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Chapter 7: Fat Sheep

President Kang had a girlfriend who was from an art academy in the past. The girl also played the piano. She had a weird temper, didn’t care for money, and felt otherworldly, fitting every stereotype the common folk has towards artists.

Years ago, to pursue her, he’d let his heart bleed and imported a six-million-dollar piano from Germany. Not only did she decline, but she also almost even reprimanded him, telling him to be sincere and stop insulting others with his wealth.

He obviously was unaware of how spending money wasn’t staying true to his heart. Didn’t she know the horrible reputations of capitalists? A businessman willing to spend six million dollars was very sincere!

It even gave him an unchangeable impression that all artists had no taste for money as they pursued something more elegant.

It also included a stereotype that all pianists would seem detached from the common world, not wanting to interact with it. Even if they suffered misfortunes, they would rest in small towns like van Gogh.

Only sounds from those people would be extraordinary and without the stinking smell of money. That was what real art was.

He had never imagined that some artists had to take their dumb son to special school every day and be forced to teach beginners just to make money.

She didn’t have an aura of an artist, but the softness of a kind little girl, instead.

All artists were sharp and double-edged, piercing themselves as well as the world.

Someone gentle and acting humble to make small money like this woman was the complete opposite of an artist.

Soon, President Kang’s knowledge further broadened. Not only was this off-stream artist a piano teacher, but she also had other small businesses.

“Can teacher tune a piano?” After class, one of the adult students stayed behind and asked.


“I just bought a second-hand piano. I don’t know much about the instrument, nor can I tell if it’s properly tuned. Can teacher help tune it?” The female student was very pretty. President Kang could immediately notice that her chin was surgically sharpened and her nose was lifted.

“Of course.” Xia Sheng didn’t decline as these were the best students in the complex.

President Kang was placed inside the car. The student’s car also had a child seat.

“My son’s three,” the female student said. “Ms. Xia’s child is also around this age, right?”

“He’s four.”

“He’s so quiet. Mine is like a mischievous baby monkey.”

Xia Sheng patted his son’s head, her gaze gentle. “He’s born quiet.”

President Kang smiled. It was a bit funny how this mother was so interesting.

Normally, wouldn’t they deny and say something like “I wish he would talk more”?

This one complimented her son right away.

The female student disregarded this. She just enjoyed the kindness of this substitute teacher.

“Speaking of, I come here every day to attend classes, but I’ve never met Ms. Xia.”

President Kang wanted to urge her to quit as he still thought her playing was horrible despite her daily training.

“I’m with the younger group. Most of my classes are after school or during the weekend.”

“Then it’s the complete opposite of my classes. I usually come here during weekdays. Does Ms. Xia have time during those days? I want to switch teachers.”

“I don’t think that’s possible. It’s against the rules of this place.”

“It’s okay, I’m not asking for a refund for my current class. I just want another class with you as the teacher,” she said in all seriousness. “Before, I took classes because my husband liked women who could play the piano. Today, I realize I want to learn for myself, too.”

President Kang froze. This woman was obviously rich. President Kang was a capitalist through and through. He almost instantly devised the most optimal method to make money——

She obviously admired Xia Sheng’s ability, so they could just bypass the arts center and sign a private contract. There would be no middleman, yielding even higher profits!

The female student also thought about this. “It’s fine if the arts center doesn’t accept it. Ms. Xia can be my personal teacher, I have a piano at home. You can even leave your child with mine to play, I have a nanny to take care of them.”

President Kang wanted to say in his heart that although her talent was a bit lacking, her character was great.

“I don’t think I can do that,” Xia Sheng shook her head.

What?! President Kang felt that he would die from anger! One made his ‘papa’ call go to waste, throwing tens of thousands of wage payments out the window. The other had no economic sense and deliberately rejected a major customer!

You two are perfect matches! Fairy couples*!

*Chinese folktale about two people falling in deep love

The female student wasn’t angry, saying instead, “Then I’ll just try to arrange something through the arts center.”

President Kang’s cheeks inflated from anger. He looked out the window, deciding to ignore this woman for the next few hours.

Expectedly, the female student’s home was a big villa. Two luxury vehicles were parked in front of the building. It was like a fat sheep that presented itself to one’s doorsteps.

As someone who had been a fat sheep, he knew how easy it was to exploit these people, making him even angrier.

“Welcome, Ms. Xia,” the female student led Xia Sheng into the room. A butler had already gone up to them with drinks.

Xia Sheng didn’t give this luxurious residence much attention, following the student to the piano room.

President Kang felt the piano was a bit familiar.

They seemed to have said it was second-hand?

Using his small figure to slip out of their attention, he tip-toed to a familiar position and saw two letters, as predicted: KY.

It was his name, short for Kang Yue.

It was his piano!

The six million one he had bought to flirt with a girl!

“The seller said this was brand new. They bought it for six million, but it only cost me a bit over a million.” The female student was happy about her cost savings.

President Kang’s heart was bleeding. It was his piano. Six million Yuan!

His own body was still in the hospital. The piano should’ve been in his house, but now someone had sold it. He could even guess who with his nose.

Xia Sheng didn’t have much of a reaction to the price of the piano, just sitting on the stool and starting to tune the strings.

She was wearing a warm gray long dress under a light green wool coat due to her skinny figure easily feeling cold. Her hair extended just past her shoulders, and when seated in front of the piano, she had a unique feminine gentle elegance.

The sunlight jumped on her face and hair, then surrounded her fingers with the keyboard.

All the colours and air seemed to swirl around her with the music. She never took her eyes off her focus, disregarding the sunlight and the air. She played softly with her thin fingers, her gaze still soft.

The sounds echoed through the ear. For the first time, President Kang understood the difference between a six million and a twenty-five thousand Yuan piano.

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