others in the society.

In early May, Liu Mao helped Pei Chuan talk to the principal of University B.

The principal was very happy! So happy that he almost went crazy!

It was an extremely honorable thing for people from the First Scientific Research Institute to come and give a lecture to their school. After all, "Scientist walking on campus", this kind of thing could even be put on the news. He never thought that this professor was willing to give a lecture!

For the whole school, this was a great thing. It was said that the researcher was particularly young.

There was a technical industry major, so Pei Chuan naturally came to give lectures to the students from the School of Computer Science.

Therefore, the principal contacted the counselor two days in advance. They must behave properly!

After all, the respectable "professor" from the institute was different from university teachers. Those were the people who contributed to the progress of the country and society.

The counselor was also delighted ah. With this level of professor, they would benefit for many years just by listening to his lectures.

The principal coughed. "I heard that the professor has a weird temperament. He speaks a few words, usually doesn't laugh much, and is not very good at getting along with people. So, in addition to ethos, discipline has to be corrected!"

The counselor said, "That's right! People of this level, more or less, have weird tempers. Rest assured, I will tell the teachers when I go back that Professor Pei's class will be directly linked to the professional grades!"

The principal nodded in satisfaction.

In fact, he was not particularly worried, after all, all the students were smart. They knew that listening to the lecture was very beneficial, and would not dare to make any trouble.

Bei Yao had her half-term exams these past few days. Unlike high school and middle school, her exams these two days were taken at night, so Bei Yao did not go home. After all, it would be too late to go home after the exam, and it was not safe for her to go by herself. She also knew that Pei Chuan toiled at the institute every day, so she did not let him pick her up to wait until she finished her exams before heading home.

The exams took three nights. On the fourth day, when they were freed from the exam, the whole school was talking about something big!

A big red banner was pulled up. "Warmly welcoming Professor Pei Chuan to our school!"

The news also rolled endlessly on the notification page.

When Wang Qiankun saw the news, she enviously said, "The computer department is so lucky ah. You say, when will we be able to listen to a big shot in our industry lecture?"

When their major was still taking exams, Pei Chuan had been giving classes for two days.

Wang Qiankun talked about the news stating the situation, she was particularly interested. "But what's really funny is that the professor is very young, I heard he’s not much older than the students. But he is very indifferent. A girl from the computer department named Duan You, who got third place in the school flower selection where Bei Yao was in, repeatedly asked the professor questions. He said, 'Go ask your teacher after class.’ Hahahaha it's f*cking embarrassing!"

Bei Yao did not go out, she was making a birthday gift for Pei Chuan, and felt curious. "A computer researcher ah?”

"Yes ah, is the man from the programming department more straight than a straight man?”

Qin Dongni laughed and said, "How is it possible?”

Wang Qiankun shrugged. "Then maybe 'Professor Pei' has a cold character and doesn't put a beautiful woman in his eyes.”

Qin Dongni was very interested in "cold" men. She said, "I'll also go to the computer department's open class this afternoon."

When Bei Yao heard the words "Professor Pei", she subconsciously asked, "What is the name of Professor Pei?”

Wang Qiankun thought for a while. "Pei Chuan ba, I think.”

"......" Is it her family's Pei Chuan?

Bei Yao thought it was plausible.

So that afternoon, when Qin Dongni was skipping professional class, Bei Yao said, "I'll go too.”

Qin Dongni looked at her with wide eyes. "Yaoyao, since when were you also interested in gossip?”

Bei Yao did not know what to say. In case they only have the same name, it would be very embarrassing.

Qin Dongqi also did not bother with this. "Hurry up, his class must have a lot of people. Let's grab the front row.”

Wang Qiankun did not go, she was only interested in medicine, while Shan Xiao Mai didn't dare to go. She thought it was embarrassing to go to other people's classes.

However, when Bei Yao and Qin Dongni arrived, the multimedia classroom was already crowded, there were no seats left. There were also some people who moved benches to sit down in the corridor to listen to the lecture.

Qin Dongni: "......"

At that time, the class had not started yet. Bei Yao’s eyes peered inside.

It’s unknown who shouted "Bei Yao" in surprise.

Everyone’s line of sight looked over and Qin Dongni couldn't hold back her smile. Nah, the school flower's fame is also notorious.

A boy in the front row stood up and asked, "We still have seats here, do you want to sit here?”

Bei Yao wanted to shake her head. She just wanted to have a look to see if it was Pei Chuan.

But Qin Dongni pulled her arms to go over. "Thank you, classmate!”

The boy looked at Bei Yao and blushed. "You're welcome, you're welcome.”

After a while, the boy's roommates, who ran over in a blaze of glory, found that the seat saved by the boy had been given to Bei Yao. A few people gritted their teeth. D*mn, friendship can't win over beauty is it!

The boy would glance at Bei Yao every now and then, regardless of his roommate’s dagger-like gaze.

The huge class was full of chatter. Bei Yao heard the girl on her back talking.

"Professor Pei is quite handsome. He is only in his twenties, right?”

"To be honest, his lectures were profound. It's very different from our books ah!”

"He is talking about 'hacking'! His voice is beautiful, it's deep like a cello. His rich voice could kill me in seconds ah!”

The girl teased. "Don't be rude. He came here to teach. You saw Duan You took initiative to ask questions, but in front of everyone, he still didn't care. Can you compare to Duan You?”

One second before the class bell rang, someone said, "Professor Pei is here!”

Bei Yao also looked toward the door.

In the early summer in May, he wore a white shirt and didn't bring anything into the classroom.

He walked very slowly because he wore prosthetic legs, but in the eyes of others who didn't know, it became an arrogant and cold temperament.

Once he came in, almost everyone was quiet.

Pei Chuan did not look at the crowd, and picked up the chalk. "Let’s continue with the 'esolang' program language.”

As the girls said, his voice was cold.

Bei Yao looked at him seriously. The man picked up the chalk, his writing was powerful and fast. She looked at his back with stars in her eyes.

The "cold" professor was not accustomed to the electronic pen—very old-fashioned. He used chalk for the whole course. All he talked about was an operational summary, and did it without the slightest reservations. Although most people did not understand it, it didn't prevent them from knowing that what Professor Pei was talking about was awesome.

Everyone silently took notes.

Qin Dongni asked in a small voice, "Yaoyao, do you understand?"

Bei Yao shook her head.

Qin Dongni: "......" Then why are you taking this so seriously, there is even a gentle smile in your eyes.

The next moment, because of the talking Qin Dongni, the professor turned around.

At a glance, he saw his beloved wife in the third row.

Pei Chuan was stunned. He did not expect to see Bei Yao in the computer department. He knew she had exams these two days and did not dare disturb her.

Although he missed her very much, he still held back.

To "hold" and "give in", these kinds of emotions were the things he had done the most in his life.

Bei Yao put her chin on her two hands, her almond eyes looking at him.

Inside the class, she could not speak, but Pei Chuan understood the worship in her eyes.

He was a man after all, and a woman's worship was hard to resist. Pei Chuan resisted and pursed his lips, but a smile spreaded in his eyes. What Liu Mao said was right. After all, he was a newlywed, how could he not want his wife? The day when she went back to school for the exams, he still came back home on time and thought of her in his dreams.

There was a moment of silence in the classroom.

The girl in the back row looked at the man on the podium in a daze. Did he just smile? It's true ba!

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